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Daily Life… we need you to be filled with LOVE, peace, strength, joy and courage!

We feel a little nervous as we step out into a newly designed world for us.  We know we shouldn’t fear change, but somehow it’s the unknown in it all that causes us to stop and ponder choices we need to make. The territory is familiar and yet we are filled with uncertainty. Love for family offers the opportunity to try and create that “Circle of Trust” they are talking about in our newscasts. Yet, we all feel the burden of guilt, as if we were responsible for all this tumult! We’ve watched loved ones suffer.

Our thoughts, our actions, our prayers, and our worries awaken within us a variety of emotions that sit in the seat of our soul  ~ our heart. While going within each day helps us experience the love there and place it in our body, it’s integrating that peace and love into our daily life that seems very challenging right now.

As our country internalizes some pretty difficult emotions, as an individual we are searching within our own hearts for any dark corners lurking beneath the surface. My heart pours out for all those people living fearful lives with the presence of racist actions and remarks. Living my current life I can’t feel the depth of hurt, fear, and anxiety that many people of color have lived with all their lives. I haven’t been in their shoes or walked the story of their life. I’ve asked in prayer for help to integrate and understand those emotions in more depth.

There are remarkable stories within the African American culture we know come straight from their heart and land deeply in our own heart. There is that very real connection through the energy field that literally carries an emotion right to us. Call it love and people immediately misinterpret and think of human romantic love.

Many think that we see an “image” (perhaps from a news broadcast with coverage of protests) and that our brain takes it in and makes sense out of it. Instead, visualize the whole field we loosely call the aura around us and realize it is a pulsating moving energy field literally gathering up the energy of another person that might be way off in another city. EVERY human being has that field around them interacting with every other field of energy on the planet! That’s mind boggling. And even more mind bending than that, it is literally LOVE that holds the whole earthly field of energy together. That’s how powerful God created our earthly existence with our bodies wired to communicate with each other in many more ways than just speech. We are that CONNECTED.

Difficult emotions arise when in our hearts we wish we could do something to make a difference, but we struggle with how to do that. This past weekend Suzanne Giesemann reminds us through her “Daily Way” post from Sanaya (channeled) that we are not alone and we can ask for help from Higher Consciousness. She encourages us to write down feelings that are bringing us discomfort. She suggests feeling them fully first.  Then asks…”would you like to overcome this?” So often we forget that help is always right around and in us. She writes:

“Help me to see these thoughts in a w-holy new light please.” “Insights will flow. If you are willing to apply these insights to these specific situations, miracles will happen. And what is a miracle? When you realize you are not alone; that you have help from above, and that you  need not feel discomfort forever, for you are forever loved.”    06-07-2020    Sanaya posted by Suzanne Giesemann 

Isn’t that beautiful? It really helped me to spend time reading and pondering this important thought. Do prayers make a difference in our Daily Life? I can answer that easily with a resounding  YES, absolutely. There are so many different kinds of prayer.

Sometimes, my most powerful prayers are really thoughts filled with information, emotion and energy. When we direct these thoughts to a particular person or group, we are literally sending the energy of love floating along that energy field of light to them, no matter how far away they are! You ARE the light. Sending light as prayer is powerful.

What I feel every healing session is really a form of prayer. I have to surrender any outcome I THINK might be necessary so that I am the catalyst connecting God with the person on my healing table. I am initiating a spark of light to ignite the person I’m healing to “heal themselves”…remember my NDE message? “We have the ability to heal ourselves.”  Jesus said the same thing. Not many really understood his words, but some did! I took a VERY long time to put meaning to my own NDE. It’s still an extremely difficult concept to understand even with the help of science!

I am always blessed by all of the amazing people at the Reconnection. This past weekend a special friend,  posted a very powerful prayer that she shared from her own culture. This is a Native American Lakota prayer.  Thank you Lexi. What a beautiful prayer for all of us to repeat over and over again. I hope you find it meaningful for you too as you walk through YOUR daily life!

Lakota Prayer

Great Mystery,

teach me how to trust my heart,

my mind,

my intuition,

my inner knowing,

the senses of my body,

the blessings of my spirit.

Teach me to trust these things

so that I may enter my Sacred Space

and love beyond my fear,

and thus Walk in Balance

with the passing of each glorious Sun.


If you missed Terry’s talk and would still like to hear it, here is the link again and you are able to hear it now or again if you like! It will be up on YouTube for awhile. Here is the link. Terry’s TALK on Reconnective Healing. If you have listened to this one you know that there will be a follow up because there were lots of questions and the time was done! Terry will be returning on Thursday, June 25 for the second interview. Terry will answer all questions brought in by people as well as share a few personal stories for specific learning purposes. Watch for INFO…it will come!

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