A BIGGER Picture through Life’s Magnificence

The International IANDS conference in Philadelphia was packed with people from all over the world! Conversations were rich and full of important learning that radiated through love. We were discussing reactions and insights shared in creative and dynamic ways from the main stage through powerful keynote speakers. Each of us that shared the stage left feeling humbled and blessed by an audience full of beautiful souls on journeys of their own. EACH and every one of us have a “story” that builds and adds richness to the lives of everyone we take time be with and really listen. This year there were so many more medical professionals in attendance. We heard a medical panel that was totally outstanding. Healing is taking on a whole new meaning for these people and they are trying to make a difference in traditional medicine with their insights.

Every corner of this huge hotel was filled with people sharing and talking about LIFE. Each person shared their life travels through high peaks and low valleys. It was so evident that each and every one of us had many incredible experiences to share, but we were also reliving the most challenging times in our lives.

What I found so refreshing this year was my ability to stay in the present moment hearing both the incredible events in lives along with heartbreaking stories feeling love and compassion without losing my own peaceful state of mind. Along with speaking I was spending about two hours each day facilitating Reconnective Healing in the HEALING area at IANDS. It turned out to be a total blessing for me.

I was with healers of every modality you can imagine, and I loved meeting them all! I was blessed to be totally “booked” for every available time slot I had available! This is an audience who already understands how powerful energy healing is and they love to share their experiences in brief. For healing sessions, I had mostly MEN! For those of you who attend spiritually related conferences, I know that often women totally out number men. This is not true at IANDS. There are as many men who have had NDE’s or STE’s or simply have an interest in advancing along their spiritual path, along with ALL of us!

There is a BIG picture that seemed to emerge in absolutely every speaker. The stories were fascinating, full of magnificence and awe as we heard incredible knowledge that came back with them. Each has a uniqueness to it, but we know that each of us is filtering the experience through our earthly life’s path. But there is a BIG picture threading through all of them.

  1. We are here to REMEMBER that we were all created in Divine unconditional love that is always with us, and we were meant to discover the love along our earthly path.
  2. Our human body is a temporary vessel for our soul.
  3. Consciousness lives outside of our brain. We retain memories as we transition back into the life beyond.
  4. TIME and SPACE is an illusion ~many see past, present & future all at once.
  5. Spirits of our loved ones, angels, and masters are not in some far off place, but all around us.
  6. The Universe is held together by the energy of LOVE & LIGHT. We have access to this field of energy. When we claim the power of belief, we open to greater possibilities.  Healing is the outcome.
  7. We are ALL ONE ~ connected through our Source.
  8. We ARE love, we ARE light and we ARE Divine.
  9. We are here to be an expression of LOVE and LIGHT while we live in JOY!

NDE’s are full of information that is incredibly powerful for ALL of us! Researchers tell us that millions of people world wide have had NDE’s or STE’s. We are now “LIGHTS” in the Universe meant to help offset the low energy of those that have lost their way. All of us speak of the paradigm  shift that is happening across our planet. This message is coming from so many of the new voices I heard and the old ones I always feel blessed to hear, like  PHM Attwater, Dr. Eben Alexander, Dr. Greyson, Mark Anthony, and those like Suzanne Giesemann who are “talking” and “hearing” from her spirit guides, Sanaya. I had such a grand conversation with Suzanne Giesemann about healing. I feel blessed to be part of this amazing group of spiritually awakened people!

I found myself telling Marj’s STE Light story as often as my own! Our book, The Light GAP: God’s Amazing Presence was for sale along with so many other speaker’s books. I spoke with some incredibly talented and LOVELY women who were sharing their own healing stories and their incredible journey’s in life that included healing. Two of these women have Phd’s and I can’t wait to share more about them as I have time to read their books! We all had such incredible conversations. I will be sharing more about them in the future!

The words we always share of LOVE and LIGHT are so powerful! YOU do not need to have an NDE or STE to understand or experience this powerful love in your life. Every speaker in their own way shared this concept. We were speaking to an audience that is searching. Most have had “spiritual intuitions” or sometimes unusual experiences they are hoping someone will understand enough to help them. Do YOU have that wonder about life’s happenings?

YOU are an amazing beautiful creation of GOD! Take it in and enjoy the LOVE that God always sends to you. I’ve realized I need to take on the role of LISTENER and OBSERVER more in my life.

What do you notice and observe in YOUR life? My husband  Doug enjoyed it all with me this year! I have so much more to share with you! But for now I just wanted to let you have a glimpse into an incredible experience. YOU

Through the love that we ALL share together, enjoy YOUR journey! Through the spectacular and the challenges, your experiences are there for a reason!

Love and Light always,



You can expect to see this photo again…there is a BIGGER PICTURE. I’ve only scratched the surface in today’s blog post. Stay tuned, and study this picture I took in Philadelphia! There IS a bigger picture here…do YOU see it in the scope of life’s magnificence?



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  1. I especially liked the metaphor in the last photo. Nice writing about your beautiful experience!

  2. Thank you, Terry!

    I am so grateful and on the verge of tears this morning reading The Bigger Picture. Thank you for sending it to me.


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