The Frequency of LOVE

When we were very young, we learned the word love through the lens of a child’s mind.  It was likely the “I love you” as you were tucked in bed. Our emotions began to define the word love because a hug that went along with those words felt so GOOD! We grew up designing our own definition of the word as we heard it used in a variety of ways. Our culture tends to model love, along with conditions attached by our family,  churches, and friends. Then, the first tease by your friends saying, “you are in LOVE!” Do you remember your first crush?  Your friends noticed a change in your body language. God’s love? Well, for me I had a very shaky understanding until my NDE!

But, how many of us ever realized that pure love was energy pulsating and vibrating at a very high frequency. Maybe you did experience it, but didn’t realize what it was. You are all adults here, so I’m going to use an example that might help you relate to the “frequency” of love.

In your mind, go to that first REAL moment where your first sexual experience brought in an amazing burst of energy and you knew it had to be love! ( Even if you had no real love for the person)  I’m not trying to be dramatic or too specific here, just reminding you of the “feeling” of ecstasy. That was your heart in coherence with your brain. Following the experience, there was a sending of the “frequency” of love pulsating throughout your body sending a love message to your heart, which then sent the emotionally charged message to the brain and it produced beautiful healing chemicals throughout your body. You were on top of the world, you loved life, and were feeling totally awesome. Very few of us ever thought about the scientific fact that the universe is held together by this frequency of love! And who knew we could tap into it?

Bruce Lipton calls this the “honeymoon” effect. You feel on top of the world, your heart keeps sending the frequency of love that is strong and powerful just by being in the presence of that person. We were able to replicate the high feeling just holding hands or enjoying a romantic dinner. But, then life started to flow in. Old emotional patterns were dragged up, and by golly we did have to make a living. We were on a roller coaster as we realized that there was little more to love than the romance. Bummer, and we moved into a lower vibration.  Oh yes, end of the honeymoon and into real life. Now remember this is an example, to help you visualize and perhaps “feel” through memory what the high frequency of love is like. And remember what the frequency of disappointment, anger or frustration felt like too!

Our roller coaster of emotions quite resembles what happens when our heart and our brain stop coordinating with each other and the energy has quit synchronizing. In fact scientists can measure the energy patterns, showing us the chaotic pattern. They have also measured and can show us what the energy pattern looks like when the brain and the heart are in coherence together in the frequency of love.

It is IN that frequency of love that healing takes place in our bodies. But how in the world can we get into that frequency?  Self love takes us to coherence. Healing sessions can take us there. Giving love away takes us there. Meditation can help us be there on a daily basis.  We are reaching inside to experience the unconditional love of God we have living within us.

Do we experience this totally beautiful, amazing frequency of love in our daily lives? Of course we do, but you may have overlooked it. You have felt it in amazing God moments, walks in nature, awe for beautiful scenery, birth of a child,  and in deep meditation for those of you that have tried it. Here is an example that I am guessing you HAVE experienced.

In our world we feel like we can only experience a small fraction of the incredible frequency of love. Suzanne Giesemann shared an amazing thought for us about what happens when we entrain our hearts and our brain in the beauty of music.

Harmonious – Shared by Suzanne Giesemann in her Daily Way

“A choir sings and you are enraptured. Such beautiful voices. They draw you in. Why is this? The voices are in tune and harmonious. They speak to the soul, which, in its natural state, unhindered by the vibrations of the physical body, is in tune and harmonious with Source. There is a recognition when listening to a perfectly tuned choir … a feeling of home-coming. How do you become harmonious? How do you get in tune? Align yourself with your true nature, which is love. Find those feelings and emotions that arise naturally from the human nature and up-level them to that of the soul. Root out disharmonious feelings and emotions and sing in tune. You are so very loved.” ~Sanaya October, 2019
Note from Suzanne:  “After receiving this message from Sanaya, I asked Sanaya to lead me to the perfect video to accompany it. The video (link below) is what popped up. OMG. “So Hum is derived from Sanskrit and literally means ‘I am That.’ It means identifying oneself with the universe or ultimate reality. As we meditate on this, we realize that we are all one, we have all come from one Infinite Source, and a part of that infinite source is present in all of us. We are all connected.”
I have provided a link to the perfect video that Suzanne Giesemann was referring to above! May I suggest you click below and listen for awhile. Ideally…use a good set of earphones and let these tones really pulse their way through your body as you close your eyes, sit in a quiet place undisturbed and use for a meditation. You could re-read the quote above and really let the information sink in. Once you have experienced a meaningful meditation, your body and mind will remember the “feeling”. It becomes a body memory and can be accessed later simply by touching your heart and reliving the emotion you felt! All within a couple of minutes!
Click here, (especially with headphones for an outstanding meditative experience) and turn it up! If for any reason this does not take you to the YouTube video, you can also link with our website page where you will find the original link to the video on the blog.

I hope you will be able to connect with this amazing music. Use it one day as a beautiful meditation for yourself. It is found on YouTube under the title CHOIR sings OM SO HUM Mantra. Click here for the link to it. I have experienced this total brain and heart coherence singing in the 180 voice choir I sing in. Oh, not always for sure, but when we all entrain together in a harmonious beautiful way…WOW! Or OMG as Suzanne says. My body vibrates, my heart sings, and tears flow easily …they show LOVE released out to others. This photo is our choir combined with a few other choirs singing at Carnegie Hall in 2015. I felt such an amazing frequency of love that night…it lives in my soul now. When you meditate, you can substitute music that YOU love and you will find a beautiful connection to your soul.


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