Sometimes lately,  as change keeps landing on our plate, we decide if we are simply going to SURVIVE this or will we place our attention into a place where we can not only survive, but THRIVE! I will tell you right away, for myself I think LOVE WINS!

I have made a firm decision for myself. I will THRIVE…if I let LOVE win out over differences, inconveniences, diseases, or change in our daily lives.

I’m sure you’ve asked yourself a number of times lately, can I still feel that inner peace I know is always here for me?  With so much going on around us, I know I feel we’ve been shoved against a wall time and time again. Schools are opening with total uncertainty, fear is rising in many states that relaxed the rules and are now wondering what happened. If it’s not Covid concerns, it is political chaos dominating our TV commercials and neighborhood conversations. I thought perhaps it might be good for all of us to make a PLAN…for love to win out in our lives! How would YOU go about doing that?

Today I’m going to CHALLENGE you with a few questions to begin.

  • What has NOT changed during this pandemic?
  • Has FEAR or anxiety grabbed you on more than one occasion?
  • WHERE have YOU placed your attention?
  • Have personal family issues been more difficult?
  • Is gratitude a regular practice in your life?

I have kept my life busy and meaningful with like minded people navigating life in every corner of our world. I’ve missed the contact and beauty in a live Reconnective Healing Session and yet, I’m still told the Bodhi Tree Yoga & Wellness Studio is NOT allowed to open yet due to Michigan laws. I have to be in a state of letting go of my wishes for certain parts of my life at the moment. HARD? Oh yes.

I KNOW I do not have to travel far at all to enjoy the peace that lives in my heart. I don’t need to BE in any special location to experience the love that I AM. And yet, I yearn to travel.

I will start with my first question. What has NOT changed during this pandemic?

  1. God’s unconditional love has never faltered.
  2. My ability to be in that state of LOVE at any time is always available to me. It’s not just in meditation.  However, meditation opens a  pathway to walk into LIFE in the same state of love.
  3. I am always human and spirit at the same time. I have CHOICE available to me at any moment in time in my human form.  I can always choose love.
  4. I may not be able to change the circumstances that exist, but I ALWAYS have a choice about my reaction to it.

This week somehow I’ve been drifting back in time remembering how vital  community support is during these difficult times. People supporting people in all walks of life. Family can fill a void, but I’m not sure it ever replaces the strong foundation of a community. I have fond memories of a community of families as I grew up, but life has drastically changed since that era. Of course I love my online communities, but nothing can replace the human desire to be with LIVE people, even if it is a wave and smile at a distance or a back yard chat.

Dr. Wayne Dyer used to talk a lot about St. Francis of Assisi  and his most famous prayer, “Make me an instrument of thy peace. ” Dr. Dyer was quoted as saying, “He wasn’t asking God to provide him with peace. He was asking for guidance to be more like the peace he trusted was his Source. Being peace is different from looking for peace.”

I believe we become peace when we allow our own energy to BE the peace. The beauty of individual inner wisdom KNOWS peace lives inside of us…an ever beautiful field of energy powered through God’s love. It’s the same message about love! How to feel love? BE Love.

I think sometimes we might expect our world to be chaotic due to the tumult around us. People often just “expect” to fall into despair and accept it! YIKES…I’m going to choose a different path! Perhaps you’d like to choose a different path too!

Survive and THRIVE! I’ve chosen not to “wait” until this all goes away! We will not go back in time. Instead I choose to move onward with what IS. It helps us move into a more comfortable feeling in our hearts where gratitude lives in abundance. We will never reach perfection. We live in a human body…so find a space where imperfection is considered acceptable! I am ENOUGH just as I AM. I AM worthy of LOVE at every moment. Each day gives us another opportunity to share our beautiful love with someone.

Let’s be a community that is up to the challenge to help each other along the way! I’m here to help you energize yourself and WALK with the strength and courage powered from within  to…

BE love,

BE peace,

BE compassion,

BE humble,

Be miraculous,

Be the beauty and joy in your life , even with TUMULT all around us!

” The next time you open your mouth, in that now moment, will you produce loving words? If not, then you have missed an opportunity, but because you always find yourself in a new now-moment, you are free to try again. The more you succeed in thinking, speaking, and being only Love, the greater this experience you call Life, and the more love flows into it. What is “now”? A New Opening Window to let in and out more love and light into your world.”

~ Words from Sanaya channeled by Suzanne Giesemann


4 Comments on “Find PEACE Along WITH the TUMULT

  1. Very beautiful and appropriate at this time. Only love will win✨♥️✨

    • Thank you Steven! You are absolutely right!! Only love will win. I love how you wrote that!

  2. What great guidance for these difficult times! These few words of wisdom are just what we need for deep and lasting peace. They are the best direction to mental and spiritual health I’ve read. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Terry!

    • Thank you for your kind comments Mary. YES, I agree with you, I think our mental and spiritual health is one of our most important assets! Keeping ourselves in that state of health is the challenge for all of us right now.

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