SEEK Connections!

Good Morning WORLD…I talked to the sunrise out on my deck yesterday. The day was sunny,  warm and lovely. Today is quite a different picture with rain and gray skies. So where is my rainbow to brighten the smile on my face today? It SITS and waits for me to FIND it within the mind and heart of my soul. I heard these words come right to me.

SEEK connections … have some fun!

WOW, these words came from within and they made me smile broadly! SEEK…CONNECTIONS! I was bolted out of my reverie from my rainy view out my windows after a meaningful meditation time thinking there are so many varied ways for me to make connections. Connect with God through my own soul, connect with my husband of 53 years and bring a smile to his face, connect with a friend or family member, find some spiritually uplifting words in a book or podcast, OR simply allow the days to unfold moment by moment.

I chose the unfolding style. I found that a friend had taken a picture of her grandson holding his fingers up in a heart shape around the sun setting on the ocean. THAT photo sent a wave of happiness through me. I laid out my yoga mat, put on meditation music, asked help from my guides to help me make wise decisions and took on the challenge of doing yoga with one foot in a cast. I realized I COULD do a lot of it just fine! This time I found laughter as I chuckled to myself thinking I must be quite the sight…but, little did I know my husband had already had his laugh for the day seeing me out on the porch attempting yoga.

There was a lightness in my step with this big clunky cast on my foot and a smile on my face as I went in to find that my husband was up early motivated to do his yoga mat workout, already showered and had a huge smile for ME as he was heading out to his exercise class! There was my “rainbow” on an otherwise very gray wet day…my words for him were “GO HAVE SOME FUN!”

Yes, sometimes it is too easy to take our lives way too seriously. I know I came into THIS life in this body at this moment in time to enjoy it all! It is incredibly refreshing to waiver between the summer season and fall! We know change will be upon us soon and yet as we surrender to “WHAT IS”,  a lightness simply accompanies our every step. Stepping out of any fear of the past or future helps us simply BE ready for fun in our lives!

KNOWING I am connected to ALL of you and all of humanity is a vital understanding. It is through God’s amazing field of pure energy  allowing us to internalize our conscious understanding of how our OWN LOVE spreads. We can never truly know how our thoughts, emotions, words or actions will manifest themselves in the Universe, but we can be sure the love spreads! Each of our choices is contributing to humanity in one way or another. Motivated by our sincere desire to spread goodness, we are naturally DRAWN to those choices that help us spread well-being to others.

ENERGY is communication…of LIGHT and LOVE.

“Your own energy goes from normal to the reality of light (wave form) through the process of awakening. There is enough consciousness on the planet right now lifting the veil allowing more Light to shine in…Awakening is the beginning steps to REALIZATION.” ~ Geoffrey Hoppe

This past week, while I was working on my own healing, I was taking in life slowly. I was so grateful for my overworked husband,  family and friends through their kindness that spread to me.  It’s that universal law of giving and receiving. Jesus came to teach us this concept of receiving as well as giving. Quite awhile ago I made a graphic to show how this all operates throughout our universe and I used the water flow in the infinity symbol. The FLOW of LIFE!

We are all  perfect in God’s eyes at any moment in time…even through the chaos of the world. We are all doing the very best we can at any given moment in time. Love was spread to me as I listened to another of God’s amazing souls. I met Mary Reed so many years ago, and she has changed and grown!  Shared through the love and caring of my friend and neighbor Mary, I  heard a recent interview on the Next Level Soul interviewing Mary Reed by the amazing interviewer Alex Ferrari. She ended her interview with some very wise words for us all.

“Be all that we are. Let the love that we are shine. Playfulness is a very open embracing kind of energy. Lighten up and have some fun!” ~Mary Reed

I heard, met, and talked with this incredible lady, Mary Reed here in Michigan at the Unity church in Saugatuck, MI and again at the Unity Church of Grand Rapids, MI. The beautiful synchronicity is that it was at these same locations where Marj and I both spoke together about our book. Mary Reed’s  journey in life was pretty difficult starting back in the year 2000. But, her growth in understanding is quite incredible. I enjoyed her first book, Unwitting Mystic. She has recently written a second book called  Humanities Epic Awakening. You might enjoy listening to her speak in this interview. However, don’t MISS the last 20 minutes or so. There is so much in that segment that I suspect I will love her new book even more, so of course I ordered it!

I lightened up today and wow, did I ever HAVE FUN… rain, gray skies and LOVE!

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  1. Sounds like nothing but good will come out of dragging that cast around. I admire the way you have turned a possible liability into such an asset. But that’s your true nature so I’m not surprised. Good blog!

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