Looking at LIFE…The Close Up Picture

Looking at LIFE…The Close Up Picture

It’s never easy to look closely at our OWN lives. Somehow it makes us nervous, we let fear creep in. We are often wondering if we somehow didn’t live up to the expectations of God, our church or family, or our communities. We doubt ourselves. Doubt happens to me sometimes even though I KNOW God has no expectations. Knowing came in during my NDE.  God is watching us grow more in LOVE,  full of compassion and understanding. He knows that our lives will be full of tiny baby steps as we learn to walk in love through every moment.

And yet when we look through the larger lens, that BIGGER PICTURE I spoke of in my blog last week, we can feel pretty good about our journey in life! I took this picture while my husband Doug and I were walking through a beautiful small park, nestled in amongst the very large buildings of Philadelphia.

I had been drawn in by the animal sculptures with water spouting out of their mouths. The scene reminded me of Italy. I’m always drawn to water in its many forms. This time it was whimsical. But, what really caught my eye was the big huge sunflower reaching with all its glory high in the sky! The back drop was a beautiful blue sky framing tall buildings  hosting thousands of people busily working at their desks.

Nature was at it’s finest reminding me that the BIGGER picture of LIFE isn’t really out there somewhere…it’s up close and personal living right inside of us. GOD isn’t really out there somewhere…He/She is up close and personal living right inside of us, within every human being on the planet.

My thoughts went to the busy workers in a high rise building, way out there. I can’t see them, but I know they are there.  I am totally connected to every one of them too. I began to refocus on just the gorgeous sunflower, realizing it was thriving beautifully along with all the cement and large structures inherent in any large city. Yes, we can feel good about that BIGGER picture of life, but can I look into the single powerful lens of my own life?

Click on the picture of the sunflower in the Philadelphia picture above.  What do you see inside? There was a very busy worker right there in front of me helping to pollinate the world with beautiful flowers. What a task he has in this city full of cement and people who are afraid and so they try to do away with him!

It took looking into the tiniest detail to see what a beautiful creature a bee really is…staring right back at me! I reminded myself that at one time in my life I was terrified of bees. I had a good reason because as a child I began allergic reactions at an early age when I bit into a pear with a bee on it. My face became a puffy mess, I was very sick, and my eyes were swollen shut for two days…not a great memory. My life was full of not very pleasant experiences with bees until in my adult life when my allergist was insisting I should get allergy shots for the rest of my life. She tried to tell me my life was in danger, especially if my visitor turned out to be a wasp. I was tempted.

But, I couldn’t follow through with doing it…my inner voice kept saying, “NO, make peace with the bees instead.” I know this may sound strange, but this was only about 6 years ago and I had learned to TRUST what I was hearing from my inner voice. I went outside and sat by my flowers…full of bees and talked out loud to them. ( I realize many of you might be laughing about now…but it’s a true story!) I knew that my fear had always emanated from by body right to the bees. Somehow I learned that the chemicals I emit attracts them. I had been told it was because I was allergic. But, now I know better! It was my fear.  I knew I had to teach myself a new skill instead. Here I was looking at my life CLOSE UP…and taking action! 

This was my plan:

“Set my  fear aside. Say words out loud so that my heart would send a pure love message to land in my brain for a better choice! My brain could then produce the loving mixture of good neuropeptides to land in my body, letting my body relax peacefully. I planned to send all of the bees my message of love and compassion for a job well done, and slowly move OUT of their space!”

So I followed through and did just that!  I had to work at the moving slowly part for awhile and it took repeating. But, you know what happened? I’ve never been stung by a bee since, I can easily let them fly around me,  and of course my allergist thinks I’m nuts! Oh well…I’m happy with my decision. I’ve quit worrying about what she thinks, and I no longer have a fear of bees! We can overcome our fears.

Let’s COMPARE some things here. This is my BIGGER PICTURE list from last week. But, let’s compare through the strong LENS of  looking deep inside of YOU.  I’ll tell it through my lens.

  1. If I’m here to REMEMBER my magnificence, can I realize it through the LENS looking closely at what I perceive to be flaws? God says I am PERFECT at every moment. I am not broken, I’m simply growing.
  2. My human body is a temporary vessel, so when I take action to remove fear in my life, I’m removing fear from my body ~ bringing healing.
  3. Consciousness lives outside our brain. So my life of remembering Divine Love is my journey shedding doubt, using steps both up and down until I learn to walk in love.
  4. TIME and SPACE is an illusion. Einstein shared that with us, but did we really understand what that meant? This life is like a dream…hmm. I think I’ll shape it beautifully by the actions I take!
  5. Spirits, loved ones, angels, and masters are here for me personally, they are talking all the time! My job is to quiet my mind, so I can listen to that inner wisdom!
  6. The energy of LOVE, LIGHT, and INFORMATION holds the universe together, so it must be capable of holding our bodies together!
  7. We are all ONE, that means when I connect with God, I can help others do the same! God is pure love energy ~and so am I!
  8. We ARE love, we ARE light, and we ARE Divine. I can be the joyful light for everyone I encounter, even the bees!
  9. We were meant to live in JOY…so what am I waiting for? I’ll do what makes me happy with NO REGRETS or FEARS, and make peace with myself!

Take action and send only LOVE to yourself through your body. Your soul will thank you! Your body will thank you. Your heart was designed for the task!

Doug and I left the water scene and walked through the human heart in the Ben Franklin Institute Museum in Philadelphia! But alas, science museums are behind. There was no mention of the amazing discovery in 2001 of the little brain that exists in the heart! It’s been 18 years. Of course no one believed Ben Franklin’s theory of electricity for a long time either. People couldn’t BELIEVE in something they couldn’t see. No wonder medical science still isn’t catching up with the miracles of the self healing body!

BELIEVE in the power of self love…it all starts there!






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