Have you ever felt like you were going to take a Big STEP into…LIFE or the UNKNOWN of life?

Last week I talked about taking that new step OPENING the fabulous NEW YEAR. I heard words within that were very specific. When I typed them into the blogpost last week…something kept me from even making one word change. I literally was UNABLE.  The experience was different than in times past when I experience messages from within.

Usually when I hear a message, I’m busy wrestling with ideas or manipulating the words a bit. One new big STEP for me was to keep the words exactly as I heard them. And yet all last week I was letting my mind WANDER through the pathway of my life. I wondered specifically if these words meant I should expect change in my life. I took a VERY long walk by myself out into the snowy postcard of a forest near by me one day to simply BE and see if somehow more clarity would surface.

Just in case you missed my words from last week’s blog post, these are the words that I put into a quote…

“Take that new step into the fabulous NEW YEAR! Allow that inner light to shine in all it’s glory, be ready to share and learn from every other Light Being! There’s nothing to reach for, it’s already there…simply accept the gift that is ready to share.” ~Terry Larkin

These words that came through…SO CLEARLY came to me several days after an experience I had. Last week I wrote that   LIGHT exploded all around me…but I did not explain the EXPERIENCE.  I’m sure most of you were picturing that light exploding as a metaphor. But it was real.  I was sitting on my sunporch reading . Literally, light exploded in front of my eyes, or through them, or the little understood power of light.  I was momentarily back in my NDE experience, or perhaps it was another light being there with me. I’m letting that experience sink deep in my soul for now, but changes? YES, hearing a very clear worded message is new for me and I am opening many new gifts that seem to be arriving often.

“Allow that inner light to shine in all it’s glory.”  

Sometimes I still have struggles allowing myself to feel worthy enough to SHARE! And yet, I KNOW I am ENOUGH and WORTHY. I gazed up into a cloudy sky just in time to see an amazing sun shining through right to me! It reminds me of that inner light that can shine through any darkness.

So I’m taking another BIG STEP and sharing this experience with all of you right now even though I still do not have total understanding of it myself. That’s new. I’ve learned understanding takes time and often answers to my questions simply shift into my thinking at the most unusual times. But, here I am with totally amazing FANTASTIC readers like you! And here is another important part of this message…

” learn from every other Light Being!” 

That’s YOU!! If you have any thoughts or insights about any of these experiences , I’d LOVE to have you share them with me!! If you don’t feel comfortable leaving a comment, please simply email me at and I would love to hear your ideas. I know I have so much I could learn from each and every one of you.

“There’s nothing to reach for, it’s already there, simply accept the gift that is ready to share.”

Ever since my “death” that people call a Near-Death Experience in 1982…I have always been reaching for something. You can read that over and over again in our book,  The Light GAP: God’s Amazing Presence. I know that sharing the experience with many has really gifted others to do their own reaching into thought about life after death. Each and every time I SHARE a Reconnective Healing Experience with someone, I feel that total LOVE that permeates the field of energy we all can access. I receive healing along with the person I am facilitating a healing session. It’s s called being willing to receive while giving.

Now this next story might be the most important learning of all. The week prior to my new experience in light while reading, I accepted an offer of a Distance Healing Session from a dear Reconnective Healing friend, Lexi. I cherish her friendship  through my involvement in The Reconnection. “Learn from every other Light Being”  I accepted help and love through a Reconnective Healing Experience of my own. Did that healing session open a pathway for me to walk INTO more LIGHT and LOVE ? I have no doubt that it did. There was nothing to reach for, it was simply there.

“There’s nothing to reach for, it’s already there, simply accept the gift that is ready to share.”

As I spent more time absorbing God’s totally amazing beauty in snow…I simply could NOT stop SMILING! It was so beautiful and while it was cold outside, every fiber of my being was warm on the inside.

There I was smiling at every person that had drifted out to blow their snow. We were all waving at one another. All of a sudden the sun emerged and there was even more beauty to behold. I called Doug to come out and enjoy the beauty with me! YES…share with others!


Experiences big and small, even tiny and what might seem minuscule…are BIG STEPS into LOVE and LIGHT!

Become AWARE…they are happening to YOU too!


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  1. It looks like you have a blue light orb in one of the Christmas tree photos.

    • Ida…YES, there is one there! People try to explain them away from a scientific point of view. But, I believe they speak of the same phenomena. But that phenomena explains why the LIGHT of a being of light can then be seen. THANK YOU for noticing it! It shows you too are open to seeing them!

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