INTENTIONS for Divine Connection

While  I enjoyed my two weeks off from writing, I missed the “opportunity’ to let my thoughts flow out on paper. It’s fascinating for me to realize that writing with intention is opening my own Divine Connection just like opening the door to ask and hear from my spiritual guides. For some of you, turning the words around a little might mean the same thing and help your own path… ” like opening the door to ask and hear from God or Jesus.”

The wisdom of the Universe is being channeled to you all the time. We awaken to hearing it more, but it happens a little at a time. When we open ourselves through the window into our soul, we allow the DIVINE LIGHT of consciousness to open within us. Our own light of consciousness simply carries us to a place of higher vibration.

Why are we drawn to magnificent views in our world?  I know that during the past few weeks I seem to catch every sunrise or sunset that allows itself to manifest for me. One day the orange BALL was so brilliant it made me smile feeling my own magnificence! But, my camera never captures it just right.

I tried blurring the background and sure enough that brilliant orange popped right out! THAT is the color I was seeing. It was an aha moment. I need to blur the “background of my life” at times in order to EXPERIENCE the brilliance of God’s Amazing Presence. In quiet moments at any time of day we can allow that blur to dominate instead of the clarity of daily life that can be tough. When we INTEND to connect with the Divine it is amazing how often it shows itself to bring us joy and peace in our lives. Even on a rainy stormy day, out walked an Ibis in his brilliant white coat of feathers lighting up a very dreary early morning! This bird is VERY unusual by our lake…hmm, a message for me that day.

Suzanne Gieseman wrote about our amazing Magnificence in a recent Awakened Way Daily Message. Remember as you read this, that this is a channeled message from Sanaya.

MAGNIFICENCE – August 19, 2023

” Magnificence is what you are. Do you not yet realize this? Why are you drawn to  a magnificent view, a magnificent mountain …magnificence of any kind? It is because like attracts like. You came from Magnificence. Magnificence is all there is, trying so very hard to express itself. Anything that you observe or experience that is less than the full expression of Magnificence is illusion. That is why so many enlightened ones speak of the human experience as illusion. So many walk about deluded, thinking they are less than Magnificence, and that becomes their reality. Rise up, above the illusion and false perceptions. Find and see the Magnificence all around you, then act in accordance with your true nature, and you will be bringing reality to illusion. NOW…substitute the word “GOD” for Magnificence and bring a bit more understanding to your concept of God. You are Magnificence expressing itself, nothing less, but oh, so much more than you imagined.” 

Did you try going back and reading this previous paragraph using the word God in place of Magnificence? WOW…it is powerful.

I have heard through Quantum Physics that the attuning into higher vibrational levels is easiest as the sun rises and as the sun sets. It has to do with the gravitational pull of our planet as the earth orbits around the sun. We are made of ENERGY. You are a BEING of light. Energy is LOVE and LOVE is simply you. ENERGY is communication! Are you taking advantage of that communications channel?

The journey you are on in your human path benefits your soul and the LIGHT you share with others is incredibly powerful to the world around us. We are guided always…but sometimes we get blinded by our beliefs. We worry that the communication is only there for SOME, but I assure you it is there for EVERY SINGLE one of us.

Sometimes as I go to sleep, I know that I forget to have really positive thoughts drawing from all of the good things happening.  I also know that I can easily drift off with the INTENTION of having Divine Connections bringing peace and joy to wake up with me in the morning! 

I know I can connect with my angels, guides, God, and loved ones. I may not always remember my DREAM. But if I set an intention before sleep, I find that the ENERGY of the connection to unconditional love will sit right in my subconscious helping me FEEL great in the morning! That INTENTION is like putting into place my waking dreams for my life into words or visions as I drift off to sleep. That energy EXCHANGE is so beautiful to wake up to in the morning. There are no boundaries and no limits!

I have also listened this past week to a 7 night challenge for nighttime meditation. The meditation podcasts were put out by HayHouse and were given free for awhile. I enjoyed hearing some new perspectives on how to manage our Divine CONNECTION  as we drift off to sleep. It IS powerful. One of them was a past one I remember hearing before from Louise Hay…I just love hearing her voice and her thoughts were profound. I listened to someone new by the name of Nicky Sutton. You might want to look her up on her website…I could go to sleep with her voice for sure! She helps you feel absolutely like you ARE Magnificent! I did not find the one that Hay House shared. But, if you interested, this connects to her website. 

This last sunset photo was shared by a friend here in Holland, Michigan over Lake Michigan this past weekend. She sent it to me and to our local Grand Rapids TV station and they shared it too. All I can say is WOW.

GOOD NIGHT, I am FULLY Loving and Excepting myself as I AM

Quality Sleep Heals Bodies…sweet DREAMS!







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