You Are the Creator of Your Life

You Are the Creator of Your Life

Life seems so chaotic sometimes but yet it is so interesting how the events of any given week or two, somehow begin to form a message that helps us put meaning to our life.  August 4th we attended the Chapel in the Pines service as I mentioned in our August newsletter. The speaker spoke about the Quaker tradition of asking questions at the beginning of the service, and during the following weeks I began to ask more questions.  It is amazing where the answers come from. Watch and listen…  Durning this week I wrote on what ever was available – a bill envelope –  so that I would not forget the ideas coming in.  Here are my tools.  I have experienced God’s use of all sorts of tools from all over the universe.  Answers come from nature, words in a song on the car radio, from the story line in a movie, from the real-life stories shared by a friend, from a book or article you are reading, or from listening to a speaker on your iPad or even on the nightly news.  By asking questions, I am more likely to recognize the answers that are right in front of me. You can feel the signal in your body sometimes.  It is called intuition.

Years ago when I was deep in grief after the death of our nineteen-year-old daughter, we had an old friend over for dinner. I was telling him about my “Light Experience” that I wrote about in Terry’s and my book The Light Gap: God’s Amazing Presence.  Our friend’s response was, “Oh, you have to read Conversations with God!”  That was about 1997 and finding such a book at the bookstore was a challenge. The companies made up the term “New Age” for the area where it was shelved.  Really it is wisdom of the ages.  When I got home, I could not put it down.  It kept me company in the middle of the night for weeks.  It made more sense than many of the things that I had been taught about God.  It helped me begin to heal.  The author, Neale Donald Walsch, was an educated, homeless man at the time, whose life had fallen apart.  He had been asking God questions for years, getting no answers that he could hear or understand, but who was FINALLY getting answers to his years of questions. He called his experience with God automatic writing…like taking dictation.  He was asking every question you and I would ask if we had the chance to sit down with God and have a chat.

So why bring this up now?  Because I thought it would be helpful to share what I have learned about how this world works.  What are the rules?  How do you experience Who You Really Are?  This information I am sharing is in Chapter 1 of Conversations with God: Book 1 starting on page 52. I have quoted and shortened…


What are the laws of the universe?

  1. Thought is creative
  2. Fear attracts like energy
  3. Ultimately, Love is all there is

Emotion is energy in motion. Emotion is the power that attracts. Not by coincidence but by grand design.  The design is like an incredible “snowflake.”

Thought is pure energy. Thought is creative.

Every thought you ever had, and ever will have is creative.  Every thought leaves your being and heads out into the universe, extending forever. A thought is forever.  (Oh boy, I always believed that thoughts were private unless spoken.)  All thoughts congeal; all thoughts meet other thoughts, criss-crossing in an incredible maze of energy, forming an ever-changing pattern of unspeakable beauty and unbelievable complexity.

Like energy attracts like energy forming “clumps” of energy of like kind.  An incomprehensibly huge amount of similar energy sticks together to form matter.

Matter holds together unless its construction is disrupted by opposing or dis-similar forms of energy.  This dissimilar energy acting on matter, actually dismembers the matter, releasing the raw energy of which it is composed.  Therefore…when entire societies think in a certain way, astonishing things can happen – thus we can understand that people gathered together can work miracles sometimes. We begin to understand the phrase, “Wherever two or more are gathered in MY name…”  Even individuals – if their thought, prayer, hope, wish, dream, fear – is strong enough can produce those results. Jesus did this regularly.  Many masters did this regularly.

Fear attracts like energy.

However, not all is necessarily desirable.  Entire societies can live in fear and can produce in form what it fears the most. The same is true for individuals.  Fear attracts like energy.  What you most fear is what will plague you the most.  Fear will draw it to you like a magnet.  Most religions and masters have given us the admonition, “Fear Not!

That brings us to the third law of the universe.

Love is all there is.

Fear and Love are opposite poles. As we leave this world to what we call Heaven we find that Love is all that is there.  Here we have both polarities.  Our job here is to learn to love, under all circumstances.   God, source, love, light, life… all are words that we can use for the energy that fuels this world.

Love is all that matters.  This is very difficult for us to understand.  It is very difficult to love in all circumstances.  I remember a time when one of our children was having difficulties and my husband and I were having trouble knowing how to handle it.  Each day I walked to work with a heavy heart and a million questions about what to do.  Then one day the message came to me…”All you have to do is love.  Love is the most powerful energy.”  Communication from God?  I think so.  After that first day, the message kept coming each day, and so did the help we needed to know how to JUST LOVE.  In the end it was the right answer.  We were living in fear of the future for this child, and there was not need.  Had we kept going with our fear, we would have drawn the results of fear to our family.

This week I found a picture book called LOVE: A BOOK ABOUT WHO YOU TRULY ARE by Anita Moorjani.  I recommend it for any age.  Giving love to ourselves is important and sometimes challenging.


“Our bodies may look different on the outside.  But our outsides are not who we truly are.  We are really energy, and that energy is LOVE.”

                                                    ~ Anita Moorjani


This information is related to the chaos I was feeling.  Some times we all need a reminder of the basics.  So much going on around us – both local and worldwide.  I know that God promised and gave us free will.  The choices we make affect what we experience.  If we know the laws of the universe, they guide us to actions of love and compassion…and give us the courage to love ourselves just as we are, to go out into the world expressing our unique selves.


2 Comments on “You Are the Creator of Your Life

  1. Oh thank you! It is so calming and real and a beautiful message.
    Thank you Marj and Terry for supporting a community of friends, family, strangers, and the unknown with “Fear not” and Love.

  2. Margie. I loved your writing this week. Thank you sharing. It will send me back to Conversations with God.
    I love you, dear old friend.
    Always here.

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