Play, play, PLAY!

Let’s PLAY today…let’s play with our joy and laughter !  Last week I wrote about choices…the choice of listening for thoughts, words, and beliefs that are threading through our thinking brain all the time. I shared about the JOY and LOVE that move into our being once we allow it in, no matter what our circumstances in life at the moment!

Perhaps you are ill, grieving, or maybe you have been injured emotionally or physically. Helping yourself laugh at your situation might make it a bit harder to accomplish, but the benefits are HUGE. JOY and LAUGHTER send incredible chemicals to your body…a platform for healing. Let’s face it, we simply feel better with a smile on our face! It’s a gift we’ve been given by God. From our inner self we can locate the love within by checking in with our heart. Sometimes there is even a nugget of information that offers a solution for us.

PLAY and laughter go hand in hand with children…what about us as adults? For years I was always amazed on the playground with young children. The bumps, bruises, and scrapes they endured were incredible. All they needed was an earful of loving sympathy so they could bounce back in dignity in the eyes of their peers. Maybe that is all we need as adults? Are we sometimes afraid to laugh…thinking someone might judge us harshly for being happy at a time SOMEONE ELSE thinks happiness is inappropriate? So why don’t we choose differently.

The last few days I’ve been enjoying watching these 10 little ducklings hovering around our waterfront. They have been MOST distracting when I’ve been out on my sunporch doing yoga and meditating. Too cute…but they have made me laugh and smile at the simplicity of their tiny little feet scampering across the sand to stay with their mother. There is an inner joy they must be feeling to simply be out of an egg and swimming & splashing in the water. Then when my husband and I were out walking we found THIS sign…it simply made me smile! YES…we adults need the laughter and we are the ones that need to SLOW down to enjoy life around us!

Life can be tough and I am not here to minimize any of that, but I am hoping to help you take another look at those basic questions of life. Why did we come here in this lifetime in this body? We did NOT come to suffer. We are NOT being punished for anything. We are LOVED unconditionally for simply BEING in this life and trying to love others more freely. So, we could conclude that there is no reason NOT to laugh and bring joy into our life.

Suzanne Gieseman points out that we all sit in a world where the majority of people don’t realize that at our deepest level we share the same SOURCE. She talks about her community as being surrounded with a source of nourishment through each other! I feel that same way through all of you and the people in my Reconnective Healing community. Something happens to us when we totally embrace the ONENESS of us all. I am so grateful to ALL of you for being in my life so that we can openly share the playful laughter through our compassion and love for one another. Gratitude opens doors for all of us and THAT is how we can simply laugh and bring joy into our life even when life is tough.

I learned when I was so sick. I started sending LOVE and GRATITUDE to each and every part of my human body that was causing me pain.  I was simply following advice given to me by some very profound spiritual teachers at the time. It worked, it is real, I was healed and our mind is simply that powerful to change a habit of focussing on the negative. Love was the medicine that worked!  Once we make a habit out of sending love and gratitude to ourselves…healing simply keeps happening because we are allowing it in!

Play, play and PLAY some more! “Joy brings LIFE!” Laugh and LAUGH some more! We are then a gift to others around us and across the globe in some pretty tough situations. Neale Donald Walsch brought me this special message today to share with all of you!

We are so very grateful for all of you and your LOVE for life! Together we make a difference!

Terry & Marj 


On this day of your life
Terry, I believe God wants you to know …
… that the best things in life are free.
That is just about the oldest, most trite, most hackneyed
“saying” you could come across today. But it is so, so
true. And it is important never to lose sight of that. So
look around you. Wherever you see friendship, loyalty,
laughter, love…there is your treasure.
Now, today, to whom will you choose to give such
treasures in even greater quantity? Someone will ask
you for this today. And when they do, please, please
be ready with it, yes?
Then will you know the heaven you are in. For you will
be a special angel…
Love, your Friend …


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