AS awakening happens in our hearts, we find that we can simply enjoy having conversations with GOD in what ever FORM happens as we are listening at the moment! As soon as we are able to accept ourselves JUST exactly as we ARE, in this lifetime, at this moment in time, we are able to relax enough to open all of our multidimensional senses. There are SO many signs that we are having conversations with the Divine.

I think sometimes we doubt that it is all very real because we certainly don’t have a shortage of people around us that would be critical if I said, “I talk to God every day, through everyday life, and through my belief knowing that I CAN do just exactly that! I KNOW I will get an answer…it might not be the one I wanted, but I AM heard!” Is this conversation a question and answer session? I think we all wish it was that simple and yet…

I have people I am able to talk with and share a statement like this discussing incredible insights. Then sometimes I simply smile in my knowing, but don’t utter a word. I sense that the person was simply not ready to hear that message. Was that God nudging me not to speak? That is really a GOOD QUESTION. I think that is a form of communication with God too.

I know that many of you have read the whole series of books written by Neale Donald Walsh with those titles, Conversations with God. Neale Donald Walsch has been telling us for 25 years that we CAN talk to God. We know that message is in all of his books, along with SO many more others are showing up in our world. The AWARENESS of our true nature is expanding at a very rapid rate. We all may have differing thoughts about who and what God is really like, but having a back and forth conversation with God can change your life. It has changed mine… I just didn’t recognize the early signs that indeed I WAS having such a conversation.

So, just HOW is it that we have a conversation with God? Many years ago I bought a CD that  Neale Donald Walsch made along with musician Barry Goldstein called Conversations With God – An Invitation. He walks you through an exercise to help you have your OWN conversation with God. I always enjoyed listening to it. I love the musical score to play during my yoga routine. But, for myself I needed the IDEAS behind it, the belief that it would happen, and yes, perhaps a concrete experience. I don’t know WHERE you are on your journey to recognize and embrace CONVERSATIONS with God, the Universe, angels, guides or our own soul? But, I encourage you to keep working at it and recognize that it comes in forms we have to embrace to experience! OR, better put…surprise us along the way!

Today, God was talking with me in some interesting ways that sometimes baffle my intellect. I heard…listen to conversation TODAY. So, I titled this post, CONVERSATION in the NOW…sounded good. I tried to write, NOTHING came to me and as usual I blamed daily happenings going on in my life which took over. It was like a writer’s block type of day.  And then…in comes a conversation… late in the day, hearing from a friend, who has been in the hospital. He and I had a “conversation” about his challenges and an unusual happening for me now three days ago as I was “CONTACTED” to do a healing for him. I’m still processing the event…but it was the CONVERSATION with him, opening the door for God to talk to me through a healing!

Do you see what happened though? God told me today…listen to a CONVERSATION! I almost missed my opportunity to understand the messages coming through!

So…today I listened, and went back to Neale Donald Walsh. Today I found an amazing email right in my inbox about his new book. I saw it and didn’t even read it… until I realized this was a message for ME! I read his email with more meaning now and I want to share it with you. * The title is GODTALK: Experiences of Humanity’s Connections with a Higher Power. This book is like the instructional manual of HOW to go about talking with GOD and also simply recognize that God is talking to you every single day…you just might not have been recognizing it!

“This new book begins with a look at how the Divine talks to us in a hundred ways across a thousand moments, using feelings, words, images, ideas, metaphors, and events that can change one’s life. GodTalk also includes the first-person accounts of others who have declared that they, too, have experienced God directly communicating with them. You’ll be fascinated by this powerful proof that people everywhere are having this sacred and special encounter.” ~Neale Donald Walsch

*This book is NEW and being released on Tuesday, Nov. 14. I love that it is available in paper back right from the beginning. On Amazon you can pre-order at a very reasonable price.

You CAN have a conversation with GOD…decide you believe you CAN, and then it’s all up to YOU!






2 Comments on “CONVERSATION… in the NOW!

  1. Hi Terry, I hope you are having a wonderful time with your family. Thank you for the Friday newsletter. I will probably order Neale’s new book soon. When I talk to my guides, I know they are the messengers of the energy called God, and are giving me messages and answering my questions with answers that are of God. Right now, I am reading Gregg Braden’s new book, the Wisdom Codes. I watched 2 more of his videos on You Tube, talking with Alex Ferrari and his Next Level Soul Podcast. So, I ordered his book and am enjoying it. God Talk will be next on my list. Never finished, lol.

    Lots of love, Trudy

  2. I’m so glad that you enjoyed the post and will soon enjoy God Talk. YES, Wisdom Codes is really very good. Gregg Braden is simply an incredible human being…such incredible messages he has for all of us!

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