CHANGE Provides NEW Life!

FALL is such a season for renewal, but only  if we let GO of our need for the sunshine, beautiful flowers in our midst, and warmth that somehow defines SUMMER for most of us! We love it all and letting it go is so difficult. Letting GO. Let’s take a look at why it is so important for us to let go when new change seems to be around EVERY corner of our life. Change begs us to embrace new life! Envision yourself on this PATH…looking for both the beauty and the detail that might be hiding right in plain sight. In every corner there is an opportunity to look close for a message that is just right for YOU!

There is sometimes a melancholy feeling that comes over us as we move our sensitive house plants inside, realizing they TOO need the warmth and consistency of an indoor environment. We need that too. We  look at our summer gardens with sadness as they die their natural death into a dormant period that we know is upon us soon! And yet, we already know that it is a TEMPORARY dormant period…they WILL return to us in spring when we need them the most!

YET, the beauty around us for the fall season can be so stunning. That is part of God’s PLAN! It helps us realize that there is beauty in every single moment of life. It’s a little harder to find the beauty in the moment of challenges, and therefore changes, that life can bring to us. A walking path reminds us of the slow movement that change brings in. The path where we are driving a car, reminds us that even on paths swift and unexpected,  somehow each route takes us to our soul. God is with us ALWAYS!

ENJOY the present MOMENT outside and inside as we draw in the love of God we know is there for us. That inner sanctuary of love is FELT outside in nature as we take in the beauty God has provided for us. On those cold, rainy and not so pleasant days, we can count on God’s amazing peace and calm as we enter our healing sanctuary of love in meditation…inside our hearts, wrapped in a blanket of love in our homes! We can count on that inner sanctuary to always be available, a place that NEVER changes. And that consistent love within can provide the new life we need when life outside seems to have become dormant.

God is modeling a very important concept in nature for all of us to embrace. Change is an ongoing concept in life. But, each moment of beauty shifts into the next uplifting creation of new life! Wow…I love to embrace that thought each day in my quiet moments at home, as well as out in God’s amazing playground of incredible learning opportunities!

ENJOY every beauty you see around you now as you embrace the changes! We have an inner knowing that even in the darkest of days…life returns in even MORE splendor! I don’t know about YOU, but I am counting on that as my life becomes challenging!

I am heading to Colorado to spend time with Doug’s 94 year old mother and then on to Texas to see friends and Doug’s oldest brother who is in the last stages of Parkinson’s Disease. There will be amazing opportunities for God’s Amazing Presence to be in my life through beautiful scenes, amazing friends, fun and laughter mixed with sadness. Change…yes, it effects us ALL!

Change is there for Marj as  well. She will be moving back to Chicago after a beautiful summer season in Eagle River, Wisconsin. There are always mixed blessings of leaving friends behind, and yet, beauty and joy abounds as they reconnect with other friends and family where they enjoy the winter season.

Let’s EMBRACE it all…we learn from every adventure in our life! How about YOU? What changes will you be embracing as the season changes? I imagine a waterfall when I am meditating. Why? It helps me LET GO…those  pieces of my life that need a change in form. They are always present, but I CAN change how I react to them and make sure they are embracing the LOVE that I know God has for us all! So…over the waterfall with any negative thoughts! Emerging in the bottom of the falls is a NEWLY created thought that is beautiful and calmly floating down the river!

Love & LIGHT!

Terry & Marj




3 Comments on “CHANGE Provides NEW Life!

  1. Lovely thoughts. “Letting go” has become my theme for the last 20% (?) of my life. It is probably a natural evolution for everyone although some have a tendency to cling. There is such an ease and contentment and also great insights to be gained from surrender; turning inward in this autumn of life. I would never have embraced it at earlier stages in life with all the striving and seeking which are probably also natural and beneficial.
    Your pictures are beautiful.

    • Thank you Mary for sharing your totally lovely thoughts! ALL PURE Michigan photos! Aren’t we blessed?!

  2. I forgot to say thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights. They are meaningful to me and so many others😊💕

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