Embracing HARMONY



Embracing HARMONY

“When I LOVED Myself Enough…

I began to comprehend the complexity, mystery and vastness of my soul. How foolish to think I can know the meaning of another’s life.” ~Pg. 26 Kim McMillen When I Loved Myself Enough

Creating HARMONY is such a simple idea and yet a TOTALLY complex concept for our world to grasp. I know years ago I adopted Deepak Chopra’s Heart Meditation every morning through quietness, yoga and yes even as complex thoughts ran through my mind contemplating all that might be happening in my own little world on any given day.

I look at the HARMONY that exists  with so many different birds that are sitting right in front of me enjoying the food in our feeder while I write on my computer! They are sharing it with what I always think is an intruder…the little squirrel that likes to take over. And then the ducks walking below the feeder in our grass probably looking for seeds that might have been dropped.

HARMONY right outside of my window with VERY different animals.  I imagine the people in my life in a similar way, side by side all nibbling away at the food of life. Some will act quite in harmony with me. Others might SEEM to give me negative vibration or even try to take over like the squirrel. OR…like the ducks simply walking their own path in life nibbling morsels of love and living life in harmony with others. I simply smile at the thought of it all. This time the squirrel is simply staring at me to see if I will go out and chase him away. He knows…

No matter what might be happening  with many people engaged all around me, in my environment at any given moment, I can touch my heart and utter these four words completely silently…

Peace, Harmony, Laughter, Love…and immediately my body relaxes because I have dropped these four words into my heart space so very often during my meditations. As soon as those words take shape in my heart, I utter words of gratitude for the people, event, or happening in my life. There have been many moments for me to PRACTICE this habit this summer and I suspect that all of us have times when we simply WISHED we had remembered the practice.

I believe there is a piece of our ego living inside us that keeps thinking we are striving for a perfection of some sort. Our lives simply cannot be enjoyed and lived to our fullest if we are always feeling our efforts fall short of some objective. It is then when I remember the words about how “foolish it is to think I can know the meaning of another’s life!”  So then instead of comparing myself to others, or wishing someone would change their behavior I am simply BEING present in my own life. And WOW…life is a lot more relaxed and FUN!

Each day is designed to bring us closer to God when we are open to a KNOWING that we are so totally loved by our Source, God, the Universe  or whatever term we would like to use! Failure isn’t even needed in our vocabulary when we allow ourselves the luxury of God’s love. A type of HARMONY comes over us as we experience others around us doing just that…they are living their own journey and our input simply isn’t needed! It is especially easy to fall into judgment through outward appearances. And yet…we can’t POSSIBLY know what is sitting inside their own hearts.

“When I LOVED Myself Enough…

“I quit trying to be a savior for others.” Pg. 65 Kim McMillen When I Loved Myself Enough

“I quit rehashing the past and worrying about the future which keeps me in the present where aliveness lives.” Pg. 79 Kim McMillen When I Loved Myself Enough

We are ALL hungry for love. Sometimes we forget that those acting in ways we feel are contrary to societies dubious standards,  they need the LOVE we can offer. And as these words through Suzanne Gieseman on Chasing Perfection came through on my email today…they were perfect for me! I hope they might be perfect for you today.

Chasing Perfection…

Words by Sanaya…written through Suzanne Giesemann on July 26, 2023

“There is no perfection, for that would indicate an end state. Rather, there is ongoing evolution as well as involution—a constant unfolding and folding of Consciousness as It experiences Itself. What does this mean for you? You can strive all you want for perfection, but you will never get there, for such a state does not exist. There are simply greater and greater states of being. Of being what? Love. Love loving Itself in all of Its limitless manifestations. Love expressing Itself over and over, round and round, on and on, for the sheer Joy of It. If Be-ing is not joyous, there is yet more evolution to be had. You are so very loved.”


Instead of chasing anything…keeping these words in the forefront of our minds can keep us in an incredibly beautiful space. I give ALL credit to Rainn Wilson for his beautiful page in his book, Soul Boom! Too often we hear these words, but putting them into practice is our challenge in life! Modeling for others even when it is difficult keeps us all living in a place of Peace, Harmony, Laughter and LOVE! I hope you will click on this image and share YOUR love in all possible ways to help make our world a better place ~ HARMONY put into incredible WORDS!



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