Heavenly GIFT

As you all know, I have been traveling in Europe for over two weeks. I needed to follow some of my OWN advice I always give to people about focused ATTENTION. While we were on our River Boat cruising along the Danube, I was taking in EVERY detail as much as I could while staying in the present moment. As we walked through ancient cities, my mind was swimming as I took in the details I was seeing in the architecture of the buildings, sculptures, paintings or the cobblestone patterns I was walking on. I realized I had a challenge…keeping my mind in the present moment!

I was taking in visual images, while listening through earpieces designed to allow you the freedom to walk in a busy city and still hear our guide’s voice so beautifully presenting the history of the city, area, or museum! The system works wonderfully to allow you to stop, take in a small detail or linger to take a just right photo. I was feeling the GIFT of technology! Is this a heavenly gift? I actually believe it IS!

Now, let’s shift a minute and USE this concept to understand our human brain! It is existing inside our head and yet navigating the spiritual part of us that is SO VERY REAL.We are  trying to “take in” all the beauty we live in while we sift through the many years of information (good or bad) shared with us since childhood. At the SAME time we make instant decisions that reflect the present moment. Whew! It’s like the earpiece feeding me the HISTORY while I navigated all of the NEW visual stimulation around me. And of course this doesn’t even include watching my step, being sociable with people around me, and not stepping in front of a streetcar or bus!

Our Spiritual self is a heavenly GIFT helping us navigate LIFE in a human body!

However, I could have chosen NOT to  put the ear piece in my ear and simply navigate with the others and follow just my own thoughts as I was visually stimulated with new sights. BUT, I would have missed the real history and the understanding that came with it. I found so often that what I learned in school about Ancient European Wars, World War I and II, and Russian occupied countries only provided a very slim view of the reality of what it was LIKE to actually live in the midst of no human rights, bombs, hatred and violence…no matter what side you were on.

NOT listening…it’s very EASY for us to simply choose NOT to put the ear piece in our ear!! Right now I’m talking about listening to that spiritual voice that lives within us while we navigate LIFE in our human body! Instead it is pretty easy to listen to everyone else around us and take on THEIR beliefs because it has been comfortable for us for years. I realized it was better to take on the UNCOMFORTABLE…because that is a temporary view! The energy of LOVE is what awaits us as we put in our ear piece and really LISTEN.

As I sort through pictures, they trigger a memory. Then I begin to relive some beautiful moments that threaded through the WHOLE of experiences as they drift in and out of my discernment. What I notice is that when I STOP…look off to the side, search and listen…it’s amazing what I hear! Have YOU felt distracted by the photos?  Imagine how easy it is to be DISTRACTED away from that inner voice! BUT, how beautiful it is when we REALLY hear! (OR see!)*

How would I have known these sculpture babies on the side of the tower ( we went up to the top for a city view) were representing the YOUTH of today reaching for a better future of peace after years of Soviet occupation? At the base sat the remnants of thrown together ancient Jewish grave stones dug up and cast aside by the Nazis during World War II.

I have a POEM I want to share with you that came to me this week since I returned home from Europe. Alina Kopek is a special Reconnective Healing FRIEND that grew up in Romania and lives in Germany. I am hoping someday she puts all of her beautiful poetry into a book we can all buy! Take the words inside where all love lives and I think you will hear a really special message JUST for you!

To be discreet like the wind…

Nothing belongs to you.

It’s a heavenly gift

To be in you.

May you see in the peace of life

what the mind does not contain,

Know with your soul what it is,

When no one understands.

You smile inside you, you are,

ONE with all that is,

You love without knowing,

Peace it is!  ~  By Alina Kopek


Our Spiritual self is a heavenly GIFT helping us navigate LIFE in a human body!


* All Photos in this post were taken in Prague, Czeck Republic by Terry Larkin  August 2021

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