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Discovery is the key to making Meditation your very own. We are all such amazing, gifted, talented and interconnected human beings.  Yet EACH of us has our own spiritual signature in the Universe connecting our bodies and soul to our source which is God. Each of us on a journey of our own and we are so blessed to have each other along with seasoned well known speakers to help us navigate this complicated world we live in!

Have you discovered Inner Listening? 

Through out the ages of time, man has known we have an inner connection and that our heart was a key that could unlock a door through our mind. I find it fascinating that prior to the 1700’s,  research has shown that almost all civilizations with any written language or pictorial representation already KNEW how powerful our hearts were to make that connection to spirit world. In ancient civilizations, the heart was considered intelligent and much more important than the brain! Ancient Egyptians believed the heart, rather than the brain, was the center of life and the source of human wisdom. The Mesopotamians and the Greeks both thought of the heart as the center of the soul.

Have you discovered that your heart holds a key to Inner Listening?

We lost this ancient information as science pushed out any connection to spirit because that was “religion’s job”!  New discoveries are fascinating and teaching us to REMEMBER…our bodies were created to connect. I totally agree with ancient thought…our hearts hold intelligence! We’ve shared before that scientists discovered a tiny brain in the heart in 2001! Within you is incredible knowledge you once KNEW and are re-discovering.

MEDITATION is a beautiful ancient practice. It was used in Eastern Civilizations for centuries. It’s finally working its way into mainstream conversation here in the US. A low percentage of people have tried it. Many people gave up due to schedules or feeling they weren’t doing it right. Bah…there is no right way, but there are some key ingredients.

While your body wouldn’t function without the brain, it’s your mind and heart that connect in meditation. Magnetically, your heart is more powerful than your brain. Your mind exists IN the whole body and AROUND your whole body. Science has proven that now. Your mind goes with you when your soul departs the body. I know that first hand from my NDE along with millions of others who have experienced the same thing. But, many meditators are only using their minds to meditate. I know that is how I started. Many wonder why their efforts seem so shallow. With time, people discover their heart holds the key to joy, peace, selflessness, compassion and love.

Have you discovered Inner Listening using your heart first?

You likely discovered that the mind follows your heart. Your heart is magnetically powerful.  Where your attention goes, your energy goes!  Inner Listening is hard to discover unless your heart leads the way. So, start with your heart right along with breathing that is so critical to the meditation process.  Breathing is also a critical component.

Have you discovered Inner Listening through breath work?

I have uncovered a new breathing technique through Dr. Joe Dispenza. I signed up for one of his online events and was privileged to watch him with a live audience. I have been reading his newest book, Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon. (VERY  COMPLEX book…I’m basically reading it twice to get it all.) He includes many meditation ideas, and I have been trying them. The following breathing technique precedes a very different type of meditation that I’d love to teach you next week. BUT…we need to practice this part first! Can you use it every day for this week? You’ll be glad you did!

I have been using deep breathing prior to meditation for years and I’m just now realizing how significant it is to my health and for meditation. Dr. Joe outlines the medical science behind its use. My practice is very similar.  We often refer to our own creation as our Practice. I am combining some ideas of Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Eric Pearl, Suzanne Giesemann, Heart-Math Institute, Gregg Braden, countless others, and “Terry” experiences. YOU can add your own experiences to the list!

I use my earphones with beautiful music during this whole time to help center my mind. But, silence works too. Once you practice this a few times you will realize it only takes about 3-4 minutes at most.

Heart Intelligent Breathing PRACTICE

  1. Deep breathing – Stand UP! Tap the crown chakra of your head a few times, then push your fingernails into the spot so you can feel where the crown is. Keep your attention on that crown spot. You are going to pull air all the way from the 1st Chakra up and out of that place. Tap your sternum in the middle of the heart center gently knowing your breath will go through that center. FEEL those two places.
  2. Begin affirmations while you use a gentle rub in a circle. I close my eyes OR stare at my candles.  “I love you, your name. Thank you for being a loving and caring person. Thank you for the joy in my life, thank your body for holding my beautiful soul. Thank you for life giving breath …keep listing all you are thankful for!”  End with “I truly LOVE myself.” FEEL the love in your body. “God loves me unconditionally, I love me unconditionally too.”
  3. Hold your belly with your hands. Take a deep breath through the nose and make your breath give you that huge belly that sticks out. As you pull the breath up slowly, squeeze your 1st Chakra’s muscles tight (squeeze the bladder muscles ladies, butt muscles men). As the air moves up, follow with squeezing your lower ab muscles, and finally squeezing your upper ab muscles. Keep the air flowing upward through those first 3 chakras! DO NOT hold your breath, keep gathering up breath!
  4. Breathe into your heart center fully and pull the breathe up through the throat, passing the third eye and up to the crown chakra. NOW HOLD YOUR BREATH for 5-6 counts.
  5. Bend over, hold your abdomen as you let your breathe out as slowly as you brought it in through an open mouth with your tongue at roof of your mouth. Force it ALL out!
  6. REPEAT breathing starting with the 1st chakra- but when you bend, hold a finger at the back base of your head, top of the spinal column while other hand holds the belly.
  7. REPEAT one more time switching hands.
  8. Sit down, slow your breathing and do whatever meditation practice you are already doing!

Doing this just before your meditation can prepare your body and mind for a heart filled “emptying” of the brain’s earthly thoughts that wander through our minds. Usher those thoughts on out gently by whispering internally, “love is what I choose.” Practice the art of listening.

Stay tuned, there is more coming…print this out and just try it this week! Don’t worry if you don’t think you are doing it right, just do it! You will benefit. You are liberating stuck energy from your lower energy centers, swirling it in the heart to gather the emotion of love to activate your electromagnetic field of energy, and moving it through the upper three chakras to activate them.

Lower three chakras are connecting to your earthly body.

Your heart is the bridge to greater levels of awareness and energy.

Your last three chakras are connecting you to your spirit body, the Divine.

PRACTICE keeping your heart feeling the elevated emotions of joy, gratitude, excitement, awe, wonder, kindness, abundance, compassion, and strength as you walk through your day. In any stressful moment, or a gratitude moment…simply stop, touch your heart, smile & remember. Everyone will wonder what you are smiling at so often! You are practicing Heart- Coherence. This is an important exercise to practice along with the daily deep Heart Intelligent Breathing! You will find out why this is so important next week!

Have you discovered  Inner Listening with your eyes, ears, hands, and your heart?

NEXT week I will share Dr. Joe Dispenza’s meditation that can follow this breath work. It’s an amazing experience. You will be so ready for it after you have practiced the Heart Intelligent Breathing Practice!

You might be interested in using Suzanne Giesemann’s  new Meditation Gifts following your breath work!

I know we have shared Suzanne Giesemann in the past, and there is a reason why her name circles around and is in front of us often. She is AMAZING…what can I say. She is most well known as a medium.  Her information from “across the veil” is incredible, and I love to hear her speak. She also teaches that meditation is the way every one of us can access the field where we can connect to our own soul as well as angels, guides and the masters.  As meditators living in everyday life, we can connect to the same field that mediums use to hear from loved ones that have passed.

Suzanne offers a method called ” BLESS ME” to help us learn how to connect to this field of energy and tap into our own soul. Marj and I learned this method directly from her when we attended her workshop. It’s simply a memory device to help you in which each of the seven letters represents an action of the mind…it works to help you connect using the heart, the mind and breath work. The three KEY ingredients in meditation.

She has released this method totally free  from her newly updated website. You can click here to go directly to the page that she offers her free Meditation Gifts to the world. You can watch a short video explaining the Bless Me Method and  you can download and print a copy of the bless me method. Right under those are 4 free meditations where she is guiding you. Two of them are 20 minutes long, one is 10 minutes long, and one is strictly visual to offer a way to go into a trance like state to slow the mind. You can bookmark and just use them, or you can download them for free. There is information about the music used and their composers. I have used musical CD’s from these men for quite some time! Her website is full of beautiful information and sharing from her heart.


I hope you will  ENJOY learning the deep breathing technique and use before meditation! Deep Breathe…smile, laugh and have a great time! Until next week…



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