A Simple SMILE

Have you ever thought about what MAKES you smile?

I know I have written on this topic before, but as I launch myself into a new year, I realize I have an OLD habit of thinking I need to set goals again. Or DO I? I’ve had lots of interesting situations in my life lately, so I have been pondering how each experience changes my day to day thinking. That’s my THINKING mind that can often send me into interesting corners of my subconscious mind.

As I pondered this question (goal setting) for myself.  I was asking what my goal should be this year, while at the same time I was reminding myself not to think up an answer. Not easy. I was sitting in my meditation place on my sunporch, but my eyes were open and I wasn’t really trying to meditate at that point. I was just filling my heart with gratitude as the sun shone through my window that day. THAT made me smile!

I kept hearing from within.”Here’s the goal”…”Here’s the goal”…“Here’s the goal.”  I smiled. Then I laughed because I kept trying to THINK instead of LISTEN! I realized these words were patiently said 3 times before the words got my attention! I finally answered, “I’m listening now.”

“All you need is love. Ask yourself each day…did you love yourself more today than you did yesterday? Are you growing in love so you can share the love with others more profoundly?” ~ Terry Larkin?

I had to ask myself again, are these words coming from my Soul? God? Spiritual Guide?

Obviously God’s creation of our human brain inside our human head was placed there for a reason. I’ve heard people talk about the mind being used as a filter for discernment of ideas. I am convinced I NEED my  mind to help me navigate life in my human body. But, I’m also pretty convinced it is my brain that is like an antennae mechanism to help me tune into the spiritual side of myself and keep me connected to the frequencies of GOD. And of COURSE, I need my heart to help me connect in LOVING and COMPASSIONATE ways.

This is not a new topic. We’ve written many blog posts about the heart and brain connections and how critical it is for helping us tune into the network of LOVE…the energy that holds our whole universe in place. This photo of the network in LIGHT is a representation of the real “networking” that we are only beginning to understand. Scientifically our Universe really is mathematical and when we ponder these shapes we can only infuse LIGHT into them with our limited understanding. I do know that these images CAPTURE me when I find them. Is that a coincidence? NO, I am sure it is not. Somewhere in the recesses of my mind I have an understanding of the connection of the universe to myself and ALL of you! And I have a KNOWING it is in the energy of LIGHT and LOVE that it exists.

Now back to my navigation of this human life body known as Terry Larkin. What makes me smile? LOVE makes me smile always, writing to YOU makes me smile and I know smiles from other people are VERY catchy. So, today as I was exercising at our gym in the senior center where we go, I looked specifically for people that were smiling. There were not many…that’s pretty sad.

I found one woman who I see in the gym area quite often with her husband who looks like he is recovering from a stroke. Both have gray hair, and both are exercising, but in different places. What is fascinating is that HE smiles and she has the most sour look on her face EVERY moment she’s in there even though she appears to be able move about freely and physically looks well.

What makes the difference? Oh, I could likely come up with ideas, but in reality I have no idea of their lives. I walked by her, smiled and waved and she looked at me like…WHO are you?  She went right back to her sour face. I still try each time I can get a chance. Who knows maybe someday she’ll look at me and attempt a smile. I send her love.

“Any thought of LOVE uplifts the vibration of the Universe.” ~ Marianne Williamson.

So, for now I’ve realized that there is not ONE NEW YEARS goal I can come up with that doesn’t FIT into loving myself more each day! Creating a life I love brings a smile. Sharing healing with others brings a smile. My family, even with all of their trials and tribulations, brings a smile. Taking care of my body brings a smile. Eating well brings a smile. Sharing of myself with others brings a smile. Letting go of unwanted thoughts brings a smile. Giving my love away brings a smile. When I encounter someone that is hurting…a SMILE does wonders for them as I compassionately LISTEN to them. And even when disappointment or sadness of something in my human life works it’s way into me…a SMILE takes me to that place of gratitude where LOVE lives inside of me always without fail.

Oh, and did I mention that smiling actually sends your body healing chemicals? I LOVE that idea! So, shall we all smile together? I hear a resounding YES!




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