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I am not sure ANY of us really know or understand how we awaken to KNOWING. Last week we shared a movie for all of you to enjoy and we do hope you enjoyed the challenging information. We ALL hear the information shared by incredible people in different and lovely ways. It is perfect for us… there are no worries! Doesn’t that FEEL good inside?

If you did not get an opportunity to read our post from last Friday, you can click here and read.

Marj and I both want to share some of our thoughts that arrived after listening to this Awakening movie shared by some incredible people. There was so much shared during this movie that we thought we would share in our LIMITED understanding. I know that I enjoy hearing every day  thoughts from people like ALL of you. While I know that EACH and every one of us is an incredible gift from GOD…I also know that each of us have distinct gifts to share with others. We look forward to hearing from YOU!

I thought it interesting that each of these individuals talked about the time when we wake up and find out we are NOT the “character” we are playing on our life’s stage. I also loved how each of them helped us understand that we don’t need to push away the mind...we simply need to be our true natural self. We need to FEEL everything as part of an inquiry into our awareness of life. I totally believe that it is through FEELING, that we understand our “pathless path”. We all long for peace of mind and happiness. Each of these speakers helped us realize once again that we need to ask ourselves, “What is the point of life?” Who AM I and WHY am I here?

I heard that statement, “It’s NOT about giving up on religion OR science!” Religion has been the “language” we have adopted. But, so often religion became too literal and has been the cause of divide for centuries. BUT, the “spirit” of religion  takes us back to the awakening process. Many gurus went to the EASTERN cultures because it is more exotic. But there is an non-duality understanding that it was “culture” that drove us in that direction. It is not necessary to move away from family life or jobs, or community of our choosing to make change!

I found Neale Donald Walsch’s statement quite thought provoking. “We are all “individuations” of God or Divinity. When we see and experience the Divine…we change how we see things.” Maybe you can simply ponder on this statement like I did!

Rupert Spira talked about the physics of space and time. I am SO familiar with this through both my NDE and through Reconnective Healing! So, if we ponder this incredible concept first brought through Albert Einstein and now through Quantum Physics, what IS the realm beyond space/time?  I believe that is the Biofield that provides the ability for healing to simply BE!  When we take the direct approach our mind becomes aware of “changing minds”. I love that thought.

“Know Thyself” are words carved into our BEING.

  • KNOW WHO you are!
  • KNOW the nature of yourself!
  • KNOWING we are ONE…if only the whole world understood this, we would all be at peace together!

Each and every one of us will interpret in our own ways…how wonderful it is that we can share our thoughts and understandings through different lenses of living!

MARJ is pondering through  her incredible prospective!

They asked the question, “What is awakening?”  “Whether you call it the true self, the imminent self or ‘no self’’, Buddha nature, Tao, or Christ Consciousness it really doesn’t matter. In this film we’re going to call it  awareness.  Awareness is not the property of any religion….  Awaking or realizing is like waking from a dream.  The dream of your character in the play of life.  Through our characters we experience the world in all of its beauty and its ugliness.  We can call this experience of life and death duality….In this film we are extending an invitation for you to directly experience your true nature.” 
Interesting idea.  “When we keep going after pleasure – avoiding pain – becoming this character – this conditioned pattern, then we suffer and we create suffering in the world.  
The world becomes a reflection of that ego consciousness.”
“When we stop following the script that has been laid out for you by your upbringing…the path opens up, but it is not the path to teach some destination.  It is a pathless path, a stripping away of illusion…, wondering if it is a new vision, new ways of looking at what is going on.”
“ If we are awake, we realize that there’s one awareness that is disguised as all of these different beings on the planet, one awareness shinning through everyone’s eyes.  Then we litterly see ourselves in others.  And that tendency to operate as an ego, the tendency to take for oneself falls away, because we directly realize the truth is that we’re all one consciousness.”  “Consciousness is the ultimate reality of the universe.” 
 “There is one infinite, indivisible whole.”
This film is helping us understand that this idea of oneness from BOTH a scientific and spiritual point of view is very important.  The statement is made that the inability of science and spirituality to dialogue with each other has rendered both impoverished.  One of the speakers in this film is doing just that.  Trying to scientifically prove oneness – how it works.
May this film help us have a healing experience.  Healing happens when we return  to our Soul.
We BOTH love the idea that ONENESS will someday be proven both through scientific knowledge and spiritual AWARENESS!
We LOVE your thoughts, contributions and LOVE into searching for the AWARENESS of Life!
We are ALL so UNIQUE that each and every one of us will take this information and filter it through our experiences and most likely subconsciously through other lifetimes…We hope you are enjoying the thoughts. SHARE with us…we love your prospective!







2 Comments on “AWAKENING…thoughts that surface!

  1. Great discussion! I’ve come to an understanding that to “wake up”is the highest purpose of our short lives and the most noble contribution for the betterment of our species. It would be interesting to hear about the many different ways your readers have come to an awakening. There are as many ways to come to IT as there are people. We are all unique but all One.

    • Such a BEAUTIFUL wrap up of understanding! YES, it would be great to hear some of the stories of how people come to an awakening. I LOVE, “We are all unique, but all One.” That is SO insightful and so great to hear people recognize that. Thanks, Mary!

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