GRATEFUL “Therapy”

Let’s all walk to the edge, dare ourselves to listen hard, place our heart in the middle of our existence, and practice GRATITUDE. We will find that the energy there is lighter and very free of the mind’s need to be in control of everyday happenings in our lives. Our soul is never judgmental or unloving. God is never judgmental or unloving. Gratitude sends that beautiful unconditional love into our hearts. BE loving.  I loved this term, GRATEFUL Therapy.  I heard these words used this week just in a passing comment on the NBC Today Show this week. The words fell into a place in my heart. Offer yourself grateful therapy! The words spoke to me, “GO THERE Terry”!

Therapy. Let’s define that. I looked it up and found, “a treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder.” I wasn’t real thrilled with my reaction to the word disorder. For me the disorder was being human! Okay, being human is why we are occupying this body in this life time! The next definition was “the treatment of mental or psychological disorder by psychological means.” Oh good grief…no wonder our country is mixed up and in need of therapy!

WORDS…they touch us in a very deep emotional way! I decided to dig deeper and found that the origin of the word is from the Greek word “therapeuein” which means to minister to…and “therapia” means healing. OK, now I was getting somewhere that was meaningful. I knew after my NDE, and working hard to heal my body after physically crashing in 2006, I NEEDED therapy. We all need healing, we all need therapy! Take the judgement out of the words and we feel so much better about our plan of action!

There was a Mindful Minute post a few months ago that spoke to me about the judgement we seem to carry as humans, it weighs us down. It’s very heavy baggage. I wrote this quote down because it has helped me to read the words and keep myself in a more relaxed state during difficult times.  Perhaps it can help you as a step in Grateful Therapy for yourself.

“If you really listen to someone – put yourself in their shoes and pay attention to what they are saying and who they are with as little judgement as you can manage – the results are always better.” ~ Eileen Fisher

I realized that this idea of therapy goes hand in hand with gratitude, it’s about LIFE and our reactions to it. I know this is a really heavy photo…but, there’s such truth in this graphic photo and even our reaction to it! “The heaviest burdens we carry are the thoughts in our head.” What is your first reaction? Mine was, WOW…I need to do some more “letting go”! And I need to practice gratitude in my life ~ I need GRATITUDE Therapy!

There’s an energy that I’ve been experiencing as I allowed myself to let go of all previous experiences, current difficulties, and future worries.  Through Reconnective Healing I am able to let light and love take over on a daily basis, allowing healing to land into a place of need. I let go of the outcome.  I have found in Reconnective Healing an understanding of the energy that we can all feel and have in our presence. We ALL have access to the same frequencies, this energy field we call love and light. I know from my NDE that not any one of us is uniquely special in any way…we are all the same in God’s eyes.

Each of us can access the field of energy, light, and information. Gratitude therapy helps us connect, ENJOY and practice the inherent love we were born into as a human. We often call this the light within. We literally light up stronger when we use gratitude therapy to help us out. I feel so blessed and I have so much to be grateful for.

If you go back to the top and read the photo, Did you know… it’s powerful for us to remember how gratitude can literally change our bodies’ reactions. I love that it can rewire my brain and eliminate stress! There is such beauty in knowing gratitude heals and improves our sleep. What a great practice for all of us to fall asleep to expressing the gratitude for all that went RIGHT in a day and feeling snug and secure in a comfortable bed. Thank you God for creating our hearts to respond to the love and light we hold within. There are amazing connections within my own mind, body and spirit!

The same day I heard the words Gratitude Therapy, the sun was setting through this beautiful web by my porch. I noticed a few holes in the web. But it was just as beautiful! It reminded me of my imperfections. I’m still loved unconditionally.  My soul is still beautiful.   And I’m totally grateful for the opportunity to be engaged in such a beautiful world with such amazing friends and fellow earth travelers as all of you!

We love you all!


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