Cultivating Authentic JOY

Cultivating Authentic JOY

JOY lives within us and it is SO available to us at any moment of any day. But, there is somehow a balancing act active in our lives.  Too often we think we LACK the ability to cultivate joy if our lives are not in tune with what we think we need or want, especially when the world around us is in turmoil for any reason. I’ve realized that we can COUNT on our world to be in turmoil for many years to come. But, we do not have to join the turmoil!

Keep an open mind full of infinite possibilities ~  I think you might realize that YOU can cultivate authentic joy bringing a smile into your world  and a sense of peace in your heart ANY time!

There is an illusion at work in our society. We are brought up to think that wealth, possessions, and the ultimate knowledge through our degrees will bring us happiness. But our world is FULL of very unhappy and unsettled people that live in economic comfort.  When we are able to embrace just TWO simple facts…we can cultivate authentic happiness!

  • We are  Divine eternal spiritual beings living in this temporary body. But, this BODY is our chance for the soul to BE here!
  • We are LOVED unconditionally  and through God we are on a journey to KNOW and UNDERSTAND and LIVE that unconditional Divine LOVE without judgement for ourselves or others!

We did not come here to suffer, we came here to remember our Divine Self through LOVE. Our soul and our guides from our eternal HOME…have been guiding us ever since we were born. We have simply forgotten.

I AM…that…I AM. I am resilient and strong and I have the ability to infuse LOVE into any situation from my personal relationships with people and to my body. YES, you heard that right, you have a relationship WITH your body!  Do you talk to yours? Do you send your body love when it is aching or hurt? Do you look in the mirror and tell your body how much  love is there?

PEOPLE in our lives are here with us in this intricate web of existence to support us! Here is our sister, Lynne with us enjoying LIFE just as it is…aches, pains, aging bodies, challenges in life, and out in nature reminding us of Divine Creation. We were created in love just like every living tree or animal around us. Therefore we ARE love through our Divinity. Our LOVE is eternal…our soul IS that love in action.

To BE love is simply cultivating the authentic JOY that lives right inside of us! We are the creators. Creating a time in our kayaks to enjoy is not simply an exercise…it’s finding LOVE and cultivating JOY!

When we cultivate JOY we are able to keep our life in balance. Not everyone around us embraces the same spiritual beliefs, ideals,  or habits and it is JUST PERFECT wherever they are on their own journey to find the love that is our birthright. Let that just BE…they have their own journey in life! We love and enjoy them anyway! That is Divine LOVE in action.

As I traveled to Chicago just this past week to share healing, I decided I needed a companion to keep me on track and awake for the 3 1/2 – 4 hour drive. I chose Dr. Wayne Dyer. I bought this CD set so many years ago…but I have to tell you, it is one of his BEST! I heard it all through NEW ears as we grow and change ourselves. It is beautiful and worth the time and effort to listen to it all no matter where you are on your journey of understanding.

After extensive searching I did find it on Amazon, if you are interested click here for the CD collection or audible. If you want to be uplifted and really understand what DIVINE LOVE really is…I cannot  put words into the same place where this man who died 8 years ago was able to do. He understood our DIVINE nature through Divine LOVE and he knew how to make sure WE understood it all! He died in 2015… a year before our book was published. Thank you Dr. Wayne Dyer…you shared your LOVE and we all knew sharing our own love with the world was the most important task we might have in life.

Both Marj and I grew as Dr. Wayne Dyer’s years took him to the life beyond where he is still teaching today! I can just imagine his “voice” living in the amazing life that is beyond! It came alive for me once again! I hope you too can enjoy such an amazing voice! I also relive every moment that Dr. David Hawkins taught me to Let GO and be on the pathway of SURRENDER.







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