A Window of TIME

Where do I begin? I’ve somehow traveled in that place we call TIME…and yet really I’ve been on a long two week vacation in Europe. I believe that when we take a break from our “usual” everyday life…we open a WINDOW into a place we can FEEL, hear, LISTEN and EXPERIENCE life. There were moments when I simply took it all in and marveled at the beauty. There were times when the history was coming alive in front of me with buildings that were dating back into the 1200’s. There was a MOMENT when time seemed to simply stop for me as I heard history that somehow was being RELIVED right in front of me. And yet…there I stood with fellow travelers right in the present moment.

I am choosing this topic for  a brief chance to share a moment that can happen ANYWHERE at ANYTIME and in ANYONE’s life. Here is the actual scene that was in front of us before we went into one of the many beautiful cathedrals I experienced. And yet…this one was quite unique inside sitting high above the city of  Budapest, Hungary. I was really enjoying the history in this country because it is anything but simple, and I was learning so much about a culture that I was only beginning to understand and experience. People have lived lives and experienced LIFE here in ways I cannot even imagine, let alone experience.

And yet…there is something in us that CAN step back and ask for understanding through our connection with GOD, our SOUL, and  the ONENESS of all humanity. I had no preconceived notion that I would hear ANYTHING…maybe that’s a key I had not thought of in prior experiences. It isn’t about an expected answer, it is in our total state of WONDER about LIFE. Maybe it’s about our true desire to understand GOD.

I was in this cathedral with totally unique wall markings that were added by the Turks who occupied the city at one point in the Austrian Hungarian Empire’s history. Later it was converted back into a Catholic Cathedral.  I sat in the seats of this cathedral and totally took in my surroundings, I began to ASK questions.  People with VERY different beliefs about GOD have sat in these same seats. Are all of them EQUAL in God’s amazing creation plan? Did all of them have angels and  guides? Are some of them among us today as reincarnated souls? I’m sure I had more questions I asked…but I can not begin to remember them all because as I mentioned previously,  I was not in any EXPECTATION of getting answers! But, there was a moment when I was simply somewhere else. It was a beautiful moment.

ANSWERS to questions arrive in the most diverse and interesting ways! There was nothing unusual as I sat there taking in the beauty of the paintings and window designs even though I had the feeling of leaving and going “somewhere”. I walked up a winding staircase after that. As I walked by this doorway that was not open…I studied the angels there. In an INSTANT…there were words in my head that I had NOT put there… “YES, of course we are with EVERY being of Light.”  Why not the words…every human being? Those would have been my words. Hmm, yes, when the words differ I know they did not come from my own human brain. The words came from beyond. When we BELIEVE they are there…they ARE THERE!

I share this experience because I spent two weeks visiting MANY beautiful cathedrals in so many cities in the Czech Republic, Germany, and Austria that were far more ornate or beautiful than this one.

So…what is the message here? It IS NOT about where you are! I believe it is about the sincerity of the QUESTIONS and if we ASK them! You might be sitting in a beautiful park or on your living room couch. Experiences with GOD are not about a place…they are about YOUR desire to connect!


GOOD NIGHT beautiful and COMPLEX world!
THANK you for a WINDOW into TIME!
Time is an illusion…but TIME  holds information through LOVE and LIGHT!


LOVE through TIME….Terry



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