LOVE is an Energy!

LOVE IS an ENERGY…let’s think why the answer is so simple.

Love is in the air!

I know you have heard that expression or the song many times. We think of romantic love this time of year. Happy Valentines Day is expressed all around us and we wish you the most beautiful day that is quickly approaching. YES, romantic love has an energy that is powerful, but there is so much more. That energy exists ALL around your body!

ASK yourself a really basic question. Is GOD an energy that built our Universe? God IS love!   I want to make sure before you read more of my thoughts that I believe ALL of us are an amazing expression of GOD…every day and in every way.

I  see AND feel LOVE in the air even in memory of a special event! Marj and I were spending a special happy moment together with our sister, Lynne.  She took this picture of the two of us. Can you feel the energy too? Look at our smiles of contentment in life…of experiencing a love that we know exists in and through us. You don’t have to be there with us to feel it. You can feel it simply looking at the picture. Why is that?

Why are we able to FEEL love?  I am going to be BOLD and simply say it is because GOD created us with love along with the whole Universe and it resides in us every moment of every day. However, we do have to choose to ACCEPT this love… and at times we unconsciously  block the pathway.

Lately I’ve been trying to capture some of the memories of experiences that have formed my life path. I do realize that as we age, we begin to look at life differently even if we have not chosen a path to AWAKEN ourselves to Universal Truths. But, I have opened my life WIDE…and it has been an adventure that I plan to expand until I take my last breath.

I choose to quote Suzanne Giesemann one more time…but actually it is the words from beyond the veil through Sanaya. This is a quote from In the Silence: 365 Days of Inspiration From Spirit. October 28. 

The passage is titled: THE BOTTOM LINE

” It all comes down to love. That is the bottom line, and the top, and the middle. Why are the majority of your song lyrics focused on the subject? Why do all struggle at some point in their lives to find it? Why is it the motivating force behind all effort, whether recognized or not? It is because love is an actual energy, a force, a thing. It forms life, itself. It is life itself.”

I had to move into a place where I not only felt the unconditional love of GOD, it became the focus of attention IN my life. After my NDE, I could NOT stop saying the words, “Love is ALL THERE IS!” I have come to realize that the LOVE of all there is…is what the Universe’s energy is MADE of! It is the ENERGY of love that created our world and what holds it all together RIGHT NOW!

The energy of LOVE is so powerful, but far too many people have misused the power of it. That happened through centuries of man trying to interpret teachings from Jesus as well as other enlightened BEINGS that have shared their wisdom through the ages.

We have realized that we can’t TAKE on the world individually, but we make such a difference in the daily life of not only ourselves, our family, and our community…we make a difference in this WORLD through our love.

Let me continue the words of Sanaya from Suzanne Giesemann.

” All comes into being because of or out of love, and you are that. When you react out of love, you are at your most peaceful and genuine, for you are no longer living a lie that denies your true Self. Be loving. Be love, itself. Be yourself, and you cannot go wrong.” ~ Sanaya through Suzanne Giesemann

I spent much of my life thinking that if I simply did the RIGHT thing…I was spreading the love and making a difference. I now understand so much more due to so many life experiences. AND…I allow the wisdom to flow from within.  Being RIGHT, has nothing to do with the LOVE of God. God is IN everything we see and experience because God IS the love we seek. We create the existence around us each moment we choose to live that LOVE. It is not only an ENERGY…it is US! And by the holds our Universe together. Science is proving that every step of the way. I learned that during my NDE…but, it somehow has taken me years to express the understanding.

Again, let me go on with the quote through Sanaya.

” Love cannot be harmed. Love cannot die. Love simply is. It is a state of being. It is being, itself. Now go back and reread these words. In doing so, substitute any word you have ever used for “God” in place of the word “love,” and perhaps you will understand why it is said that God is Love.”

I cannot say it any better…GOD IS LOVE! And YOU…are that expression of God living that love. It is our choice. Do we want to SHARE this love? It lives within YOU!

“Just BE… Love!” ~ Terry 

One more quote on love that I think you will enjoy from a book I have mentioned before, authored by a man I met just a short year ago. His name is Addison Palmore. He starts the page with the title of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. I find his advise on life so very practical and yet very inspirational.

We ARE love

“Being truly selfless is our highest calling but ironically it is by first being selfish that we become selfless. We must actively love ourselves first with no apology. Then we can serve others while expecting nothing in return. This creates a win-win scenario for everyone.” 

I have learned the lesson that I know I came here to learn…self love and unconditional love.

” Listening to someone intently is love. Giving up our time for someone is love. Remaining open and letting go of our  need to be right is love. Giving someone personal space is an indication of love. Not judging someone is love. Not having expectations is actively loving someone.” ~ Addison Palmore

We wish you the most of a beautiful Day full of LOVE…it’s what we came here to experience!


Love to all of you ~ Terry & Marj


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