Opportunity for YOU!

As I begin this post I realize that for every one of us…we are in a different place in our lives. What is so awesome, is that it is perfect! It is perfect for me, for YOU, for your family, for your friends and even for lives in turmoil around  us. It is because God created an amazing life unique to each and every one of us. I always find that concept totally MIND BOGGLING! But, I’ve stopped asking how and have learned to just embrace the gift!

Opportunity… how often have we heard that word? Probably more than we’d like to imagine for ourselves. That’s the reality of communication in 2020! WELCOME to the world we all live in. But, I’d like to challenge you to some new thinking.

I almost changed the title of my post just due to the fact that we are all offered opportunities every day. Only we, the I in the statement, can decide for ourselves which opportunities  we will respond  to and enjoy in our lives. As I offer these thoughts for you…YOU are the director of your life!  I share in my humble experience hoping that you’ll open your mind if for some reason your life could be enriched by the new thought.

I am part of a new online COMMUNITY that is sharing stories and insights into life that can be enhanced by loving engagement into the thoughts of Reconnective Healers from all over the world! You have heard me share what I know about our ability to heal naturally…and for so many of us that thought has been too hard of a PILL to swallow. My limited beliefs guarded my own launch into understanding an intelligent field of energy that is available to every single one of US. But, I KNEW…that was the simple message I received in my Near-Death Experience.

We can HEAL ourselves!

I understood so little in the beginning. Our book, The Light GAP: God’s Amazing Presence shows my beginning understanding as I healed myself. BUT…I have learned so much more. I learned from so many very talented instructors through many levels of training in Reconnective Healing, but the honest truth of it all? It’s elegantly SIMPLE and the frequencies of RH are available to ALL of us! Too many people think they cannot do it for themselves!! I’m sure you remember me telling you…I AM NOT any more special in God’s Unique Creative Design than YOU are! We are LOVED, embraced, and on a journey to understand the unconditional love we all share.

THIS book is really an eye opening journey into healing! If you have not read this book yet, I highly recommend that you do it!

I am now part of a new website called Reconnective LIFE that Dr. Eric Pearl and Jillian through the Reconnection have only recently launched this past Friday on July 31 to help people understand how Reconnective Healing (RH) is touching  lives in EVERY DAY Life! I am one of the members they are calling LIFE Leaders who are interacting with people in the community with our thoughts and understandings about RH and spiritual concepts that grow out of the practice of RH. Each LIFE Leader has an Introductory Video explaining a little about their life and how each came into Reconnective Healing. They are always available to listen to at any point in time. They are amazing to hear.

I have several video talks on the site now. I will be posting a short video talk once a week as I am doing on this website in written form, about all things spiritual and how it connects to the RH Frequency field of energy. We all have access to be part of it! We all post on a different day, so there are videos up each day and interaction between people from across the globe! There are some amazing people sharing their lives, challenges, and honest discussion about attempting to live in an awakened world! For myself, I am posting a short video every Tuesday in this Community.

Every Wednesday Dr. Eric Pearl and Jillian will come on LIVE with a 30 minute discussion on a spiritual topic. This week is an example: TOPIC : What’s the difference between illusion and non-existence? I will be posting my thoughts about this topic on Tuesday, but the FUN part is that you can read MANY people posting on this topic with different ideas!

A SUNSET on Lake Michigan is an OPPORTUNITY for you to connect to God. This is a totally different way to CONNECT through the Frequencies of Reconnective Healing.

Dr. Eric & Jillian Fleer share  VERY deep topics – all of the WONDERS of life for all of us.  They are doing an amazing job of putting it down into life EVERYDAY as we try to process all of our spiritual beliefs. This is a very OPEN and interactive platform, as all people that are in the community respond in comments and questions. There IS no right or wrong…just open discussion. I will be in some of those open chats with my ideas as well. After the LIVE chat, on Facebook OR YouTube, there are three of the L.I.F.E. leaders talking together and contemplating the ideas presented. I will be on this live chat next Wednesday, August 19.

This is a very novel interactive Facebook Community that is open to anyone wishing to join this private community! There is a cost and I want to let you know that I too worry that this will keep this beautiful community away from those that would LOVE it the most. I am not in control of that I’m afraid.

But as you consider cost, I will say there is a LOT there for everyone. You will find new videos and posts that are very thoughtfully done. Most videos beyond our initial ones to introduce ourselves, are 5 – 10 minutes or less. There are amazing stories from people that are sharing their very DIFFICULT journey into understanding the ‘MORE’ that we all strive for spiritually. Many of these people found their life purpose, finding that healing in their life was so much more than physical healing by experiencing Reconnective Healing Sessions or The Reconnection. This is a very INTERNATIONAL group of people…from all over our globe.

To gather information and understanding of this RLC…Reconnective Live Community, click here . It is on the Reconnection website for full information. It’s an OPPORTUNITY! Be sure to go all the way THROUGH to the bottom of the page to experience the whole information so you understand everything that might be included. It’s HUGE..and as you know, we are always paying for webinars online, but this is an ACCESS for continuing webinars, LIVE event access, and a huge library of information.

As always…LOVE in your life is WHERE you are in the process. YOU are ENOUGH every step of the way as you journey towards understanding. I only share in complete love…I love you ALL..and I wish for you the very best as you make choices every day.

LOVE manifests in so many forms. Lately my love took on the form of sharing myself with others. There are gifts that keep arriving because of my sharing…I hope ALL of you will share YOUR journey with US!

Love you ALL always!   Terry





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