A Journey of Awakening

We all use, or have heard the term Awakening.  Most all of us have realized we are on a journey in this life to figure out the answers to some very deep questions we have about God and the Universe. I have read a variety of books using the term and each time I decide that authors have their own definition of the word and it shows in deep ways in their writing. But have you ever thought about the term itself, what does it mean?  We know very often people attach meaning to words in very different ways depending on background or geographical area.

In looking up the definition I found the following:

  1. An act if waking from sleep
  2. An act or moment of becoming suddenly aware of something
  3. Make someone aware of something for the first time

Interesting to ponder…do all three of these meanings describe what many of us think of as Spiritual Awakening? In a lot of ways, it is an act of waking from sleep. It was a really LONG nap we were taking though! And at times, as we were beginning to WAKE UP, we were suddenly made aware of something really important to our growth! These sudden moments of clarity have often come at some of our most miraculous moments or our most tragic moments! As I ponder my journey, these sudden moments of clarity were able to clear away  much of the “fog” of the mind, kind of like when we wake up in the morning and try to clear the fog of sleep. But, there was always more to learn and understand. We often use the word ALIGNMENT because somehow in our awe we recognize there is a power greater than us moving all these pieces around.

And that takes us to this last meaning, #3 which I find really important for ALL of us. They used the word, “make someone aware” and right away I bristled because I know deep in my heart we cannot make anyone “hear” if they are not ready. It’s like in sleep, it always feels very rude to be awakened in the middle of the night! It also never feels good for someone to tell us what to believe! It’s the same concept. And yet, every single one of us has had the experience of someone’s words making a huge difference in our lives! For SURE in my life I could make a very lengthy list. And my list is STILL ever expanding! Along with all of these aha moments, we realize there was a pattern in the SYNCHRONICITY of how and when the alignment was just right for us to read, hear, or experience while talking with someone, delivering an important message just at the best moment for us!

Just as we were digesting all we have experienced and all we have read or heard, an amazing PHENOMENA takes place and we marvel at the miraculous nature of LIFE: Energy, Light, and Information. We experience the unconditional LOVE of God that is our true nature. And I can’t help but focus on the frequencies of LOVE. The Reconnective Healing Session,  as Dr. Eric Pearl so beautifully explains, puts our body into this frequency of love. Some have said it is 528 Hz…  stay tuned, watch for more on this next week!




I am in AWE! We are not separate beings, we are all ONE in GOD… and our lives are in constant intersection with other people. Alignment happens so synchronicities can take our life into experiencing a phenomena that is miraculous! Is healing one of those miraculous moments? ABSOLUTELY.

And so is AWAKENING to… whatever? What new thoughts are awakening within YOU right now? I hope you explore them, open your heart for MORE!  Your heart can take you into your own BEING. We all came here to discover love, joy, and happiness!

I have also heard and used the term Enlightenment. There are many who use these two terms interchangeably and yet the word enlightenment somehow has always seemed a higher goal for me.  NOW I realize that we are in alignment with each other and it is critical for all of us to grab on and enjoy the ride together! Share what we know. Share that very natural heart-centered YOU with all those  around you. We CAN make a difference.  Here is a graphic I made to help you see your infinite life! Click on it and print it if you like.


“Enlightenment, I’m now sure is several levels above awakening. A level in which one truly moment by moment sees through the illusions that have otherwise captivated us, living a supernatural life of grace, abundance, and ease. Clearly a state worth attaining! ”  ~ Mike Dooley

Mike Dooley, author of The TOP Ten Things Dead People Want to Tell YOU!  and NOTES from the Universe. TUT is a daily message from him, always awesome and now a book.



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