What a beautiful feeling of love we both have for ALL of you! This week is full of reasons to celebrate and be thankful for so many amazing blessings in life. When Gratitude for ALL sits in the center of our thinking, we can find the joy in our hearts no matter WHAT we did on Thanksgiving Day, or WHO we saw or didn’t see, or WHAT we ate! When ONENESS is absorbed as a reality, we realize how gratitude for what IS can bring our hearts to a place of love at any moment.

Holidays sometimes bring up thoughts of regret or sadness over losses. And yet, when we get good at moving our HEART to the center, we can realize that regret over past events or worries over future ones, are simply “imaginings” of our mind. AND, we can change our mind about anything at ANY moment! Sadness can sit in our hearts RIGHT next to our joy and still bring LOVE into our hearts!

Our HOPE for you is that the THANKSGIVING week will bring joy and happiness along with ALL of the emotions that holidays bring. These are moments when it is so important to simply say…what would LOVE do? I know MY answer! LOVE would choose joy and peace so I could EXPERIENCE every moment of life that is given to me! I do hope you too are choosing JOY to come alive inside of your heart.

We will be sharing more experiences, and thoughts soon. Each of these jagged edges of beauty I experienced recently in Sedona, Arizona, brought insights as I climbed the hills and valleys of my own life.

WE are so very thankful for each and every one of you. Our gratitude is overflowing!

We will see you next week when life settles back into a routine…OR is that an illusion of the mind too?

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to ALL of you! Love… from TERRY and MARJ!





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