Staying HUMBLE

There is a beautiful place tucked away in our hearts that reminds us that humility is living there within. It isn’t always easy to stay humble, and yet,  it might be one of the most important qualities to awaken as we journey in life. Current events right now easily send our thoughts in a whirlwind of emotions.

There is something unique about taking in the breathtaking beauty of summer in search of humility that we can easily grow and nurture. We sometimes think we need to go somewhere BIG, adventurous, and memorable to relax into the enjoyment of the moment. Yet, in this picture, taken during the early morning hours…just the simple green leaf can send us into sense of wonder. It’s beautiful all by itself and so is the one single flower that lights up only a small tiny corner of a garden.

Think of our life like that BIG garden. So often we want to take it ALL in and remember the fantastic times, look forward to something special we have planned, and we end up in worry about what is on the horizon instead of enjoying that one beautiful moment.  Beauty exists in all things! When we take in that special present moment we allow the humble thoughts to drift into our body and soul bringing kindness without judgement.

Simple ~ everyday life moments are a cherished part of life. The mind flashes back to a cherished memory, the one we remember that was so full of love. Or maybe even a difficult image or memory pops into our head. Simply say the the word “STOP” and through power of choice we can simply replace it with a deep breath touching the heart and gazing at a speck of beauty near you. Those beautiful everyday objects that we often glance right over in the business of our day can provide such a moment to let the heart feel humble. Just take a minute and stare at the photo of the ever present hand washing soap. I stare at it by my kitchen window and yet, when did I stop and savor that moment? But take a close look. There are streams of sunshine casting beautiful colors through that clear liquid. It caught my eye. Beauty exists in all things! I am grateful for being able to buy the soap, feel a humble heart without judgement for the workers that make it in the factory, and the beauty in the smile of  the store clerk who carefully scanned it for me.

I have finally been able to spend a few days with my young grandchildren that live in Atlanta. It’s so beautiful to experience their laughter and joy unencumbered by the difficulty of living “normally” right now. Most of our time was spent outside, in water swimming, or in boats away from others and having picnics. Due to a slower pace and fewer people, I was really able to SAVOR every precious moment. Now as I write this…I am down on my back patio reliving some beautiful moments and feeling the love for  their Mom who drove the 15 hours with two small children without my son who is still in the Middle East. My humble heart is full.

There was one difficult small moment when we were in the zoo together. We had such a beautiful day and we were all following the social distancing rules, waiting our turn to go closer to see animals and putting on facemasks to go inside any exhibits. Everything was wonderful…until the 8 yr old says…”Oh no, we are going to get COVID…those people didn’t wait their turn!” Hmm… life is hard, even for the youngest amongst us. My smart daughter-in-law turned that fear into wonder about how beautiful it was that WE were following the rules, making good choices, and had our masks on! The simplicity… and for me a humble thank you for turning fear into a prideful joy filled moment. I could SEE the smile through his mask! I cherish that small beautiful and humble moment.

In his new book, The Wisdom Codes: Ancient words to rewire our brains and heal our hearts, Gregg Braden talks about moving beyond the beauty that exists in all things  leading to the next step of giving that beauty greater significance in our life.  He uses Mother Teresa as an example. “With no words of explanation, no rationalization, and no justification, great masters such as Mother Teresa choose to see beauty everywhere and in all things.” Wow…the beauty that we can live by. I can only think of a few others with an amazing humble heart like hers. Jesus was a beautiful example as well.  While we can’t change what already has taken place ( like Mother Teresa had to be saying in Calcutta, India) the moment balances out the extremes. Our own difficulties seem quite livable when we think of others. Light moves in where darkness may have been lurking inside a heart.

“When we base our life upon the principle of beauty and allow it to become the foundation of our worldview, we are changed as people. Our choice to do so replaces our hurt, hopelessness, and fear with the transformative power that beauty makes possible. And it’s not just our imagination. Our willingness to embrace the beauty in all things literally directs our neurons to reflect our choice. Our cells begin to seek other cells that hold the same chemical balance and connect to create the new neural pathways that elevate our perspective above the fray of the experience.” 
~Gregg Braden The Wisdom Codes, pg. 111

He ends this chapter with a beautiful Navajo Beauty Prayer… words are powerful!   Try it out! It will fill your heart with humble thoughts of ALL that is around you!

In beauty I walk

With beauty before me I walk

With beauty behind me I walk

With beauty around me I walk

It has become beauty again

It has become beauty again

It has become beauty again

It has become beauty again

Photo by Doug Larkin: Hawaii 2017

This photo becomes beauty again as it hangs on our back patio during the summer!

  • For those of you who heard my first talk on RH JAM, or if you didn’t it is still available on YouTube…you heard there will be a Part II.  Part II will be live on Thursday, June 25 at 2:30 PM EST, 1:30 PM CST. I will send a link for you to join next week when I get it from The Reconnection!


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