Love Transcends DOUBT

It might be fascinating for you to realize that there are many Physicists who are grappling with new and startling evidence that just might finally put science and spirituality into the same playing field! They are working on validation of God’s existence, that expanding source of energy that holds our whole universe in place with our human bodies fully right in it! There are Quantum Physicists today saying they are really getting close to this. WOW…

So, here I am, one person, one tiny speck in this universe and I’m CONNECTED to God! I KNOW that for sure, I experienced it along with millions of others. How mind boggling. For centuries, people have asked this question, and most likely the answer has been sitting within us all along.

Our CONNECTION mechanism exists right inside our bodies. We are the “human bluetooth” for connection.  Our heart is a sender and our brain is the receiver. We are ALL CONNECTED…even though it is hard for our mind to fathom this vast concept. Every religion speaks of the all powerful, totally loving entity, known as God. God is “sending” constantly, and the connection is MEANT to go from person to person. But, that’s where the circuits get crossed,  stopped at times, and we need to help re-route them! Many people DOUBT and far too many people have lost the glue that binds, and that is LOVE. That HIGHEST form of energy holding the Universe together is the vibrational frequency of LOVE.

 This is WHY we need to WAKE UP and open our doors to the grander possibilities of life!

Once we open our doors to the grander part of ourselves, more of the beauty rises up to greet us! We experience the “chance” meeting of a very significant person, that science program I was meant to watch, the book that arrived, the webinar I needed, the beauty of messages sent through to us in ways we can’t explain.

Here is one of my recent awe moments. I was on my porch doing yoga as the sun began to rise. I had music coming through my headphones. I was using my hands to manipulate around my body to bring in the healing frequencies I’ve learned to feel and use. It was still dark.

But as I looked up, something grabbed my attention and made me look into the dark lake below me. It was a red oval shape right in the middle of the lake. I stared at it for a long time and it didn’t go away. I could NOT find any source for the light. DOUBT always creeps in first…is this from one of the houses where I can’t see the connection? Then it vanished. Oh dear, was it my doubt? Could it have been a spirit “lit” for me to see?

Very soon , an orange ~ golden color began to light the sky. It was so beautiful. My heart surged with LOVE and for the next 15 minutes I was glued to watching this sky. Do you see above the swirling light at the left of the tree? It looks like a path starting. For me it was the path…for me off to Heaven! And to my right was what I decided looked like a beautiful bird with really long WINGS.

All of a sudden a flapping came by my  window that startled me. It was a Great Blue Heron sweeping by and landed on the sand right in front of our house. WOW…so beautiful and it matched the sky picture when it flew. I only  managed a photo when he was standing on our sand later, but isn’t he beautiful?! (see below)

As I was mesmerized by  the  sky , the scene in front was changing again as the sun began to emerge. I grabbed my phone because in the sky was now five trail lines. This time my heart told me it was like the five fingers on my hands to bring LOVE to the world. And then right by the sun was a cloud forming into a heart. Can you find it? Click on the picture. As the heart grew bigger, my heart surged more and more. It was a beautiful morning and I felt so energized and a joyful smile stayed with me all day. It was totally amazing!

DOUBT would say:  Ahh…yes, a beautiful sky with gaseous substances following trails left by jets, radiated by the emerging sun.

LOVE would say: WOW…thank you God, you brought me a beautiful message today! My journey to bring LOVE into our world through healing is beautiful because I remember I am a simple catalyst for change in another human body. But YOU God are the healer. Reconnective Healing is a GIFT from God that I can share with others.

We need to look into the smaller world around us, the day to day existence right outside our doors. I realize that I can’t expect a beautiful display in the sky every day! But it’s a wow moment…and they happen so much more often when I’m open to the love they bring in.

YES, our Universe is expanding. Quantum Physics is sharing this news if we care to look or have an opinion about why it might be important. Scientists conducting research in our Universities are fascinated and are wondering what significance this has for our world. But what about the common person? What about you? Does this knowledge effect your life here on planet earth? YES it sure does. It’s through new Energy, Light, and information that is seeping through that bubble we call the universe! We see glimpses of it as people share their LIGHT and LOVE with the world! As they share those amazing experiences that somehow defy our logical mind. You can decide for yourself. Was this a beautiful heron bringing a message to me?

What, when or how are messages coming through to you? We KNOW they are there!  NDE stories always confirm the beautiful CONNECTIONS of our ONENESS with each other and with the animals of our planet. Healing miracles confirm the this same connection that exists between all of us, wrapped in beautiful LOVE shared with others.

LOVE Transcends DOUBT…if you let it!

LOVE expands, bringing healing to yourself and others. Your LOVE radiates out to our ailing planet…
…. bringing about change!






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