FLOW Through Life

Do I have the ability to just BE in life expressing joy in total LOVE of life? We use the expression often…”just go with the flow!”  I think these are much wiser words than we have any idea. Too often our mind wanders right into all of the challenges our life holds instead of the JOYS! If we could simply let go of our constant thought that we were somehow not good enough or feeling well enough, we could embrace total SELF LOVE instead for simply BEING! We can BE in our own FLOW with a smile on our face!

There is an evolution to our path in life. We all start out totally dependent on other people’s views to shape our own. That is until we get a glimpse of who we REALLY are. Then we begin the very slow evolution into the person we are today through our experiences  ~ often with a sudden realization that there is SO MUCH MORE to our existence. It’s remembering  who we really ARE ~ a spiritual BEING occupying a body with a very limited brain to take it all in! Now a brain surgeon would likely totally take issue with calling our brains “limited”, but we need to remember that our mind is trying to make sense out of some very complex issues about where we came from, where we will go, how, when and why. And yet when we become aware of how AMAZING all of this really is, we CAN CHOOSE to realize how AMAZING we really are!

“God is in everything I see.” ~ A Course in Miracles lesson 29

I bought a beautifully illustrated card set recently from a special Reconnective Healing friend, Virginia Adams who lives in Chicago. The select cards have some of the lessons from a Course in Miracles. I have read several books ABOUT the Course of Miracles, but I never studied the Course with other students. But,  I love the thought provoking words expressed in the Course of Miracles. I thought I’d share with you what she wrote on the back.

“Not only is God in everything that I see, God IS everything that I see. As my perception shifts, I will become more aware of God’s Divine expression in everything.” ~

I know this concept is written in sacred texts and spiritual literature in such a variety of ways, but I think it helps us to really examine how our own perception actually shifts. If God is everything I see, then that includes ME and of course each and every one of YOU and every other human on the planet! That shift of perception is the evolution I was speaking about in the paragraph above. Marj and I have often spoken about how much MORE we began to see and experience when our beliefs shifted and we came into KNOWING we are the Light and LOVE of God. It is the mystery of the powerful words…I AM.

Last week I shared thoughts and steps of action to BE in the Flow of Life. Allowing ourselves  to be OPEN to a RH Healing Experience isn’t just about ONE Experience. It’s about opening ourselves to the O.N.E…ness in Life. The Reconnection uses O.N.E. as a title for our first live training. Notice the huge upswings or downswings of the water…that’s you and I in life, but we do not need to take ourselves OUT of the flow!

O – Observe

N– Notice

E – Experience

There are words we use to help people express the sensations in their Reconnective Healing Experience. Each person’s Healing Session is totally unique to them, just as in our LIFE EXPERIENCES. When we are in the FLOW of our life, we are allowing God and our own soul’s agenda to BE in life in the best possible way. So we can ask these same questions about any particular MOMENT in our lives.

You will quickly realize what it is like  in a walking meditation during our eventful everyday life as ONE with all. Walking meditation ~ during mindful eating, while exercising, splashing with the dishes, showering the body AND the mind, during creative playing, after a laughing attach,  in the midst of falling tears, while working, viewing through nature, walking on a busy street, wrapped in the arms of a loved one, or listening to a heated argument. Whether we are  alone or mingled with others ~ it only takes a moment~ and you will FEEL in the FLOW! OR give yourself a LUXURIOUS 40 minute break and schedule a Healing Session!

O – What did I OBSERVE?

N- What did I notice?

E- What did I experience?

Something happens when we STOP and ask ourselves  O.N.E. questions. After the fact I often reflect back inside and think hmm…that’s interesting – all in awe and wonder – not JUDGEMENT!

Our mind seems to take us into a better place KNOWING there is nothing to fear. We KNOW in our hearts that we came here on earth to EXPERIENCE life and grow from the experiences. We came to live in JOY and HAVE FUN. I AM…

And a SMILE simply cannot keep from emerging!

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