Celebrate YOUR Magnificence!

Celebrate YOUR Magnificence!

When we live with intention…there are so many incredible moments to simply celebrate our magnificence! It is that unbelievable GIFT we are born with, lives within us,  and sustains us in time of need. As we embrace the beauty of change and delight in the fall colors erupting all around us, there is an inspiration already living inside of us awakening with each experience of every day life.

I hope you’ll walk through the beautiful leaves…falling as they seem to be under our feet to help our mind connect to that beautiful inner space found in our heart. I found this poem years ago and still have it by my computer to inspire me to REMEMBER my magnificence.

live with intention

“walk to the edge. dare. listen hard. practice wellness. laugh. continue to learn. play with abandon. appreciate your friends. do what you love. live as if this is all there is!” m.a. hershey

I always loved how m.a. hershey never used any capital letters. I think it is significant in helping us embrace the total ONENESS of each and every one of us. Not one of us is any more magnificent than the other. We can be totally different in our life’s experiences and beliefs, but not one of the experiences are any “better” or “worse” than the other. But, sometimes that is hard to embrace.

So how is it that we CELEBRATE our magnificence? I think too often we shy away from even suggesting such a thing because of the negative thinking that we are “sinful by nature.” We ARE NOT sinful.We are BORN in magnificence and we continue in magnificence ALL of our lives in the unbelievable non-judgement wrapped in unconditional love through God.  This learning from my NDE is not simply radiating the light of ME…it is radiating the light of MANKIND. That means YOU!

Take a look at the unbelievable beauty nature models. The tree is modeling a place in our hearts where change is inevitable. The world around me may turn yellow, red, orange, brown or green. Do I only celebrate if it’s red? Am I less magnificent because I am yellow? Or am I a much “better” tree because my leaves are orange?  And what about the dull brown…is it less magnificent because society decided that idea for us? The LOVE through each and every “color” is never lost in nature and it stays magnificent in the essence of our world…it is the BEAUTY of the Garden full of incredible colors that excites us. Just like celebration of ALL people.

We sometimes feel the “fading” of color within ourselves. But we CAN change that to embrace being able to visualize all of that brilliant color at any time! It lives in you. Just like the magnificence in you.


I have found that Alan Cohen touches my heart every time I read his writing. I read his latest book a few months back, the Mystical Messiah: The Inner Meaning of the Teachings of Jesus. He wrote this book in 2022. Alan Cohen is most widely understood through The Course of Miracles, which of course is embraced by countless Christians world wide. If you ever feel like some of the “TRUTHS” that live and resonate in your Inner Being contradict what is taught in Christianity, I hope you take time to read this incredible book. It really gives a very deep and mystical understanding of the words of Jesus. And yet the concepts are applicable to every single one of us regardless of our religious leanings!

He has written so many books over many years. One of my favorites was A Course of Miracles Made Easy: Mastering the Journey from Fear to Love. I needed the “cliff note version” of the Course of Miracles. Recently I was given The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, written by Alan Cohen back in 1981!

I hope you will savor these beautiful words as I did recently!

“The Truth stands invincible, untouchable by the frail whims of passing events. the only key to living is the acknowledgement and expression of God. So it was for your first ancestors, and so shall it be until the end of time. 

We tell you with the assurance that you are loved, you are protected, and you are cared for. Where else could you be, but under the benevolent protection of the Divine Mother? Let go of your worries, your anxieties, your unworthiness. Look carefully, Children, at the lives of those who radiate the shining Light of Love. Their worries have been dissolved in the infinite ocean of God’s eternal Love. Cast away your doubts, and count yourself among the the Holy and the Pure, for so you are. 

You are privileged to participate in the transformation of consciousness on the planet earth. Such a position is very auspicious indeed. You are part of the unfoldment of the Destiny of mankind. You shall bear witness to the long-awaited emergence of Truth from its cocoon. The occasion of your birth is a joyful and glorious one. You have chosen to step forward into the Light.

Go forth then, and live the message of Light and Love and Peace. You are an emissary of God. He will work through you to create a future which will bring with it the end of all human suffering. From the deepest sincerity of our being, we tell you that there can be no greater privilege than this. This is the most cherishable and glorious Destiny at any time in all the universe.” 

“All the wisdom and love you will ever need resides within you. Walk in the dignity of your own heart’s highest vision, and the world will be blessed by your loving presence. Fear cannot stop you. You are a force of evolution. The key to the future in in the voice of Spirit that speaks within your heart. “ ~ Alan Cohen Pg. 394- 395  The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

CELEBRATE YOUR Magnificence!


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  1. What a beautiful blog! This week on a walk on a very dark day my husband pointed out the beauty of the brown leaves of an oak tree and today you are also pointing out the opportunities to feel and express the beauty and oneness. You (and my husband) are inspirations of how to BE. Thank you💕

    • We are ALL an inspiration to EACH OTHER…all part of the ONENESS of our being! THANK you for your comments…we love them!

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