Our EXPANDING Universe

We are in a Universe that helps us every step of the way when we allow the opportunity to come into our lives! We sometimes feel like we are “between a rock and a hard place”  as the saying goes! Fear can move in when we expand our thinking to accommodate something new. I loved how this picture TELLS it all using nature! Can you imagine the task of that tree deciding it was going to reach for the light! It obviously took hard work and determination. This is a good representation of some of our lives! It’s HARD work to open the pathways for understanding. Our ego likes to worry when we think our life might change.

As we grew up, we were never expected to understand the totality of the Universe, we couldn’t grasp it with our limited experiences in life. Our lives folded out as we learned how the world operated. It’s such a totally BRILLIANT concept…we are forced to discover for ourselves! And yet, whether we know it or not, we have loving angels and guides with us constantly …nudging us in the right direction. Paying attention is the challenge.

I am continuously  in awe of God’s amazing creation of life!

For much of my own life, that statement only reflected my thinking about what a gorgeous and unbelievably beautiful world we live in, from the mountain tops to the oceans, and everything in between. But, I had no idea we were to AWAKEN to a new and expanded reality, wrapped in that same awe of God’s creation of life! As humans in this incredible picture, we are so much more powerful than we had any idea! I hope you realize what an absolutely MAGNIFICENT creation of God you are!

Our bodily connection to the Universe is stunning once we open that door.

I’ve been hearing scientists talking about our expanding Universe lately. At the Psychotronics Conference in Chicago, in Philadelphia at the International IANDS conference, Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton lectures, and in all of Dr. Eric Pearl’s teaching. In my newest presentation I explained how Dr. Pearl’s discovery of the Reconnective Healing Frequencies grew out of this expanding Universe of ours.  I am in awe of the expanding information placed in front of me!

Yesterday, there was a program on the Science channel while I was exercising at the Senior Center.  Guess what it was about? They were showing stunning pictures of our expanding Universe and explaining how Albert Einstein’s work has been continually updated over the years, with amazing discoveries through Quantum Physicists. Was seeing that program a coincidence? Not at all, I used Einstein in my presentation too. GAIA is another resource we both love for new science. I smiled because it was confirming what I’ve learned and WHY it is so important in our lives to WAKE UP and pay attention. The fascinating part was I understood the content. Knowledge will open the path of healing for all…once people stop letting fear be in the driver’s seat.

We’ve been receiving signals from the spirit world and our soul to help WAKE US UP as we have grown in enough wisdom to put it into prospective. I know there were signals and signs around me in my childhood and young adult life, but I wasn’t able to really see it yet

Countless children are now coming into this life with a huge amount of knowledge already in place! That’s our Expanding Universe at work. Marj and I have seen hints of that in our classrooms over the years. There is new stunning new research I’ll share soon about the newest generation of young children. It’s stunning.

I shared moments of awe and wonder that happened after my NDE. You know, those unusual events that leave us wondering.  The LIGHT in my NDE brought unbelievable  treasures that I could only comprehend a little at a time.  At first I could share the details, the awe and wonder of it all, but it it took me a long time share what the learning really meant.  I’m now sharing these “awe moments”  because there is a parallel into understanding healing. 

My journey and  learning was shared in The Light GAP: God’s Amazing Presence. I see now, writing my journey provided “training” wheels to smooth out the ride! I’m guessing I probably still have those wheels! How about you? I’m tempted at times to just take them off & fly! Maybe I have done that at times.  How about you?

Each one of us is on a journey of our own. Your beautiful journey is unfolding in its OWN unique way, and in its own unique time frame. Remind yourself every day of your journey’s magnificence.

Here we are…well into 2019. In October, our book will have been published three years ago!  We thank ALL of you for spending time digesting our thoughts and ideas. All of you have been hearing our insights through the filter of your own life experiences. That’s perfect. Marj and I have also been expanding! We are in awe of how different our own journeys are, and yet similar too. 

We have a challenge for you…look deep into your life as you meditate. What is expanding in your life? Has it been difficult? Do you experience moments of awe and wonder? The world is filled with the unexplained.  Watch next Friday…I’ll share a few of my experiences with you. Let’s have fun together. Feel free to email a moment of wonder to me at terry@thelightgap.com. We’d be happy to share yours too! Until then…give yourself that HUGE hug of love! Next Friday we will expand more on why our expanding Universe is important for all of us!

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  1. Awe and wonder!! And WE are a part of nature and the expanding universe. I will meditate on it.

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