Daily Healing PRACTICES

Do you have a daily established routine?

Do you help your body experience the LOVE that you are as both human and spirit?

I have often been asked about my daily routine and what types of things I do on a regular basis to preserve my own health. I am as vulnerable as any of you.  I have enjoyed taking only supplements and  have not had the flu or a cold for many years, even though my husband tries to share his every year.  However, I have experienced a few other nasty things including having the dreaded Lymes Disease tick show up and show it’s ugly huge ring on my leg. Yes, I TOOK the antibiotics recommended AND  I began healing techniques immediately.  I have worked to heal allergies and I am feeling more and more success with seasonal allergies. I am fine today and enjoy incredible energy, love and laughter in every aspect of my existence…most of the time.

I know that many of you have read about my daily routine because it is described in Part IV: Everyday Life: Change to Bring Health to Mind, Body, and Spirit  in our book, The Light GAP:God’s Amazing Presence. This simply described daily routine is on page 192 with a title Integrated Spiritual Workout. These practices vary by the day, but, they have been a part of my life daily, both during my healing journey and still today. My practice was able to get more established and deep once I retired from teaching. Now I realize I could have chosen balance during my teaching years also. Each day, this is a vital part of my day! I have a beautiful place I’ve created for meditation, or I move out into nature to help me be PRESENT in every moment.  I refer to this whole routine as my meditation time! I do this EVERY day…even when I’m traveling. Sometimes that means a very early alarm to make it happen and I have to adapt to different environments. I’ve come to KNOW…I can meditate and have an amazing result ANYWHERE. I do believe I am bringing in the frequencies of healing some every day.

DAILY Routine-
YES…all of these are related to health and healing!

  1. Inspirational READING – usually SHORT, but I often end this routine with daily reading from a spiritually uplifting book
  2. Deep Breathing & Stretching Routine… I  KNOW that healing frequencies MOVE in with our breath. This is so critical!
  3. Energy Medicine Techniques adapted from Donna Eden, but I moved them into SLOW, quiet and contemplative thought along with significant music using my earphones
  4. Soft Yoga Routine  with earphones to let the music inspire me. I know music helps the frequencies to move in and I begin the process of of taking note of my thoughts, but letting them softly drift away.
  5. Meditation – I called it Silence with your Soul in the book!
  6. LAUGH and give LOVE away every day!

I have learned over the years, that if I I begin quiet meditation after these short movements, I have already cleared my mind of thoughts that get in the way of “letting go” allowing me to just be present. Very quickly my body is able to “feel” and experience  the same high frequencies that are present for Reconnective Healing.  I am opening myself to the wonderful world of LOVE, LIGHT and INFORMATION…the words The Reconnection uses to describe what is happening during a healing session!

What has CHANGED since my training in Reconnective Healing?  It’s my depth of understanding and the confidence in my ability to allow the healing to be shared with myself as well as any and all of YOU! This is huge in my life…I can finally give back instead of just sharing my experiences and knowledge. I can  offer the chance for others to experience these frequencies in a much easier way than dying and having an NDE! It’s an opportunity to help people expand their awareness,  open themselves to their own journey in life and allow healing to take place! I hope you’ll allow me to help you!  Reconnective healing is so very powerful and I love sharing  it with people during a session.

In Reconnective Healing  I mention  often that as a practitioner of healing, I am moving myself  into the frequencies that allow healing to flow through. Before I ever met Dr. Eric Pearl in 2017, and heard him speak, I knew that I had discovered how to move my own body into those frequencies. BUT, I didn’t call them frequencies. I simply talked about the vibrating energy that I could feel in my body that I felt was healing by it’s nature. Now I KNOW that is happening. I was vibrating at a much different level once I learned to allow myself to go into deep meditation.  I had already been experiencing  what moving myself into those  high energy fields could do to the electromagnetic field around my body when I was turning street lights off and on, effecting computers, and could never keep a watch running. ( Stories told in our book, The Light GAP: God’s Amazing Presence). Our energy field is that strong!

When our book was published I had not met Dr. Eric Pearl, nor read his book, but I had been searching for the answers to healing.  And I am so thankful to so many amazing and beautiful teachers I have had, and continue to have, in my own journey.  I can say to you without a shadow of a doubt that somehow Reconnective Healing found me and I found what was to become a vital part of my life. That’s the connections that happen in all of our lives when we open ourselves to new possibilities in our lives.

When I first began to speak about energy healing, Dr. Joe Dispenza was one of my MANY early teachers that helped me see very graphically in photos and charts about our brain wave activity. It helped my understanding of how our brain operates and how our daily habits can begin to move, change and RESHAPE our very DNA to live a beautiful and healthy life. Those of you that came to my early health and healing workshops heard how we really can create a new reality. Here’s a bit of a refresher to remind you of your OWN brain waves. You may need to click on the picture to be able to read the words next to the brain waves.

Let’s remember the definition of frequency : The rate at which vibration occurs that constitutes a wave, as in sound waves or in an electromagnetic field ( as in radio waves and light) usually measured per second. Frequency is the number of waves that pass by each second, and is measured in Hertz (Hz). When you realize that “higher energy level’ actually means a lower number of waves per second helps us realize the state we get in during meditation and SLEEP , which is when the body rejuvenates and rebuilds itself…heals. Meditation takes us into those frequencies and so does a Reconnective Healing. Look at THETA or GAMMA waves…they are very short, move faster and have more energy. In our daily living , like in BETA, the brain waves are taller and have less energy, and if you want to translate that…life  often drains needed energy for the body’s health. Perhaps this quote can help you to interpret what this really means to US…as we try to meditate and bring in higher frequency through beautiful emotions such as love, joy, peace, strength, courage, gratitude, and compassion.

“Wave frequency is related to wave energy. Since all that waves really are is traveling energy, the more energy in a wave, the higher its frequency. The lower the frequency is, the less energy in the wave. Following the above examples, gamma rays have very high energy and radio waves are low-energy. When it comes to light waves, violet is the highest energy color and red is the lowest energy color. ( This relates to our Chakras or energy centers in the body) Related to the energy and frequency is the wavelength, or the distance between corresponding points on subsequent waves. You can measure wavelength from peak to peak or from trough to trough. Shorter waves move faster and have more energy, and longer waves travel more slowly and have less energy.” ~ From HowStuffWorks.com 

It took me awhile to realize that I needed to look  at the height of these waves…and NOT how many were in the line. But, the significance of how many is pretty HUGE. MORE of those tall wavy lines means less and less energy for the body. It’s amazing that ancient civilizations figured all of this out WITHOUT the benefit of the science and technology of today.

BALANCE is such are art in life. The NEXT most common question I get? What are the effects of FOOD and MEDICATIONS on healing? This is a very large topic for another post!

LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH, and Practice Balance!




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