Could LIFE be an ILLUSION?

“The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”~ Albert Einstein

What is the context of this quote?

Paraphrasing: There are two forms of time:

  1. Time as we understand it scientifically
  2. Time as we understand it as human beings

“Now he(Einstein) has departed from this strange world a little ahead of me. That means nothing. For us believing physicists the distinction between past, present, and future only has the meaning of an illusion, though a persistent one.” ~ An UNKNOWN Quantum Physicist

Evidently, with this quote, Einstein was not talking about time scientifically. He’s speaking of it as how we understand it as humans. That is, how we understand time emotionally. Human time is about our time in existence. It’s connected with death. We realize we have only a certain amount of time in which we are alive on this planet in this particular human life. But, we are eternal beings living in a multi-dimensional Universe.

When did you take on the learning about Albert Einstein and his very difficult truths that seem to help Quantum Physicists delve even deeper into research?  Is our life an illusion? It’s a pretty TOUGH thought because we cannot see  this LIFE right now as being other than it is! That is until we have an unbelievable experience that defies explanation in our 3-D world!

So, if Einstein is helping us understand TIME is an illusion, why do many spiritual gurus tell us our LIFE here in this plane is an illusion? Let’s take a look at what our perceptions ARE about the word ILLUSION. Is that word throwing us a curve…does that mean that it is Non-Existent?   I do believe that many spiritually awakening people have left me with perhaps  erroneous conclusions.

Here are some definitions I found for ILLUSION

“a thing that is or is likely to be wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses”

“a deceptive appearance or impression”

“a false idea or belief”

I decided to use these phrases rather than the word illusion  and instead insert the phrase, MY LIFE is…
My LIFE is a thing that is or is likely to be wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses. 
My LIFE is a deceptive appearance or impression. 
My LIFE is a false idea or belief.

WOW… that got me thinking. What about you, how do you feel reading these sentences? My instinct tells me that we need to keep searching for thoughts on this topic. This beautiful flower, an ILLUSION? No WONDER people have written about this concept for centuries! Quantum Physicists are coming up with new scientific theories even as we speak!

In this new Reconnective Life Community the topic of Illusion vs. Non- Existence has been in discussion for this past week and we have all been contributing our THOUGHTS to enrich the discussion which began with Dr. Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer talking live on the topic for an hour. People in this group have all had some pretty amazing experiences in life and so hearing others debate what this all means has been fascinating. This is a global community by the way, so we are hearing thoughts from around the globe.

For myself after my NDE, I knew that it was DEATH that was the illusion!! So what about LIFE in this human body, RIGHT NOW? Are we living a life that some people call an illusion?

I think that is where my thinking for lots of years went into a concept that I THOUGHT was beyond our comprehension in this human brain. With all of life’s ups and downs and difficult situations, I LOVED the idea of putting some of the more difficult ones in the category…YES, an illusion. YES, erase all the bad moments. But THAT is not why I came into this life.

“I came in this body to understand and comprehend a God that created us all in TOTAL DIVINE LOVE…and to share and enjoy BEING that LOVE every moment!” ~Terry Larkin

So here’s another thought for you. The words below were on the video post I did last week. I thought I’d share it with you today. Please read my words below FIRST and then click here to enjoy a quick 8 minute video or click on the video you see below.

Reconnective LIFE Community:

           Does Illusion Mean Something Does Not Exist? 8-18-20

“I have pondered this question for a very long time. Is my life an illusion?  I’ve wondered if Quantum Physicists and Spiritual Masters were actually telling us the same information in very different ways? Today I am sharing a story of experience during my NDE with the hope that I can also put you into a state of WONDER! In this body known as Terry Larkin, I have input and control over my choices. Listen to what happened to that control during my NDE!  In a RH Session we allow healing to manifest through the intelligence of the Universe. If we remain in a state of WONDER, will that same intelligence bring us an answer that fits our state of awareness in a given time in our life? For myself, I realized over time that I was receiving, but not all at once. ENJOY! And please share your thoughts with me! I am still in a state of WONDER!” ~ Terry Larkin



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