Somehow in my young adult life I always thought of BEING content as a place I was striving to “get” through hard work or achievement with that reward of accomplishment. In other words, someday I’d be content with my day, that week, this month, the year OR with my LIFE. Boy, what a shock it is to really be able to BE content simply with what is at any given moment in time. It is so peaceful. The realization arrived in my being that if we are always striving for something OUT there…we will never BE content. Oh, the stress that is caused through my former thinking…

I have found that for myself it wasn’t just awakening to an understanding of how the Universe works, but through the energy of LOVE living within helped me realize it was a practice that I needed to cultivate. In spiritual circles there seems to be conversation that contentment is a state ~ something that we awaken knowing a little more each day.

“Anyone in a state of seeking can never be happy. Only those who are constantly finding are fulfilled. And finding is not something that happens to us, it is something we do!” ~Alan Cohen

It’s in the doing that something happens, we don’t know what, but we can’t  sit back and do nothing! In my reflections I could really pinpoint some times in my life when I was very content, I was finding excitement, lovely people, and a resonance with peace. I found an interesting pattern.

When I had my NDE, it took getting out of my comfort zone before I could really speak my own truths freely. But, when I DID just that, I felt so very content in life even though I had mixture  of reactions from fascination, understanding, wanting to hear more, and yes those rolling their eyeballs with a look of…is she for real?

I went through periods of doubt, putting my whole efforts into my teaching, providing a natural buffer not to spend too much time thinking about my life. Because I loved teaching, there was a feeling of contentment when I was able to really make a difference in a child’s life. I know that I touched deep into the hearts of many young children. It took going out of my comfort zone again many times using techniques of pure love. I was sharing the energy that emitted from my body to calm very tense and sometimes terribly troubled children. The energy field of LOVE is very powerful. I could always tell when a child would gradually relax into a calm state so that they COULD learn to read. Then I could make REAL progress in their learning.

At the time I found it very difficult to explain to educators how much our OWN energy was affecting the children in our midst. Again, I KNEW deep within me that any one of my colleagues could do the same, but there was little way at the time to explain how my experience in pure white light with GOD changed by life and my understanding of the power that lives within our human self. I knew I could share that space of unconditional LOVE with others. I had to go WAY out of my comfort zone to share this concept, but it felt very good to be ABLE to share the information anyway! I do know that some of my teaching colleagues understood ~ but certainly many did not!

Following retirement I began writing with Marj knowing we had a powerful message to share with other people. YES, we were again going out of our comfort zone to write truths that lived within us knowing that it would help many people, but also recognizing that we would open ourselves to people’s critical thoughts. It wasn’t always easy to get up on a stage and pour out your life’s experiences! But, there were feelings of caring love inside as we journeyed on over the years. I especially went out of my comfort zone to give presentations on Reconnective Healing! But…in healing I am pure contentment by observing and allowing and letting go of an outcome.

Something powerful happens when we share our LOVE in very human endeavors throughout life. We live in this incredibly connected universe through our human bodies. We were created in that field of LOVE and we carry it with us at any moment in time. When WE find that contentment through sharing with others, I believe we keep creating more and more like energy throughout the world.

“The world we live in is held together by our thoughts, perceptions, and judgements.” ~ Addison Palmore

But, it is incredibly easy to get pulled out of our peaceful caring state into anxiety or fear. I firmly believe that if we have a practice we use each time we recognize that pulling out, we can quickly and easily change our own state of BEING back to contentment, even in the worst of circumstances.

A spiritual journey to understand LIFE and what brings contentment can be a practice we can place into our lives. It’s simply a way of turning our own troubles into blessings! It isn’t about making huge changes in our lives. I’m calling it a practice, because I have learned over time that I do indeed need to PRACTICE this to make it work in my life!

If we find a word or a few words that we can say to ourselves, and use those words daily, it becomes our practice for life. I’ve learned some of these words through so very many teachers in my life through workshops, books, lectures and personal experience.

  1. “Perfect” -Simple and easy to say during life’s inconveniences
  2. “Thank you God for this moment, exactly as it is!” There is a blessing lurking somewhere!
  3. “Peace, Harmony, LOVE, laughter”...oh yes, there are times I simply need to just chill out and not take myself so seriously! “Thank you for this moment of laughter.”
  4. “I TRUST you God!” Just let go…GOD operates through the field of LOVE and LIGHT knowing our needs.

A spiritual journey to understand LIFE and what brings contentment can be a practice we place into our lives exactly as it is. It isn’t so much about what we DO that counts ~ it’s what we think about what we do! Getting out of our comfort zone numerous times moves fear aside.  Experiences help turn life into a challenge of how to FEEL the happiness deep within our hearts. It is all happening right in our own mind…change our thoughts, change our lives and practice trust!

Content while HEALING…pushing aside fear and frustration!






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