BORN to Heal!

There is something very compelling KNOWING we are born to heal! I am referring to healing ourselves and others!  I still  keep hearing the message I heard…we CAN heal ourselves! Our bodies were born to do just that! Science is finally beginning to embrace some pretty outstanding concepts about the relationship of our bodies to the energy field that lives all around us and through us. But, first let me share how I happened to have some time to listen and absorb from some incredible people. When our life gets out of balance spiritually, does our physical health suffer too?

I always love it when some new information seems to come my way at just the opportune moment. I already know that nothing happens by accident, so I will first share that last week while visiting with family in Chicago, I managed to catch a horrific cold. I have not had a cold in at least five years and it has probably been longer than that! I always thought if I caught a cold, I would be able to heal it,  allowing any “bug” to leave my system within a few short days. I am humbled to admit…that did NOT happen this time like it had in the past. So…I took this on for a reason. That’s a depressing thought!

I am finally showing signs of feeling better after 5 full days of boring, listless days of rest and staying indoors. I know, I can just hear you now, “ENJOY the quiet time, Terry” ! I know I can keep my spirits up if I  make the most out of the time! Read, write, meditate, listen to speakers, and take naps! I can smile at that now as I look back…

Through Humanities Team, I was able to listen to one of my favorite Scientists , Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD. He was sharing the stage with a woman by the name of Dr. Shamini Jain who is a Psychologist/Scientist thoroughly wrapped in Spirituality.  She was sharing her research and success in her favorite topic… the Science of Healing! Wow, my kind of talk, very timely.  Right away Bruce Lipton began to talk about their topic of “Self Empowerment and Cellular Consciousness.” One of his statements was really powerful when he said that finally modern science is backing up the timeless truth of interconnection between humanity, all life and our Universe.

Quantum Physics is proving that each and every human body is not only connected to one another, but to ALL life. This will be powerful learning when mainstream science recognizes our connection to one another. No longer will this be simply a spiritual theme, but one that could effect our medical care in an incredible way! These are the words that Dr. Bruce Lipton stated,

“We are cells of ONE body, the Universe. We can all effect each other through the power of consciousness.”

Wow, I had to listen again to that statement. I never thought of myself as a CELL of God or the Universe. Both of these speakers were using the words…the Science of ONENESS. I love that phrase because right away it brings science and spirituality right together where they belong!

Dr. Shamini Jain is working on how this is related to healing!  Her field is Consciousness and Healing. She says that both science and the medical field are using a new term now for energy healing…they are calling it BIOFIELD HEALING. Much of her research stems from the success of DISTANCE HEALING, proving that the energy does not have to be manipulated simply right around a body! That is such significant progress for science to recognize this understanding! As you might imagine I was jumping out of my seat saying…YES, I know it works…I’ve experienced this through Reconnective Healing so MANY times! Biofield Healing…I love this new term! (Even though spell checker does not recognize it.)

Bruce Lipton spent a long time in this talk helping people understand that consciousness is now proven to exist OUTSIDE of the human brain. He talked about a new type of EEG (electroencephalogram) using the Magnetic field that exists around us. So instead of putting the sensors on the head, they are put around the body! Science is now “measuring” that field of energy OUTSIDE of our bodies and it shows that our cells are communicating in that biofield!

Let me state that again…our cells are communicating through a biofield, in ONENESS with one another. We KNOW this is why caring emotions such as compassion and kindness can make such a huge difference in our own lives and the lives of others around us. All of this is bringing the mind, body and spirit into greater balance and it is called the Science of Oneness.

Dr. Shamini Jain grabbed my attention when she shared the new term, Biofield Healing. The word “energy healing” has finally gained momentum even in our conservative scientific medical field!  I am beginning to see progress in the simple realization that there is SO MUCH information out there that is again saying we have the ability to heal ourselves AND others! Then I went to her website at and I got lost for over an hour. WOW… she shares SO much information there. Her research is astounding. She gives away a downloadable book called Subtle Energy & Biofield Healing: Evidence, Practice, and Future Directions. Easy to download, but it is too long to print, so I simply began leafing through it and reading. I found a page where she listed her research of all the various energy healing practices. It was very uplifting and reassuring to see that Reconnective Healing was featured prominently! Her book, Healing Ourselves: Biofield Science and the Future of Health was too hard to resist buying! And again, here I am with ANOTHER book to read and absorb!

So now I am appreciating the little slow down and the opportunity to learn and absorb more incredible learning about healing…and now I KNOW I will begin to heal quickly!


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