The GIFT of Light!

Last week I opened a door…or shall we say  window that created an opportunity for the LIGHT of you to shine! For many people the concept of LIGHT as an energy flow in our Universe is difficult to grasp. We hear people say, “it travels at the speed of LIGHT”. And yet, right away we think of something OUT there…in that blackness of space traveling around.

I won’t get into the  scientific talk about light, instead I’d like us to open the door of the LIGHT of YOU. We are beings of LIGHT. Every person that has had a Near-Death Experience talks about the beings of light they see and experience. At the same time I was seeing other beings of LIGHT that were luminous, threaded with amazing colors we can’t even fathom here, I TOO was a being of light. I had no reference to my body at all. YET, it’s important to remember that I was EXPERIENCING myself with senses we don’t even talk about here on earth in our human body. Total WHITE light is full of color, sensations, sounds, and feelings. When I dip back into that experience…that feeling of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE brings my body to a state of incredible vibration. It’s so beautiful. OPEN that window for yourself…it’s there waiting for you.

I know that a lot of people think…that’s ONLY when I leave this world and transition into the next life. Can  you open that window a little further and think about about  YOU as an eternal being, born into a human body? You just left that amazing realm of LIGHT and LOVE. Life consumed you as you matured and grew. But, if you are here reading these words, you are in the process of “remembering” that state. You get glimpses of it in a myriad of ways during your life here on earth. You were BORN a being of light. In creation of YOU, the light stays within you always. You have that amazing light within you to help you navigate life and yet remain connected to your SOURCE or GOD. Life can seem like a MIRACLE of love AND it can be a struggle that we all have to wade on through.

When we connect to our source, our soul, or angels and guides the information is arriving to you. But, how people ask? I really don’t know. My instinct tells me it is a pathway of energy through Light, Love, and Information – that UNIVERSAL FIELD.  These are mysteries we ponder, and I am  finally realizing that I don’t have a NEED to know all of the answers, just enjoy the incredible beauty OF them.

This photo and quote by Dr. Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer has a powerful message for all of us.

“The role of the mind and ego is to create doubt and the illusion that you’re separated. But we are not.”  ~ Dr. Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer

We hear people refer to “forgetting” all we know as we are born so that we fully experience  creating LIFE for ourselves. Our mind absorbs all of that culture, parenting, education and experiences that have been handed to us as we grow and mature. Our ego is forever trying to “protect” our way of thinking because it’s familiar and comforting to our bodies. Scientists talk about the chemicals released by the body when our mind stumbles upon our first experience with love. Our bodies are instantly gratified. And then when we experience loss, grief, hate or danger, our bodies are sent a totally different mix of chemicals. Even though they are not great for our health, we get them anyway! And it’s our mind & ego that like the familiar. So…sometimes we put up with that rush of bad chemicals because our bodies have gotten used to it.  That’s why CHANGE is so hard for us. And yet, we now know that is how disease can set in.

Our universe and the beauty of nature on earth model change constantly for usBehold the power of creation as you observe nature in your surroundings.  I shared pictures of some beautiful change from my own yard around me. We all have that opportunity every day to take it in.

When you are able to walk down a pathway to understanding of just how powerful YOU are as a being of light…we can instantly produce those beautiful chemicals that LOVE generates. I believe this is when a person begins to CRAVE the quiet of going within and the beauty in nature. I share with you a poem from a cell biologist, Joyce Whitely Hawkeys, Ph. D. I  learned so much from her path from concrete scientist to healer. I have always loved her book, Cell~Level Healing .  The wisdom and knowledge blends together beautifully when she describes her own Near-Death Experience and how she came to energy healing. Here is a poem from her book that is beautifully illustrated with incredible photos. She photographs single cells and showed  me the “burst” of light as a child is born during a presentation. The image has never left me. She also showed us photos of cells being healed while she facilitated an energy healing. 

Great Father, Inspiration of Creation,  Great Mother, ocean of Emptiness, Union of Joy, Mystery beyond separation, Having granted me This precious Birth.

The burst of initial Light, The body of your Oneness, Grant me now, once again Your ineffable Oneness, That I may be dissolved, yet Reborn each instant, Newly formed into Body, Newly shaped by Light, Instantly graced by Joy, Naturally responding in Love.

Everywhere in time’s Dimension and discipline, May we all find the Divine Interface…Dissolving, as we began, into Bliss. 

~ by Joyce Whiteley Hawkes, Ph. D  from Cell-Level Healing Pg. 78.





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