Can Fear Be Our Friend?

Today I am heading back into the blog post from last week. We all have opened many spiritual pathways at various times in our lives. Each of us has a unique signature in the Universe, so our Spiritual Evolution is totally unique. In that blended mix of spiritual and human, do I FEAR I’ve missed an open door…of course.

Sometimes directly related to our own fears,  we try hard to fit into someone else’s path instead of our own.  The sources are endless; our significant other, a religious institution, family,  friendships or even well meaning authors and spiritual seekers like Marj and I…YIKES! We love you all, but we know we are not experts on ANYTHING.  Each of us is on our own unique paths, just like you! When we share our experiences and thoughts, it is with loving and humble hearts, with all our human imperfections.

Our ever expanding journey should be our own. But, we all need other people in our lives. In fact, new studies show that healing happens more readily in groups, rather than one on one! People who are in COMMUNITY with others  are happier, healthier, heal easier,  and live longer! Perhaps there is a loss of fear…knowing there are people around that can help me! Now there’s a thought we can all love! But, not if we are lonely or isolated through life choices. We shouldn’t feel stuck though, changing our minds and reinventing ourselves is always an option if we LOVE ourselves enough to do it. But fear sets in because our ego fears change. Am I heading down the right path? Will I be accepted by my friends or family?

Here’s our challenge:

Can that fear actually be my friend?

Remember those human imperfections I have. If I was perfect, knew all the answers to life’s questions, had no fears, all my relationships were perfect, and I lived in a perfect body with complete emotional, spiritual, and physical  health~ then, most likely I would not still be here on earth! We all came to learn important lessons for our soul’s growth. I’m still alive in this body. I came back into my body after my NDE to keep learning ~ so I must still be growing. So are you!

I absolutely LOVE my alone time to meditate, listen to powerful music, and complete my meditative yoga routine. There I sit in the quiet,  right along side my human fears. If I pay attention, I know what they are. If I embrace them like a friend, they become learning opportunities for my growth. So many of my healing insights were all a direct result of taking responsibility for my health journey. I had to stop blaming everyone else for my problems and  give myself the ultimate gift of self-love. I needed the same gift God has given us, unconditional love.

The word self-healing fools us all! My body already knew how to  heal, and I certainly did not do it by myself!  I had to do the hard work of facing my fears, embracing my imperfections, unlocking deep rooted self doubts and beliefs that no longer served me. I had to let go! But, without my friend, FEAR, I would not have known where to begin.

I began sending love to all of the challenges that showed up in my life. I sent love to challenging people and events, especially those that hurt me the most. And I started sending love to those parts of my body that were hurting the most! Thank you heart for acting up so I could learn from you.  Thank you brain  for leaking fluid (from 2 concussions) and teaching me the path to forgiveness.

Difficult situations can keep showing up again and again in our lives…I experienced this phenomena. But, we can learn by the experiences. I love this quote by Pema Chodron. We can learn a lot from this wise Buddist woman who would name a book Fail Fail Again Fail Better:Wise Advice for Leaning into the Unknown. 

I had to recognize and access the power within given to all of us at birth! I didn’t heal by myself. I could NOT DO IT by myself, I needed help! I needed friends & family support, I needed my doctors, authors, books, God, Jesus, angels, and spirit guides. I needed to listen in the quiet and let go of the chaos of my life! I needed to forgive in order to unlock the beauty and peace found in pure love. Healing came when I remembered my soul is pure love and so is the soul of every person God created. My body responded slowly to pure love, unlocking energetic pathways that allowed my body to heal naturally.

Self confidence needed to grow in me. I needed my own  SELF- LOVE to grow. But, I couldn’t stay in the isolated cocoon of meditation all day long, lovely as it was. I needed to break out and realize how much I needed other people! You don’t have to fear what is going on in your mind when in silence, as long as you take away judgement. I needed to learn that. Once I took away any judgement of others, love came pouring back to me.  Now I can go into my cocoon daily and yet emerge as that beautiful butterfly ready to share love in this tangled and difficult world. It’s like the butterfly that drinks the sweet nectar of flowers.   Fear …thank you for being my friend.

I loved the phrase that told me I didn’t need perfection, only a drive to be better than I was yesterday. I haven’t done anything wrong, I’m simply in a human body learning to make a better blend with my spirit self!  Along my way, I learned how to find other people who are on a similar journey opening pathways to evolve spiritually. I cherish them all and that includes ALL of you!

Yes, fear is your friend as long as you listen, take guilt away, and instead let it guide you into a more loving human being! God loves all of us unconditionally. Self- love is critical in letting go of negative energy. Letting go builds the strength and courage to give love away to others.


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