Meditation ~ Empty the Mind

“The Secret to manifestation is to imagine that what you desire has already happened.” Dr. Joe Dispenza

I am visualizing beautiful energy and a life full of love and motivation to keep smiling! I see every day as an opportunity to bring meaning into my life! I am imagining myself helping others in ways beyond my current comprehension. And yes, can I please be sitting on a beach? Oh wait…I need to EMPTY my mind first and ALLOW new thinking to take over those old destructive patterns that pop up in my life now. Hmm…

Meditation is a diverse field. There are so many different methods for learning it. Most of us learned to sit in quiet silence one way or another first. There is also standing meditation, meditation lying down and walking meditation of many varieties! But, for most all of us, two reoccurring questions always surface:

  1. How do I quiet or EMPTY my mind?
  2. Is there one meditation method that is better than another ?

For some of us, we were at least slightly successful, so we kept that ONE style going and thought we shouldn’t deviate from that. For others, they became frustrated for one reason or another. Very often that resulted in quitting altogether.  And far too many people admit waiting until stress was at its peak. They found it more difficult to tame that monkey brain from hopping from one branch of their brain to another picking up old signals from their past and inventing new ones about the unknown future!

Sound familiar?

Staying in the present seemed impossible. This was a description of ME…years ago when I needed it the most. But I suffered from the old “excuse” method of smoothing things over. I was too busy, there wasn’t enough time and besides I’m not good at it because nothing seems to be happening anyway! ( I had blocked my ability to “listen”)

Sound familiar? 

Join 90% of the human population! But as you know, then I got sick…and it was NO LONGER an option! I was woken up by a voice as I tearfully “lost it” one day on my yoga mat! The voice was LOUD and very real. I heard, “Terry, get up! You know how to heal yourself, now get up and do it!” An answer came in right away, “yes I do”.  I went back to meditation. Still nothing much happened  “during” the meditation, except I was calmer and more peaceful. It was after mediation was over that insights began coming in.

Thoughts were totally flooding my brain as I showered, got dressed and left for work. I kept wondering where they were coming from because they were not my own. “Learn deeper meditation.” “Do Yoga”…really?  I had never done it before. More and more kept flooding in and my excuses were replaced with a plan. I began with twice daily meditation, yoga, chanting and the whole list you find in our book, The Light GAP: God’s Amazing Presence. Spirit was WITH me…I was learning, but it took a long time.

Have you discovered Inner Listening Through your Heart- Intelligent BREATHING Practice? 

Last week I challenged you to try something new, How was it for you? We’d love to hear your experiences. I know that I enjoyed getting more proficient at the tightening of the muscles and holding them tight all the way to the top!  Breath seemed to be rising up as I took in more and more air. It became easier to move that air up to the top of my head! And LOTS of the old stale air in my lungs poured out the more I practiced. You’ll be using this technique again, so don’t forget to keep practicing!  If you missed it, click here to read it!

This is what you did. You were contracting intrinsic muscles to move cerebrospinal fluid toward your brain. You began to run a current through your body  and up the spinal cord. Your body became a magnet by running a current up to the spine to produce an electromagnetic field around your body.

“Think of the spinal cord as a fiber optic cable that acts as a two-way highway…from your body to your brain and from your brain to the body.” ~Dr. Joe Dispenza 

This graphic is from  Dr. Joe Dispenza’s chapter titled Reconditioning the Body to a New Mind, pg. 129, Becoming Supernatural.

Your heart is the bridge for that two way communication. It acts like a “booster”, making your electromagnetic field much stronger, or it could be weakened. When your emotions are deep and loving, your brain can send a stronger signal to your body through that field. The brain CAN then move from beta to alpha and often to gamma frequencies during meditation that follows. The goal is to  allow your mind to be put in a trance like state, totally awake but empty of thoughts . You are doing this so you don’t put old programs into your mind.

Today, I’d like to help you discover how to  CLEAR YOUR MIND by doing it, not reading about it!  But, let me start by contradicting myself. We seldom completely empty our mind in meditation so, don’t worry…you are very normal along with the rest of us! But, at the same time can we CHANGE our minds and shift away from old stuck habits? Absolutely!

I am learning about the science of why we are capable of becoming “no body, no one, nothing, no where , and in no time.” It is in that elegant moment that you transcend the material realm of matter and enter the quantum field of energy, love, light, and information.  THANK you Dr. Joe Dispenza for explaining it scientifically to so many listening voices! I can finally make the connection between deep meditation and Reconnective Healing.

“Gamma waves create the mind-body to shift so that whatever is happening in your inner world becomes much more “real” to you than many experiences you’ve had in your outer world.” Dr. Joe Dispenza

THANK you Dr. Eric Pearl for helping me realize that this is exactly what I do with my mind and body while I am facilitating a Reconnective Healing! Imagine, two ways to achieve that state where healing can take place. Through meditation AND through a healing to get two people’s bodies into that state of nothingness. If you are struggling with meditation, a Reconnective Healing session can help you feel it with a knowingness that we are ALL capable of being in the frequencies of healing.

This state comes closest to what happens during a mystical experience. Anyone who has had a spiritual happening in their life unexpectedly can relate to what this is like. It isn’t just an NDE or an STE like Marj’s Light Experience. It can happen at any moment.  (We have no idea why!) , or you can help your brain get into a state where miracles can and do happen. They only seldom happen during meditation, be ready AFTER for new thoughts or an unexpected happening in your life! Hold them in your heart and act upon them.

Here’s something that is perhaps NEW for you to try! It was new to me and I experienced getting into a very deep meditative state. I have learned to get myself there in other ways, but perhaps you’ve not been able to get to this place. So…give this meditation a try! AND…remember, practice is what it takes!

Heart-Intelligent Meditation Experience

Start music or remain in silence. Remember, get your heart in a good place first through your affirmations touching your heart center and push your fingers deep into the crown to “mark the spot!” I found I liked tapping there some. Do the deep breathing Technique I taught you last week first, but this time do it SITTING DOWN.  You want that breath to explode out of your crown and mouth with exhilarating deep emotions of love! And now you know just how much air CAN come out! You were able to do this as you bent over. Let a sound come out of your mouth like a huge ahhh or ohhh.  Do the deep breathing sequence several times.


Close your eyes, and slow your breathing by gently deep breathing through the nose and exhaling though a small open mouth. Slow down your breathing while touching the heart briefly reminding yourself of the love you have inside of you. It is self love combined with God’s unconditional love that is there waiting for you. Open your eyes.

Use ANYTHING you have that might put you into a trance-like state.  A candle in the dark works, Sue Giesemann uses a heart & infinity symbol image moving in & out (free on her website) , Dr. Joe Dispenza uses a Kaleidoscope Video with music and not voice. ( THAT is quite amazing and provided me with a totally unique experience. ) Click here if interested, it costs $40.

Be in a Trance State 8 – 10 minutes, maybe longer when you first begin…


  1. Quietly get up and move to the floor. Keep music if you like. Lie down totally comfortable, or if already lying down, go to step #2 after the 10 minutes.
  2. REPEAT the breathing exercise from above but while you are lying down. Remember the deep belly and make sure you squeeze the muscles and keep your focus on the crown. Do it gently, but deep as possible. After your breath is pulled up through your crown, HOLD YOUR BREATH…then EXHALE with absolute force, passionate with love in your heart so that a sound comes out of your mouth like huge relief…ahhh!
  3. Do this about 3 times. Close your eyes and then remain in meditation as long as  you are able. OBSERVE…with all your senses. NO expectations! Just empty, allow energy to flow around you and OBSERVE. You are practicing  Inner Listening, but using ALL of your senses ~ you may even experience synesthesia. Example:  you see sounds or hear a color.

    Stay tuned, more coming…print this out and just try it this week!

I know that in the next couple days, I’m going to start doing a 20 minute meditation time each day with Oprah and Deepak Chopra! Totally different type of meditation. It will be GREAT for me, I highly recommend a change. For me, I will be experimenting again…I love the thought. I plan to follow their 21 PERFECT HEALTH meditation in the morning, and continue my newly established meditation in the evening before bed! I’ve always wanted to try meditating twice in a day. I do at times, but not very regularly at all! These are two totally different kinds of meditations. I wonder what that experience will be? I’ll have to let you know…

In case you are wondering, the titles of Heart-Intelligent Breathing Technique and Heart- Intelligent Meditation are my own because I am adapting through my own learning. There is so much more to share…I will share in shorter posts I promise. But stay with us and tuned in on Fridays!

Find out why CHANGE in meditation style is really good for our brain and how our experiences emerge from them. Find out how to KEEP your mind experiencing the joy and peaceful feelings as you walk through your day! And hear about Mind Movies…a step past Visualizing, & Mind Maps!



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