Healthy Body~ The FOOD Puzzle

I have been researching and reading for years to update my knowledge concerning food consumption. I keep hoping I have at least some of the puzzle pieces that go together to help complete our understanding of how emotional, physical, and spiritual healing work together with food and exercise work to keep our body in good health! When healing practices became part of my life, I knew I needed to research food as well.

Spiritual and Emotional Healing is one piece of the puzzle, physical exercise is another, and we can surmise FOOD is another very large piece of the puzzle. Advertising is everywhere saying “they” know the BEST diet and we should all try it. Our country takes off on a new diet often, thinking they have found what will solve their weight and health issues, only to hear years later why it is not working. We have lots of new buzzwords now. When we read labels we see words like…

All natural, Organic, No additives, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Vegetarian, Vegan, farm raised meat and dairy, Farm to Table

Don’t look for a new diet today…it is too personal and full of complexities. In my humble opinion, different food choices work for different people. But, there are some common sense thoughts that can help us all.

Last week at the end of the blog post, I was asking the question, what if our natural healing abilities are thwarted by the food we eat, the toxins in our world or medicines we take? Of course they can effect us! But, how can we make wise choices in such a complicated picture. Even experts who devote their whole lives to nutrition cannot agree on what is best. Yes, restaurants are beginning to join the health revolution thank goodness, but we have to search for the good ones.  This post is not about whether you are a carnivore or vegetarian, it’s about HEALTH.

I want to make totally clear that I am FAR away from being an expert in food consumption. In fact, I decided if I was going to attempt to even comment on food and the complexities of our dietary choices, I would need to point all of you to experts I have been reading. Perhaps you have heard some of them, perhaps they are new to you, and I’m sure you could share many with me!

Food choices are often connected with our emotional attachments to foods we loved as a child, or we have cravings because the food in our body is actually trying to tell us, “don’t eat” and yet we do it anyway. An allergist will tell you that very often you crave food you are allergic to. Goodness… WHY? Can we break bad habits we have? YES, of course we can, but it takes hard work and dedication.

Today, I am going to share one habit that I have gotten into since January. I’m sharing it because I am impressed with information that has been shared with me for probably three years now, by Anthony William. I’ve read several of his books.  The first one I read was called The Medical Medium. I heard him speak in many Hay House webinars and his life story is fascinating. All I can say is that what he shares seems to make perfect sense to me. He’s been a medical intuitive for people since he was a young child, his life is fascinating. Then I bought Liver Rescue and found more intriguing information. Soon after followed, Thyroid Healing and Life Changing Foods. I had put myself on his newsletter list and have found that he shares  a lot of information for free.  I’ve learned a lot through his free material.

But, Anthony William kept talking about celery juice! He was saying that drinking plain celery juice (not mixed with other vegetables or fruit) on an empty stomach each morning would help eliminate toxins in the liver. Deepak Chopra recommended squeezed lemon juice in warm water on an empty stomach for the same reason. I’ve been doing that. I thought, why celery and where would you find celery juice? I half-heartedly looked, thinking that health food stores might have it and I didn’t find any. In each book he’d mention why it was so good for our bodies and how it was helping people cure many things. And now, his latest book is about to be released. I bet you can guess what it’s called! Yup…Celery Juice: The Most Powerful Medicine of our Time Healing Millions Worldwide.

Have you caught the CRAZE yet…celery juice? 

I did,  because for some reason I was seeing and hearing it everywhere. Not just from Anthony Williams, why? Maybe it was a message for me, I needed it? So, I started making it when I realized how simple it was. Believe me, you don’t drink it for the taste, but I have made it more palatable by adding some fresh squeezed lemon juice . And then, where did I find it several weeks later? In our own indoor Holland Farmer’s Market with the label, Bodhi Tree on it…the same logo as the wellness center where I now practice Reconnective Healing. Coincidence? No. Okay, message received… and who knew that celery juice would be packed with special antioxidants. I finally started hearing some of the personal stories from people that overcame many undiagnosed chronic physical symptoms they have had for years. Are they caused by toxins in the body? It’s pretty common knowledge that we are exposed to environmental toxins and they are being found in the body. Can nature provide healing through food? I say YES! This is probably only one of so many. Anthony William says we need the birth of a healing movement! And he’s not talking about more medicinal drugs.

The sweeping improvements people are raving about are:

  • Healing the gut and relieving digestive orders
  • Brain Fog relief – electrolyte support to counter disease
  • Balancing blood sugar, blood pressure, weight, and adrenal function
  • Neutralizing and flushing toxins from the liver and brain
  • Reduce or eliminate acid reflux, anxiety and depression


He talks about many more benefits, but I’ve now experienced it myself after drinking it daily over time. My skin is noticeably better, brain fog has cleared tremendously, and my digestive tract has never been better! We all know we need to flush toxins from our liver and brain just due to living, breathing, and living in our environment.  If it’s helping with all these other things, I decided  it’s worth the effort!  … so I thought I’d share.

Check it out for yourself!  Click here to connect to his website and hear a three minute video about about celery juice. .

And here is how you do it! People ask if I needed a cold press, and no, I do not have one. I ordered a “milk bag” from Amazon for a few dollars…that is what I use to squeeze the juice out of the pulverized celery after it has been in the food processor. Cut up celery, put into the processor, add a little water so it juices, pour it into the bag, squeeze the bag really tight and all the juice comes out! You throw away the leftovers. You simply have celery juice! My color seems really dark green today because I had a really dark green celery stalk. That really light green comes from the celery hearts! I buy the whole stalk and use the whole thing. You can keep juice for a few days, but he doesn’t recommend more than 2 -3 days.

“Food is the foundation of good health. Just a century ago, diseases like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer’s were rare. Today, they’re considered normal — and rates of chronic illness keep on rising. That’s because refined, processed, GMO-laden foods weren’t commonplace like they are today. And, today’s industrialized food system isn’t just dangerous to your health. It’s also depleting the soil our food is grown in, the water we drink, and is a leading cause of climate change. But all that can change. And, it starts with the food on your plate.”     Dr. Christine Northrup




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  1. Interesting article. It looks simple enough. Thank you for your research.

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