HEARING the Whispers….

I know there is always a piece of my mind that no matter how much I learn, I’m still constantly hungry to learn and discover new ways to understand life, the myth of death, consciousness, transformation, and the science of spirituality. ON and ON goes my mind…opening to MORE. But, sometimes it seems like my brain and my body get on overload. Then I wake up to the reality  that lets me know it is physical overload, not emerging from my spiritual self at all! This quote by Native Spirits came to me through an amazing FRIEND, thank you Lexi.

Have you noticed that when you have a lot of people around you all talking to each other creating a loud environment, you tend to lean in close and whisper to one person to talk? Yelling certainly doesn’t work well, and that person tends to react negatively. But, it’s in the whisper that we gain their attention.

Somehow there is beauty and power when we learn to listen to the small whispers around us.

This talent is very similar to that still, small voice that lives within us. But so often it is competing with the mental chatter lurking on the surface of our minds. But that quiet whisper voice does not get louder to get our attention, at least not very often! I will admit that a few times I’ve heard a very LOUD voice saying Terry that woke me up in the night a few times. But on a daily basis, we crave to hear the whispers.

I believe we are “craving” to hear more because we actually THINK we need to BE MORE…and yet in my heart I know differently. I AM…quite simply enough at all moments in time. It is like the water dripping off the flower. It happens quite naturally. As I pondered this concept to write about today, I realized that I needed to redirect my thoughts in a more specific way! When I crave to hear the whispers…is it LOVE that I’m craving? I’m not referring to human or physical love, but DIVINE LOVE from the GOD of my LIFE. Have I somehow allowed the “tuning into” that GOD FREQUENCY to get off just a bit? You know, like instead of hearing that clear radio station you want to hear, you are hearing static mixed into the beauty of the music? How can I clear the static?

First…I took time right in the mid afternoon to simply meditate! Hmm…that’s different. It took only moments to hear the words, “make a PLAN”!   I decided I could share it with all of you, in case you are ever feeling that nudge to hear the whisper of LOVE come alive in you!

3~3~3…9 Tips for a RETURN to LOVE ~ by Terry Larkin

Three TIPS of Self Love

  1. BE LOVE…share your story with the world around you! Every person has a story…yours needs to be heard.
  2. SMILE..in the wonder of it all. Be like the Kindergartner starting school for the first time! Just FEEL IT and DO IT for no good reason!
  3. LIVE in non-judgement. In God’s world of LOVE…there is no one that is uncared for. NOTHING stops God’s love for all. Make connections that are meaningful for a daily flow of self love.

Three TIPS for Human Bodily LOVE

  1. Eat well, exercise well, sleep well, dream well.
  2. Meditate at ANY time of day…when the NEED is there…whispers FLOW!
  3. Take TIME off from everyday life when the NEED is there. Your body needs rejuvenation!


  1. Create and PLAY…I am NOT my body, I am not limited by my body!
  2. FIND the energy, LIGHT and information in YOUR life! Creativity sparks the light within!
  3. ASK God for the LOVE you need! Ask and you shall receive the guidance needed to make it happen!


So, for myself the WHISPER of love is taking me to Eagle River, Wisconsin to be with BOTH my sisters! I too need the rejuvenation of my physical and very human body. I know we will create and PLAY in the spiritual realm together.

We are taking a few weeks off in August… and our return will be fabulous through the experiences both Marj and I have through the LOVE of GOD! So please laugh with us, hold our hands,  and we will will see you again soon on August 25. In the words of Thich Nhat Hanh. “We meet today, we will meet again tomorrow. We will meet at the source every moment. We meet each other in all forms of life.”

BUT…remember, our Spiritual EXCHANGE Circle is ALWAYS ongoing and we would not miss that for anything!  If you’ve been thinking about joining us…we would love to hear from YOU, Terry is happy to share details with you! Simply contact Terry at www.thelightgap.com

August 15, 2023 is our next ZOOM and we look forward to sharing our LOVE with all of you then!





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