The LIGHT of Courage

“We are the LIGHT ~ Courage to change is our Inner Light as it shines  toward others!” ~ Terry Larkin

“Life is the process of awakening to God’s unimaginable presence in our lives…Conscious awareness is a steady force contained within all of us whether or not we recognize it exists. We live in everyday reality coping, solving problems, growing in intellect, maturing, and attempting to understand God through the filter of our culture’s beliefs. Spiritual awakening begins with a direct connection to God and often an outside force that acts to jolt us into remembering our life’s purpose.”
              Pg. 211  The Light GAP: God’s Amazing Presence written by Terry Larkin & Marjorie Steiner

It was good for me this morning to change my meditation routine I shared last week! It allowed me to just BE. It all started when I noticed the beautiful moon that was beautifully BRIGHT, so I walked outside to stand in awe…barefoot, letting its amazing light connect with mine. Light energy absorbed from nature is powerful. While it was still dark I walked over to embrace a beautiful yellow daffodil… just one lone daffodil standing proud, not worrying about WHERE  the rest of his buddies were that usually surround him. ( I’m the one who wonders where they went!) The sounds of the birds in the near-by pines were awakening in such a total social way…beautiful sounds of communication that said, YES, thank you for another beautiful day.


Down by the water’s edge as the sun was emerging, a sea of orange was floating in and out of a light layer of clouds. A pair of doves flew out to land on the sand…one very round, obviously eating for more than one. A robin landed on a rock…just staring out at the world for quite awhile before heading into the grass looking for worms. As the sun began to rise higher I was astonished to realize how far the green buds in the trees had emerged in just two sunny days this past weekend. But it was this totally tiny little squirrel scampering up the tree that caught my eye. I found myself asking nature questions…

Could squirrels have young already? How does “nature” and “wildlife”  know when to wake up, it’s never the same time day or week? Why does it take so long for humans to “wake up”?  I was drinking up the beauty of the sun shining into beautiful sparkling water. As I closed my eyes, the color drawn from the sun into my inner eye came in beautiful shades of indigo and violet. I was grateful for the TIME and SPACE to just BE. In the LIGHT of courage, change can be a beautiful companion. Look at nature, they tell us how to handle change gracefully every year!

Easter and the awakening of SPRING all around us somehow has a powerful force that seems to act upon our inner spirit, our minds, and our bodies! For the past few days I’ve been blessed to be able to just BE present in beautiful moments of nature happening all around me. ( Yes, even during moments spent with people we love!) The sun began shinning as I walked out into the nice green grass that has somehow magically turned green this past week. I was feeling that powerful energy swirling in and  throughout my mind. My feet were bringing in the physical change of energy through the bottoms of my feet!  It doesn’t take long to realize that my experience was having a very powerful effect on my body. In last week’s post,  I was sharing how I could feel the healing frequencies as I am present for a Reconnective Healing of another beautiful creation of God, an awesome human being lying before me. It’s humbling.

My heart surges with that beautiful understanding that I am not one ounce more important, or one ounce less important than another of God’s creations.

We are all ONE. Helping a person experience the power of energy healing is more than creating physical health. It’s about creating life. It takes courage to let our inner light shine bright in compassion for another human being and be able to say, I am not one ounce more important than you.

This morning I was feeling that SAME heart surge as I sat observing every piece of nature around me. The frequencies of healing energy moved into my body quite unexpectedly. Without music, without my usual meditation space, without starting with yoga  OR my coffee…I experienced a totally awesome and deep meditation. Nature was my space providing the realization again that I am not one ounce more important, or one ounce less important than another of God’s creations. That includes the birds, the ducks, the trees, the flowers and even the annoying geese. Wow, it sank deep in my heart. As people, we tend to separate ourselves from the plant and animal kingdom thinking that through our intellect we are surely more important. We even think we are smarter! But, are we? How does your dog or cat know you are sad? I’m going to let you ponder on that thought for yourself for now. God is entirely present in every cell of creation.  Maybe that tree that is just emerging with buds at just the right moment is way smarter than me!


But, what if our natural healing abilities are thwarted by the food we eat, toxins in our world or medicines we take. Look at nature. Unfortunately humans can destroy wildlife through bad habits and nature responds in predictable ways. Our bodies react to bad habits with disease, discomfort, aches & pains and added pounds. We hear such conflicting advise about food, how do we know what to eat? I challenge YOU to find the LIGHT of courage from within to ask the hard questions…does my body need a food or medication change? Your body tells you. I know I have to remind myself  about what I put into my body EVERY day, how about you? For me,  it took the LIGHT of courage and strength to open new doors to the research showing our bodies respond when we eat farm to table REAL food and use “natures pharmacy” to help shape our daily habits. It’s an ongoing challenge for me! How about you?

Let’s ponder over my new favorite tea…Lemon Ginger with Probiotics! Stay tuned next week!



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