Alive and GROWING

Alive and Growing…and so is your soul!  

The beauty of spring always brings a smile to our faces for one simple reason…LIFE lives on and it never was  really “gone” in the first place! Trees, grass, bushes  and flowers were just taking a NAP for awhile to rejuvenate and revitalize! We need that same revitalization daily as we sleep at night or take a much needed and deserved REST! We saw  what we would all call a “growth spurt.” When the days turned warmer, rains soaked the ground and the sun emerged. We exclaim every year at this process and we are in awe every year. We should be in awe…

My garden beds are  ALIVE and GROWING! 

… and so are we as human beings!

Nature is such a model for us when we stop and analyze what it is showing us about LIFE. We know we cannot stop the clock so to speak… at least not in our earthly body.  Each moment in time, our earthly existence advances by one second, one minute, one hour…days, weeks, months, years. We are always continuously growing.  Our body continues to grow and change. We have been doing this since our childhood, but back then we hardly gave it a thought. As a child we knew we were growing and we couldn’t WAIT to “grow up”… like it’s a wonderful destination to which we would someday arrive. Yet later, it all of sudden dawns on us that the growth cycle in life just always continues. We wonder why we were in such a hurry. Did we take the time to “stop and smell the roses”? Very often,  reflecting back tells us… not often enough!

Is our soul or spirit ALIVE and GROWING? Absolutely! It has been growing and developing every minute of every day since our birth, just like our body. But, it began growing LONG before birth into the body you see sitting above in the red tulips, because my soul has been with me since creation, developing more and more with each lifetime.  The thought of this puts our spiritual awakening into a different perspective once we realize it is in a continuous growth cycle. Life is constant growth and our soul continues that growth after the physical death of this body I call Terry. As we remember that nature’s beauty here on earth has existed for thousands of years, it’s not so hard for us to embrace that our soul has lived through many life cycles in a steady growth pattern. It’s a little mind boggling to fathom that God created ALL life in this same pattern. Challenges are part of the journey, both in nature and in human existence. If we embrace that, we are ALL in continuous growth patterns that are unique to us. We realize that God’s creations are growing and expanding in every moment. My soul growth pattern took a huge “growth spurt” during my NDE. But, the cycle didn’t stop there. My spiritual path continues to grow and expand. I could list many more “growth spurts” I have gone through during the 37 years since my NDE. I would also venture to say that the process is going faster because I have allowed myself to continue on the path of spiritual awakening. Finding Reconnective Healing is one of those “growth spurts”!

It is always fascinating to me to talk with other NDEers who also saw very vividly, that their life in this particular body is like a short blip of time… in the scope of existence. And yet, always in that look at eternity, they were THERE in oneness with all other souls. Many describe that “look into life on earth” as seeing all living people through a “veil”, seeing life as a continuous loop. Describing all of this can be difficult.  Thus, it has been good for me to hear so many stories told through the IANDS speakers at the National Conference. God is really letting light shine through all of these people, so that ALL can learn through NDEs  like mine, and STE experiences like Marj’s.  When we open our thinking, God is right there helping us grow and expand more. But we do need to nourish our soul just as much as we need to nourish our bodies, with good food, exercise, and healthy sleep!

I like the way that Suzanne Giesemann described this concept. Her words really spoke to me today.

“You as spirit are also constantly changing. That is why you exist. The body goes from small to large. The spirit increases in vibration. The higher the vibration reflects a more loving soul, for love is the highest of all vibrations. You stunt your physical growth by poisoning the body with toxic substances and lack of exercise. You stunt the spirit body by absorbing and giving off the lower vibrations of judgement, hate, and anger.”  She goes on to suggest…”Ingest a daily diet of loving kindness. Shower it freely upon others and bring full health to the human-spirit body. It is a team effort.” ~ Suzanne Giesemann  In the Silence: 365 Days of Inspiration from Spirit

I was excited to learn that I will  meet up with Suzanne Giesemann once again August 29- Sept. 1 at the NEXT International IANDS conference, this time in Philadelphia. Suzanne will be one of the main speakers. For her, it’s not an NDE but another “view” behind the veil, because she is able to communicate as a truly gifted medium. Another example of how God is letting light shine into our world! I will be on a panel this year talking about healing and what has been learned and shared by NDE’s. What a treat it will be to be with other healers who have had an NDE and are sharing their knowledge. I will also be able to share healing sessions during this conference as a Certified Reconnective Healer. For interested people, you can click on the words above or on this IANDS logo. These conferences are open to ALL!

Nourish YOUR soul today! I challenge you to take a long beautiful walk out in nature near you and let yourself “reconnect” with God through your own spirit.  See what YOUR soul has to tell you as you view nature’s playground which is full of information for us! God is talking to ALL of us, ALL of the time, and in countless ways. Use your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hands and your inner voice which is full of intuition. It is letting you know where to stop and “take it in.”  This activity is just as important as the nutrition you put on your plate that I spoke of last week!

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