Shock~Tragedy~Grief~LAS VEGAS

As we contemplated writing our post this week, we shifted our thoughts inward to send love, compassion and hope to our country’s suffering masses. News is front and center with images that are heartbreaking ~ and yet, compassionate faces and actions emerge in any crisis amongst complete strangers. That is the love residing in all of us.

We know for a fact that we are all connected as human beings through God. Many people do not understand this concept, but when you do; your heart reacts differently bringing feelings of compassion, love, and generosity for ALL people involved. At times we forget that it is our “Nation’s Grief” we are feeling inside our bodies. Because we are all connected, we can actually feel the sadness sent from one heart to another through other people – especially on this magnitude. We engage in conversations with neighbors at community events. Too often the talk turns into anger or negative “complaining” sessions, or even the newly refreshed controversial gun control discussions. It’s easy to decide to bow out of that negativity, keeping silent, but is this the right thing for us to do? I think not. I learned after my NDE that silence and sending emotions inward is far more damaging to ourselves than speaking our truths.

“You fear that there is not enough love in your world. Fear not! Love is the essence of your world. Get out in nature and look around you. What is the Source of such beauty? With love in your heart, look at your children, your brothers, your sisters, your elders. Again what is the Source of such beauty? Love is the essence of all creation. It become hidden as the human exerts free will and makes choices not in resonance with the higher vibrations. Do not allow yourself to become dragged down by these baser vibrations. Where you place your focus becomes your reality. Is it a world of love or otherwise? Perception is reality. Choose to see the love and be the love in your world, and that is the world you will experience.”   In the Silence  – October 4 page    By Suzanne Giesemann through Sanaya (Spirit Guide)

I am beginning to hear, “Oh, another mass shooting. I guess it’s part of our lives now, we might as well get used to it.” Complacency might be settling into peaceful communities like my own. That emotion is not much better than fear and anxiety! Our world has changed, continues to change, and technology has put it all out in front of us in a very graphic way. Complacency is a cover for our fears tucked away inside. People’s lives are forever changed by this event and we must not forget that OUR OWN life is changed as well, even if we did not know anyone killed or wounded personally. We are all connected through our hearts, where God resides in us.

Grief is a very real emotion we have all worked through in our lives at some point. Sometimes National Grief  stirs up emotions inside ourselves we thought were gone. It does that for me.  I’ve learned to recognize the tightness in my abdomen and the tears that flow when I hear a sad, but compassionate story. It has touched my heart and emotion emerges. But, I’ve also learned how to honor the thoughts and feelings that arise by gently letting them flow on down my river of experiences and over my  giant waterfall of remembrance. Over that waterfall sits a beautiful rainbow. White LIGHT is the collection of all of those colors. God is collecting them all so I can move on with love in my heart, a smile on my face, and laughter in my life.

My morning meditation practice is a great place to visualize this in the quiet of my soul. We can all find solace there and emerge with hope and compassion for our planet’s movement towards a more peaceful existence. We can also hear words to use to help others as they climb out of grief in their own way. The energy of meditation is sending love which is a high vibration that helps. This energy is sent to one’s self and into the world to counteract some of the negative. Meditation can be an action we can take, just like sending money or physically helping someone who is injured. It is beneficial to both you as the giver and the receiver. You can be a LIGHT in someones life…a gift.

The shooter is an example of someone that was SO FAR away from feeling the Spirit in his own soul, he couldn’t find real love, thus  allowing such evil acts to form in his mind. National media is in search of “his” story, but will they find out what was missing in his heart? He wasn’t lacking money or success, but for reasons we may never understand he had a deep hole within his heart. We have countless people living right amongst all of us that have totally lost touch with the fact that their spirit lives on forever, but it resides inside of them daily as well. They don’t KNOW that. We can be models for others, especially when we see hurting, frightened individuals who have lost touch with the peace that resides within us.

This is a learning opportunity for us to educate the youth in our lives as well as the ones living in our communities. We can help them understand compassion for others by embracing differences. And we can expose our nation’s children to mindfulness activities that help them stop and find the quietness within and hear, feel, and experience their own soul in their very unique ways.

And we hope you remember that “Feeling” is your prayer! Our thoughts drive our emotions, and what you put your attention on grows! That’s a REAL and scientific fact. Have you heard people making statements like these?

I don’t want violence to win! I don’t want guns to prevail! I don’t want more grief! I don’t want fear to take over my life! I don’t want my children/grandchildren to live in a violent world!

VERY SIMPLY turn this around…

I feel compassion over violence, I choose peace, I comfort those in grief, fear has no place in my life, our nation’s children are precious and will choose a more peaceful existence through love & kindness for each other!

As we watch news coverage, in each situation ~ send love and compassion for all involved and we will SEE and HEAR more love and compassion. If angry or fearful thoughts arrive, acknowledge them and send them on down your river of experience and over that waterfall!


Living Life in LOVE and LIGHT!

Terry & Marj










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