Take TIME to Laugh!


This past weekend we all got to enjoy an extra hour of TIME. Or so we think…

I don’t know about anyone else, but I certainly enjoyed that extra hour Sunday morning. I still woke up like “clockwork”, meaning I was awake an hour before I needed to be out of bed. I laid in bed and thought…wow, what do I want to do with this hour? Sleep sounded lovely, but I realized I could get up and ENJOY some “ME time” in whatever way I chose. NICE idea! We all need that. I decided I wanted to design an extra hour with a blend of a longer meditation, experience a meaningful spiritual reading time, and change my routine by doing my yoga AFTER this indulgence time!

I settled into my chair on our sunporch which was totally dark of course. Fall is such a beautiful season to enjoy morning time with a cup of coffee and beautiful candles sending shadows around my collection of important objects designed to help me tune deep into my heart. I put my earphones on and curled up in my favorite deep purple throw blanket to begin meditation. But when I opened my phone to pick the music for the day…something made me open a message from a good friend from Reconnective Healing. She  had THIS picture sitting in front of me with words:

” I was planning to sleep in today, so I decided on a dinner out with friends last night…did YOU ever eat too much?”



” I ate TOO many flies!”


I had a good belly laugh over that one! You see, when I traveled to the Amazon, I fell in love with FROGS! I delighted in the gorgeous colors of the tiny poison dart frogs  and loved the  always delightful red eyed tree frog I saw up close and personal in Costa Rica. I even loved the very ugly huge frog that was so big, few people could pick him up!

I collected silly frogs. I bought real sized museum quality poison dart frogs and big metal garden sculpture frogs playing drums and a guitar. I put frogs around my house in plants and everywhere, just to surprise a visitor and help people laugh! When my granddaughter was young, she played with my huge collection of frogs for hours. I started reminiscing about events in the Amazon…

My mind took me to my most deep and personal spiritual encounter with a baby sloth, to remembering one frightening experience in Peru when I was in charge. We had just hiked the Inca Trail and our whole group’s plane tickets had been stolen from our safe back in Cusco.  I managed to talk our way on the plane back to the USA with ticket stubs! And I was hand carrying a huge piece of pottery that had to sit on my lap besides?!  Can you imagine that in today’s culture? Then I remembered  some really FUNNY stories of things that inevitably happen when you are traveling with teenagers! I found myself laughing out loud sitting on my sunporch all by myself! Wow…it was awesome.

Then in what seemed like 5 minutes later, I must have misplaced that hour because I had to RUSH to get ready to go sing in choir that morning! Hmmm…where did that hour go? My laughter and reminiscing was a totally DIFFERENT meditation, not at all what I had planned.  But, I realized what a beautiful hour I had! Laughter is such a beautiful thing, I hope you do that often!

TIME is precious and yet time can SLOW or it can FLY. Time can be totally mind boggling when it stands still or alters from our every day linear perspective…like during my NDE or during Marj’s STE, her LIGHT Experience in her home. When life hands you a miracle that is unexplained, I believe it alters your brain, transfers the knowledge to your mind, and the experience is permanently lodged into body memory. The experience I had with the sloth in Peru stopped time too… how and why? It was for my learning. Mind, body and spirit are so completely intertwined. It has helped me realize that for whatever reason, after my NDE, I have never questioned the fact that time is an illusion. I experienced altered time. But, can I explain it to people? Only in a very marginal way.

Albert Einstein tried to tell the world that time was an illusion, but our earthly brain is not wired to take in this concept. He was FAR into the future with his thinking and yet what he was trying to tell us is that the past, present, and the future are all happening at the same time. That’s a tough concept to let into our conscious linear thinking mind, and yet now Quantum Physics has validated his findings!

We don’t hear about it because the average person has no concept of it. Quantum Physicists and scientists are beginning to realize they can’t refute the research and yet it is totally outside of even their own linear life as well. Nikola Tesla was fascinated and conducted research about time travel, but here are the words he used to describe himself wrapped in “time travel.” We can “read all about it” as the saying goes, on the internet. But, far more effective is when we decide to hear real life stories being told. If we pay attention to Near-Death Experiencers, almost every one of them experienced altered time and space. Children come into this life with stories of past lives and adventures in heaven told in amazing ways, we’ll understand it at some point. We are evolving as a human species.

But, why is this important information for us? My world opened in a totally amazing way once I realized that my eternal life is one huge lifetime. The Bible talks of one life. YES, it IS one life! One very long HUGE life experienced over TIME with our soul in tact for each of our experiences. There we go again… linear time shows up because that is how our brain operates.  Do I really understand it all? No…but I believe it with all my heart! Hmm…here’s the frog pondering the meaning of life just like us!

Take a look at nature…laugh and ENJOY your every day moments. Stay in the present moment because that is the most important place to be!

Laughter is LOVE turned inward to YOU and then OUTWARD to all those around you! Remember…LOVE is medicine for all of us.!


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  1. A card that I’m presently using as a page marker in my book for book club says “You dwell not here, but in eternity. You travel but in dreams, while safe at home.”. It’s from A Course in Miracles. It puts the ephemeral nature of time and our earthly lives into perspective.

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