Create Your NEW 2020 Self!

The world and our life in it is an ever changing process! Quantum Physicists and neuroscientists  are sharing new and exciting discoveries that will eventually shift thinking in the hearts of our physicians and filter down slowly to the masses.

A friend asked me recently if I had heard Quantum Physicists telling us that time is speeding up. I had to answer yes, because it shows up in lectures with advanced thinkers who are paying attention to pure science research. But, then I had to admit…it’s mind boggling  to think about it! How? Why? No one is adding minutes to a year, or days to my 365 day calendar! Like 2020, will it have any extra days in it for us?

The concept was somehow in my thoughts for a reason. I paid attention to my thoughts and went on with my usual routine. Who knows if this concept is true? I don’t know, but I never close the door to new thinking. There’s probably no scientific agreement…yet.

My thoughts? Maybe as a human species, are we collectively creating it. Remember, we are all ONE, ONE mind with God. Time is an illusion. Past, present, and future are all happening at the same time,  more mind boggling. If we are creating, there must be a reason…

I was in meditation a few days later and guess what came? An experience for me. It was a reminder that time was totally altered during my NDE. For my meditations that day I totally changed the format to try something new. It was actually afternoon! My second meditation of the day.  I was shocked when my husband said that one hour had gone by! I was totally awake during this time, but in a very deep state moving myself into incredible white light with visions I’m still working on to interpret.  It’s REAL. I was incredibly energized after this. It has remained with me. The experience brought new information in and took away all my cold symptoms that had been nagging at me! But, isn’t that slowing down time… perhaps for something significant to happen? Or is it? I asked the question again, is time speeding up?

Will 2020 have any extra days in it for me?

Sounds a bit crazy, but I decided to share the message anyway. Maybe it’s clearer than I think…

“I have to MAKE the time slow down  in order to add more important TIME to my day. The minutes won’t change, it’s in ME…and in all of us. The illusion? Time is continuing as we perceive it. Instead, I created time.” Terry Larkin

Perhaps we have somehow forgotten that we need to add slowing down time to our agendas each day, along with the joyous planning of a grand day enjoying life with others.

Meditation is critical. I hear the that message internally and from every guru or master. The purpose of meditation is to get out of our analytical mind so we can re-program our brain. Patterns lie in our subconscious and they are the “default” for the brain unless we give our brain a “new” thought. We create a new mind map for our brain. Then, we have to get out of the way…observe and allow it all to happen without expectations of when or how!

I choose to listen to the ever advancing field of Epigenetics. We are not a product of our genes, we can change our DNA and “matter”, cells in our body can change. The emotions within our heart connecting with the brain are key, but we have to slow brain waves down to the higher frequencies of Theta and Gamma. Our bodies are intricately designed to change. But, we have to ask ourselves, what do we choose?

I know last week I talked about my son in the Middle East and how easy it is for us to live in fear instead of live full in LIFE.  We can easily fall into the thought that we are headed to a decade of disaster. If you missed last week’s post, I suggest you go to our website and read or re-read that post ( Jan. 10: Healthy Mind, Healthy LIFE )

What we can do on a daily basis to reinvent ourselves, is follow our soul’s agenda and live in health…even in 2020 with uncertain times. This might be the best decade of our lives as we watch the advancement of more people choosing to follow their understanding that LOVE is what holds our world together! YOU hold this world together and so do I!

We can keep the patterns of our life that are working and “create” the change we want to see.

I’m realizing more and more we can’t sit back and be passive observers! We need action in order to create change. We can’t “hope” it will happen, we can’t “wish” it into existence by thought alone. This concept relates to change in our communities and our world as well as in our own bodies. We need to step up, speak up, and make our wishes known. We know how to create love in our communities…we don’t sit idle and watch horrible things happen.  We move in to help, support, and take action.  Well… our body needs the same formula so we can go out into our community and facilitate real change!

Your brain’s radio receiver is the Pineal Gland. It sits behind your third eye point at an angle down towards the back of your head. We just need to tune into the right frequency…just like the radio has to turn into the right station. You can do that in deep sleep the natural way and in Meditation by choice. In the modern world’s fast pace, our exposure to toxins and chemicals, and the age of instant news, we need to experience both ways in order to make change!

There’s an intelligence in the energy field in and around our bodies constantly at work…if we let it in. Miracles threaded with joy for a life we want for ourselves!

Create TIME 

Create…and reinvent YOU for 2020!


*Stay Tuned for fresh new & OLD ideas on how to make meditation work in your life! But don’t wait, do what is comfortable for you NOW! You will love the results! You might be interested in a new totally free 21 day Meditation by Deepak Chopra and Oprah. Click here to sign up at the Chopra Center. It begins on Feb. 3. The title is PERFECT HEALTH. I’ve enjoyed these in the past and I’m looking forward to another one!

3 Comments on “Create Your NEW 2020 Self!

  1. Good one, Terry! I think profound thoughts are those which trigger a reminder of something we already knew in the deepest levels of Mind. I love thinking about the subject of time and I’m constantly threading the needle between surrender and analysis but ultimately it comes back to surrender.

    • Yes, Mary, I totally agree that profound thoughts are deep in our knowingness and we have retrieved them at a point of need. I find I try to analyze most everything long before I finally surrender. Hmm, a trait I seemed to have inherited along with my NDE… insatiable thirst for knowledge and truths.

  2. I too have signed up for PERFECT HEALTH and find his 21 day intervals are so helpful, long enough to enable a daily habit and yet by 21 days I am ready to think independently and listen to other things.
    It is fascinating to contemplate such a relationship with time. Thank you Terry and Marjorie.

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