Walking THROUGH Your Day in Joy!

JOY…it’s our Birthright!

I hope you have found it in your daily meditations even when your body cries ouch, or the world around you  seems  upside down. Following my morning meditation, is it possible to keep that beautiful JOY I found and let it walk around with me all day? I found out little by little that YES Joy can walk THROUGH your whole day.

“Sitting in the silence is not simply to enjoy a lack of noise. It is a time of communion with your Self. Understand well that your Self consists of the entire spectrum of Consciousness – the intricately linked minds of you, your guides, the great masters, and the Master of All that Is. (God) You sit in the silence to know your connection with All – to know yourself as pure consciousness and Love. If you merely sit in a chair to be quiet, then you will find rest, but this is stopping short of the true gift of meditation.” ~Suzanne Giesemann 


COMMUNICATION… is this one of the key ingredients that makes meditation a true gift? I know that for myself, it took me a very long time to realize that I could communicate with God, Jesus or angels on a personal level. Even after my NDE let me know differently, my limiting beliefs were stuck in a deep place inside of me. I would often tell myself  that “only people in the Bible specially hand picked ” were able to communicate with God and hear messages. How wrong I was! I know that on a very deep level now. I spent way too many years not listening to incredible stories of people sharing events in their own lives proving communication still exists. Somehow I realize now that I was struggling with worthiness issues. But, let me share how HARD it was to “let go”.

I needed to LET GO so that JOY could land right into that space and stay PUT in my life! Oh, I found myself feeling so awesome after beautiful meditations, but then as my day went on, it was like my brain had an open window and joy just blew out with the wind! Letting go. It’s very difficult. You see, I let the JOY go out that window instead of my limiting beliefs. ” HELLO mind…can you please get out of my way!” I started COMMUNICATING during meditation. I started asking questions. I started getting quite annoyed with the part of me that would not let go. That turned out to be very useful by the way, because I began telling JOY to move in and WALK THROUGH my day with me!

As I got up from meditation, I kept up this chatter in my head that somehow seemed to want to follow me. Oh yes, I asked JOY to follow me! It stayed with me running, it stayed with me in the shower, it stayed with me as I got ready for my day when I turned on certain music. (Take note…I know now that particular music was helping me to rewire my brain!) The voice  went in the car with me as long as I turned OFF my radio. It stayed with me in my classroom because I had set a few objects and one particular plant on my desk to remind me. Keep this story in mind.. it was my real life, and I had no idea I was “rewiring” the circuits in my brain.

Over the past two weeks we have been attempting to expand our thinking through a deeper look into Meditation. We are all so unique in our styles that it is good to share thoughts with each other as we try some new techniques. I hope you’ve had a chance to try out both the Heart- Intelligent Breathing Practice and the Heart- Intelligent Meditation. I have linked both of these practices to our website if you feel you’d like to go back and review the steps. Simply click on the titles. As we use our everyday meditation practice I hope you will continue to practice the deep breathing technique and use it in your meditations.

But, in the mean time, let’s go a step further. Dr. Joe Dispenza shares with his audiences and in his books how often we are simply going through our day behaving “unconsciously”, making the same choices and decisions as the day before. We so often go back to our “automated” consciousness level. You know, that same ole, same ole. You know what? Your body becomes what your mind told it to do…and the body loved it because it was familiar. Even though my body was anything but perfect health, my mind wanted it to stay the same.

Then little by little, my mind was shifting to what I wanted to happen with my health. First I got annoyed at my body for breaking down. I realized that was actually helpful so I could change my mind. I even said,  “thank you body for helping me realize that my mind has been creating this”. But, I am changing my mind! Get ready…because changes are on the way.

Meditations began to shift. I craved the silence so I could begin COMMUNICATION again. This time I began the positive chatter and the expectations I had for my body to change. I was asking and I was hearing answers.  You and your body are so incredibly awesome, YOU can do this too! We become awareness itself. And we walk through our day creating a NEW you!

What are your dreams? How can you WALK into YOUR future self? You might start by  practicing. That’s how we become good at anything. PRACTICE a WALKING Meditation. You can do this in your room, your house, outside in nature, on the sidewalk in a city…you can do it ANYWHERE! But try something new.

  1. Close your eyes briefly. Take that HUGE deep, muscle pushing breathing.
  2. Tune into your heart by bringing in a strong loving emotion. Let JOY jump out of you. Smile. Slow your breathing to an even monotone.
  3. Ask your heart for an intention for your MIND to think about.
  4. Walk very slowly in a trance like state. Wait…your MIND has something to say. “Listen”
  5. Ask a question as you walk slowly. Who answered?
  6. Keep walking slowly, does some small object “pop” out at you. Look closely. Ask for the meaning. Who answered?
  7. Keep up your walk. Take note of insights. Ponder on them as you move on to your daily tasks.
  8. KEEP the dialogue going…try again another day.
  9. MEDITATION can bring in the JOY you want over whatever YOU are looking for!

It all takes TIME. But, “changing” my mind began to make changes in the body, my mood, my ability to laugh at myself, and most importantly…my mind let the TRUE LOVE that was buried deep to come flowing out for myself and others!

“WALK like a child of Light. You ARE a child of God. You ARE Light. And in that Light there is pure JOY!” ~Terry Larkin

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