A CALL From Your Soul!

I am hoping today you will go back and re-read Marj’s blog past from last week. There was so much to absorb, but so beautiful when we put it in our lives. She spoke of the two sides we all have, our human side that is IN this world and our spiritual side, which we often refer to as our soul and is not OF this world.

I know each and every one of you have had times when you experienced an exquisite “Spiritual Moment” and you are left speechless in wonder. Most of us tend to keep these happenings tucked inside because sharing it with another might somehow diminish moments we cherish in our hearts. The “FEELING” of God’s Divine Love permeating into our daily life like this is often described as being in the FLOW. Let’s try another word that might help us understand. Our human self sometimes MERGES with our soul self, giving us a taste of God’s unconditional love that permeates through every sense in our body. We are left to wonder, was I just somewhere else?

These amazing moments can happen to us in such a variety of ways: during a walk in nature, seeing a beautiful sunrise or sunset, hearing music that speaks to your soul, words spoken in church, following tears of agony as a life situation engulfs you, or even in a moment of total surprise during a mundane DLM – Daily Life Moment. Have you ever wondered what REALLY happened and did Divine Love flow through me?

I’ve asked myself, was that a Divine LOVE Moment? I am blessed to have in my body memory what a DLM feels like due to my NDE. While I would liken this dose to one tiny drop in an ocean of love, it’s like taking a shower in light particles causing complete joy and peace providing such comfort in knowing God really cares for ME. (IE…YOU!)

Does God choose these moments for us? OR, are we somehow responsible because we made a moment in time “freeze” the frame in our mind’s eye ~ allowing His love to flow through our body, mind and soul. Our body provides a unique “DIVINING ROD”. It’s through the pathway of energy from the base of your spine, through the heart and up to your crown. (Chakra system helps explain) Isn’t God’s creation of our bodies so amazing? I hope you KNOW, you can facilitate a DLM!

Let’s expand our thoughts on this concept. Is it possible that these moments are a WAKE UP call from your soul to your human body? OR…to put it a little more bluntly

“Hello… this is your soul calling! You realize I’m the connection line between God and YOU! I have some really important information for your Daily Life living in that body! I need you to remember I am here guiding you every day in complete unconditional love. Here, let me introduce you to your angels ~ they live in the spirit world right around your body. They send you love filled advice, but are you listening?? They’ve noticed those interesting decisions you’ve been making recently! They are trying to remind you. A DLM, a Divine Love Moment is a birthright for every human and it lives right inside of you! Come HOME once in a while ~ YES ~its ME, YOUR SOUL calling YOU…”

Click…Hmmm, I’m back to my daily life, in my earthly body, busy with my day and all those decisions to make. Yes, I can live a JOY FILLED daily life infused with Divine Love…even when life is terribly difficult. I just need to change my thought about it…

In these, unique moments, I believe you have just spent some time in human form MERGED with your spirit form for a DLM – A Divine Love Moment. Some of these times are monumental and others can happen in daily life when you are least expecting it!

I’ve experienced many DLM’s where I felt time suspended for me. Divine Love moved in but so did important information for my life. These were profound moments. Let me share a quick story that happened to me just last week, taking me completely by surprise! (And resulted in writing this blog!)

Daily life turned out to be a purposeful distraction to give me an insight I needed to hear. Our soul can wake us up to some pretty fun moments if we recognize them.

I got up and went to meditate. I wanted a devotional reading, my music & a candle to activate my heart in light. But, that day I was very distracted. I knew I had a short time because I had to wake Doug to go walking and then on to an appointment early that day. So, what did I do? I put on my earphones. But instead of pushing the music button, I hit the e-mail button. MISTAKE, sad news from a friend took over my thoughts and then who can read just ONE? I’m back to meditation. I kept hearing “OPEN YOUR EYES!” Stubborn me says, no, I have no time. “OPEN YOUR EYES!” Nothing unusual. NO again, but…they popped open and immediately I was drawn into a most unusual but stunning sunrise. I was raptured, and I wasn’t sure why more than normal, but I HAD to take pictures. Complete calm, peace and love flowed in, all in the span of a minute. But, literally I had missed meditation, a time I love…”ME” time in the quiet of early morning. YIKES, wake Doug and go!

It was a beautiful, crisp fall morning. We were quiet as we walked fast as always, but drinking in the beautiful reds, oranges & yellows before us. But, in my mind’s eye, the sunrise picture kept flashing at me. All of a sudden in flows the whole concept of how our soul merges with our human self inside that gray center when an intersection of time occurs. Gray clouds part and a beautiful sun can shine inside. You’ve seen the infinity symbol. I could see it in my pictures. Inside that crossing place, LIGHT…reminding me of my time with God.

Information was downloading in my head as I was running back into our house. I had no time, but grabbed a pad of paper. Then I’m running from the shower, dripping wet to my pad of paper desperately trying to write it all down. Doug is looking at me like, we have to leave in 10 minutes, WHAT are you doing? I’m afraid he’s seen this ZONE look in me before. My paper with ink splotches and wet scribbles and I’m standing there in the nude! So, it brought us into fits of laughter.

This time it was God, Jesus, or my angel who has a great sense of humor!

“USE a Daily Life Moment to show Terry a unique way to teach how a Divine LOVE Moment flows into our human body to help us if we let it in!”


“Hello…it’s YOUR soul calling! Will you answer please? Our planet needs ALL of you!”


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  1. My Aunt Anna and I were talking about The Light Gap last week, and the ideas that made the strongest impression on us. And she said that for her, it was Terry’s statement that, at times, she is able to experience that intense love that she experienced during her NDE. Anna had a Near Death Like Experience, in which she experienced a profound and life-altering feeling of Love. And we were saying that we should ask you more about it! And here we are reading about it in the blog post – it’s called a Divine Love Moment! 🙂 Anna said that if there are things that you can do to experience it, there is nothing more important for her, because it was so incredibly life-altering. It sounds pretty good to me too!

    Based on this post and the last one, it sounds like what we need to do is connect with God, listen to our intuition, connect with the divine part of ourselves, meditate, pray….well, it figures, with my two little babies I’m always looking for a short cut. They never let me meditate. 🙂

  2. YES, Heidi, two little babies in training for a love filled life leave us very LITTLE time to meditate! But, oh, the joys of those two little babies. Be sure to live in the moment always, they are so worth every effort put into them at an early age. Don’t miss those moments. Someday you’ll be able to teach them how!

    Short cut #1 – As your alarm goes off, allow 3 minutes to lay there and meditate through grateful thoughts, connecting in the most brief moments can make a huge difference in your life!

    Short cut #2 – Be OPEN during the day to a thought that POPS into your head…stop, close your eyes, look up and to your right and then left. Your angels may be trying to give you LIFT to a good decision about something!

    Then relax, moments to return to LIGHT come at amazing moments when we least expect it!

    Sending LIGHT & love to both of you, Terry

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