If ONLY…they knew!

If ONLY people knew and understood that our skin color, gender, body type and cultural identity is simply our body ~but not our soul. Our soul is eternal and once we understand what eternal really means, our life in this body during this lifetime changes drastically. Our soul has no beginning and no end. The REAL you is Pure Divine Love. So, why is our country reacting in anger and frustration instead of caring with compassion?

In any Near-Death Experience people have described an unbelievable and brilliant white light that is God or surrounds God. My memories are so vivid, I can close my eyes and feel the unimaginable love that I was surrounded in.  At the same time the brilliant, luminescent white light surrounded me,  a knowing and understanding were absorbed into my being. I was using all of my senses without a body and it was my eternal soul remembering this beautiful place I had been before and will experience again when my earthly body no longer lives. A piece of that light lives within me. The same light lives within YOU too!

If ONLY people knew that EVERY human has a spark of light within them that can grow to be the brilliant light that  God gave us in unconditional love. They would never want to kill or hurt another human being, let alone help set a fire to destroy lives in our nation’s cities.

This morning during my meditation, I found myself totally in a trance staring at the sun dancing in the water in front of me. I realized an interesting phenomena. The sun spots in the lake were actually brighter than if I just sat and stared at the sun. Can the reflection of the sun actually be more brilliant than the sun rays? The spots were dancing in the water like a million stars in the sky. They were so brilliant. This sunlight in the water reminds me of the incredible white light and the love I experienced from God during my NDE.

Go ahead and click on the picture, it will get larger and you can see not only the brilliant white light spots, but you can see an array of smaller dots of many colors. We ARE the reflection of God’s love...fanning out in every direction like a beacon to help ignite LOVE found in every human being. Have some of us nurtured and fanned this beautiful light while others have dimmed theirs? The sun spots in this lake are an amazing representation of what we look like when viewed from above through God’s eyes, or through spirit guides or angels. Yes, we have the ability to dim the light…but we can NEVER extinguish it. The spark of God will live in every human being no matter their choices in life.

Here are some thoughts and questions that I have generated after an NDE and years of spiritually searching for answers.

  • What skin color was I in another lifetime?
  • Was I male or female?
  • Was I here on Earth in a far away land from my earthly home now?

I don’t know the answers. If each of us asked these questions of ourselves, we would likely come up with totally differing opinions about the matter simply due to living a lifetime of various religious beliefs, differing families, and experiences threaded through our culture.

Does that make one of us any better than the other? NO, we are equal in God’s eyes.

IF ONLY they knew…

LOVE is an energy that lies within us waiting for us to grow spiritually and remember who we really ARE.  And who are we? All of us are an eternal soul occupying a temporary body here on earth. We know the flesh dies…we know our soul lives on. Through Reconnective Healing frequencies we can all feel this energy. We are powerful as a catalyst for this energy to help facilitate change in another. Some people are angry enough to create more violence in a world that is actually searching for this kind of understanding.

IF ONLY they knew…our country would become a more peaceful and loving place in record time!

Are you a BEACON of light for others? YES, I know you are! We can make a difference.




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