A Balancing Act!

Life provides us with every opportunity we could possibly want. Earlier in my adult life, it was always in the DOING that I felt fulfilled. Now I know it is in the BEING that I thrive. And yet…how can I maintain balance? What happens when someone else’s life intersects with mine and throws me totally OFF balance?

I know secluding myself on a mountain top retreat or indulging on a tropical island is not really the answer. Well, honestly I COULD do that…for maybe a few weeks!

My thirst for spiritually nurturing information is ever present. My need for the solitude of meditation, reading, and being in nature quenches that thirst…temporarily. I recognize the incredible need for people and my interactions with them. And then of course this pesky body always cries out for attention! I hear guidance from my own Soul reminding me I need to exercise and eat well!

Whew…that is a lot to balance when we dissect each of the realities of living in joy, love and compassion for ourselves!

The knowing from deep within that I am unconditionally loved by God, drives my practices. The reminders from my own guides launches through want and need to share my love and compassion with others. I find that I NEED to have all practices active in my life so that no matter how life evolves, I can remain in balance!

I remember so well Deepak Chopra reminding me…

“Prayer is you speaking to God. Meditation is allowing the spirit to speak to you. Meditation is not a way of making your mind quiet. It is a way of entering into the quiet that is already there.” ~ Deepak Chopra

Life gives us plenty of time to do whatever we want to do. I’ve heard so many incredible advanced thinkers remind us that when we accept and love each moment, our world simply opens to us! We have SO many choices! Our daily life can take us on some incredible journeys when we take time to be grateful for all of it. Balance also allows us to walk safely along side our fears. We KNOW there is always the delicate shifting of our “present moment” thoughts. But, as we have all learned, our intuition helps guide us along that path.

I loved the words I had saved from Neale Donald Walsch in one of his daily thoughts last spring …

“There is something ‘wrong’ with everything. No matter what you are looking at, you can find something wrong with it, something imperfect, something that is not okay with you. Don’t worry, if you look hard enough you’ll find it. There is also something ‘right’ with everything. No matter what you are looking at, you can find something right with it, something perfect. There remains, then, only one question: What are you going to look at? What are you choosing to notice? What is your perspective? I’ll bet you already know what God’s perspective is…   Love, your friend  Neale Donald Walsch

Yes, our choices and what we choose to THINK about them not only changes how we balance life, it KEEPS our  body functioning in such better physical and emotional shape! We have the power and ability right in our mind to change a response we didn’t like. The words, “In this moment…I choose blank …you fill it in!” These are POWERFUL words to not only think but even to say out loud! We can and do literally change the neurons’ messages to the brain to quiet its response.

I am reminded of all of Gregg Braden’s  work to share the indigenous wisdom of the past…WORDS, very precise words, used to evoke beautiful emotions inside of us so that we can put our heart’s intelligence to work! Remember science  discovered that we have a tiny brain in our hearts that is incredibly more powerful than the brain in our scull due to our electromagnetic field that lives around us. But it is in the heart-brain coherence that a door can be opened…after all, it provides a direct link to your subconscious!

In case you are unfamiliar, there is a frequency that is incredibly LOW of 0.1 Hz.  That is when the heart and brain can communicate. Our own bodies are the soft technology. This low sound has actually now been recorded in the human heart. And, fascinating enough, it is the frequency that whales communicate with each other. That 0.1 HZ is the point at which the brain and the heart harmonize and THIS is where healing begins! The neurons are responding to your emotions.

The Heart/Math Institute allowed Gregg Braden to teach and write about the Heart/Brain coherence Technique I have used for many years now. It’s so simple, but people have no idea how very powerful the technique is. I know I enjoy being reminded by Gregg in a talk recently, so perhaps you would like one as well.

  1. Very gently touch your heart or place your hand on your heart space. Close your eyes.
  2. SLOW your breathing down by allowing the exhale to be longer than the inhale. Several times will do it.
  3. Have an uplifting “emotional” thought through feeling. Gratitude provides this for most people. Uplifting words can be powerful as well. Deepak Chopra always uses peace, harmony, laughter, love…over and over again.

“The neurons in the heart respond to your emotions. You can learn to regulate your sensory neurons to self regulate your body! Neurons in our heart learn and remember.” ~ Gregg Braden (From a Podcast )

If you are not familiar with these concepts, these two books by Gregg Braden can help you out! In a more recent interview, as he was talking about the complicated issues around Artificial Intelligence…he tells us he is writing a new book! I can’t wait!


Remember with coherence between our heart and mind our body tells us that “all systems are go!” This can empower you to manage and BALANCE your LIFE!

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