Thinking with AWARENESS

I’ve been pondering and maybe even questioning what my everyday THINKING mind is really like.  I do know that my “life” has made some pretty large shifts as I became more and more aware of who I really AM.  The shift into more altered thinking was happening slowly over time. But, there have been peak experiences that have brought me to a much more peaceful place. YOU have had them too. Is it possible to keep thinking in awareness mode on an everyday basis? Can I base daily decisions and reactions knowing that I am a spiritual being and I’m NOT this body…I’m just in it? I know many highly spiritual people say that is staying in the present moment. But, there may be a way to actually THINK with AWARENESS, while we humbly walk our own path in daily life.

Try something together here:

Picture yourself standing right in front of a huge tall sand dune. You thought you had no choice but to climb it because you had to get to the other side! Your first thought is, I’ll never make it. Standing there staring at it, you found yourself being totally LIFTED up by a huge crane… and set on the other side of that huge sand dune. (This is the Lake Michigan native in me!!)  You look back to thank that wonderful crane driver and discover you don’t see a driver. You think…wow, did that just happen? You begin to doubt there was even a crane. BUT…then how did I get over here on the other side?  Now close your eyes and picture that GOD is lifting you…and gently placing you on the other side. You look back to thank God for the amazing grace of an experience you can’t explain and you can’t see HIM but, you know He’s there. There is NO place where God is not. And your life feels lighter and more meaningful. Do we look at LIFE like that mound of sand…not reachable?

Now translate that experience into your THINKING mind. Do you find deep love in the experience and accept it? Or, do you begin to doubt that the experience even happened? Do you talk yourself out of it saying I’m not special enough to have an experience like that. Do you begin to rationalize the experience, “only chosen ones have experiences like that!”  Does your thinking mind travel to words other people have been telling you that divine guidance was given to the disciples, surely not me. But, we ARE Divine Beings…we are children of God.

Of course I know beyond any doubt, the largest shift for me came during the months and then years following my Near-Death Experience. Marj and I both talked a lot about our journey in really letting go of LIMITING beliefs that no longer served us. But that was like climbing that huge sand dune, or picturing the ladders we put in our book …thinking that I may or may not get there in this lifetime.

But, I also believe that there are moments in our lives when we are simply traveling along absorbing and becoming more and more open to new thought. Perhaps you are thinking, “I haven’t had a peak experience in years!” So you begin doubting and thinking well if ONLY I did this or that things would change. But…my life is too hectic, I have too much to do, I have people counting on me, I have…well YOU can name whatever comes to your mind. We ALL do this. And yet I realize these are excuses so I don’t change my thinking! My life is comfortable and very often we sabotage ourselves afraid of change.

Experts tell us that healing is in that same category. Are my thoughts sabotaging healing in my life? We can’t even imagine that we’d ever do that, but I KNOW I did back in 2006 when I became so sick. My thoughts had to shift…or my old habits would never shift. Instead…

“With God ALL things are possible!” 

It’s not a guilt thing, it’s a shift in THINKING. I can ask, is my mind open to this…really? I AM a child of God so of course ALL things are possible! I can TRUST the wisdom of my creator. I believe it is in our questions that we get answers that take us into a mind that stays in awareness of who we really are. I am LIGHT, I am LOVE…and I find that love within every day when I spend time connecting with the spirit side of me. There’s no agenda, just BE.

I’ve been asked many times, what is the purpose of meditation? I believe that it is not just to help my body relax (but it’s great for that) , or to simply pray. It is to CONNECT to myself, my soul…that consciousness that lives who knows where?! I can surrender there to TRUST and I believe our creator plants seeds there for us to grow into a listener throughout this huge WEB of life around us…always there to help us.

Can you SHIFT from even thinking those thoughts of lack in your life? That is what I would call THINKING with AWARENESS. I  simply describe this slow movement in thinking as my relationship with GOD deepening and growing. I know these words are stated in the Bible too, but I heard it more recently again in old wise words by Dr. Wayne Dyer from years ago. .

Do you THINK in AWARENESS with the words, “With God, all things are possible!”

I can remember well when totally out of the blue, a lady looked at me and said, “Are you an AWAKENED person, I SEE it in you?” At the time, I was so taken back I stammered, “YES…I’m working on that.” But, now I realize that is all vocabulary and how a person uses the words. NOW, I would answer, “Of course, and so are YOU!”

So add to your THINKING MIND….am I LOVE and LIGHT? “Of course, and so are YOU!

” We are all part of a vast sea of love, one indivisible divine mind.”

~ Marianne Williamson 

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  1. Thank you, Terri! Today, I find myself attempting trying to “realign” again after a tough few weeks and what you have shared is a blessing in this process.
    love to you!

    • Karen, you are an amazing person and I’m so happy anything I said might have been some help for you! We are HERE to help support one another through the tough times. Sending love, prayers and hugs for your upcoming weeks to come!

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