Cultivating LOVE…through Wisdom!

“Let choice whisper in your ear

and love murmur in your heart.

Be ready.

Here comes life.”

~ Maya Angelow

Cultivating LOVE is somehow more complicated than we wish. LIFE is ever changing, winding us through the joy that too often is threaded through difficult times. We see sickness and ill health. We EXPERIENCE tragedies through the eyes and ears of stories told by suffering fellow humans. It is happening all around the world. We keep asking “why”?

CHOICE…we all have it. God’s masterful creation allowed us to fail so we could dust ourselves off, keep going, gather wisdom and realize how critical loving ourselves and others is to an authentic LIFE.  Are we listening with the ear of our heart?

“Let choice whisper in your ear…”

Here comes life! We are cultivating love to be shared in ever widening circles. Remember those beautiful pictures of the ripple effect in water? That is so representative of human nature when we allow the love that murmurs in our hearts to be shared. I think sometimes we limit ourselves thinking we only share love when we are feeling the positivity of JOY in our lives. And yet when feelings of sadness or compassion grab on to our heart, its the perfect TIME to share! We may be one tiny drop of water in the ocean of life, but we cause a great ripple that we can’t even fathom where our love spread.

  • LOVE when it’s not easy!
  • LOVE yourself and others fearlessly as unconditionally as humanly possible!
  • Cultivate LOVE so that it threads through every possible event in your life!

These words were very simply and authentically shared with me as I picked up my pencil to write on a blank piece of paper ~ I can’t claim them as my own. Wisdom throughout the ages kept flashing through my mind. But I knew they were meant to be shared.

What does CULTIVATE actually mean? The meanings in a dictionary are varied of course. Here are a few of them; ” to prepare land for the raising of crops…to raise or assist the growth of crops by tilling or by labor…to improve or develop by careful attention, training or study: devote time and thought to cultivate a better attitude.”

I chose to think about a garden, but I like the idea of cultivating a better attitude. We dig up the soil to provide oxygen and space for plants to grow! Just like our mind. We add life giving water and sun. Just like our self care routines, we add life giving nutrition and spiritual stimulation. We pull weeds when they begin to stunt growth of a plant. Just like weeding the thoughts from our minds that no longer serve us. There is nothing in that formula that says only cultivate when the plants are perfect! In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Neglect leads to sickly plants.

When we realize we are ALL ONE, we are like that garden. Gardeners don’t simply take  care of one plant in a huge garden!  ALL plants reap the benefits throughout the entire garden.

When we CULTIVATE LOVE,  who reaps the benefits? We ALL do! We all reap the benefits bringing  JOY, caring and compassion for all human beings even when we don’t agree with them about many issues in life. Like the words I heard through my pencil…LOVE when it’s not easy!

But to  cultivate love with wisdom, I believe there is an implied sense that we had to grab on and work for it. Cultivating a garden is hard work. Cultivating the garden of our minds is hard work too.  We are applying what we have learned when we were the one that had to pick ourselves up and move on when it was very tough. It takes every droplet of water in the ocean to make it powerful. We NEED each other and our collective wisdom to create that loving world.

I pondered my important job of listening with my heart through the wisdom of my life or lifetimes, the thoughts took me to Gregg Braden’s book called the Wisdom Codes: Ancient Words to rewire our brains and heal our hearts. I’ve always loved this book, but I have not read it in awhile. I simply opened to a page…and there was my message on page 152 – 153. I loved the whole chapter. Gregg explains the quantum physics understanding first. But these are the words that grabbed me.

“Ultimately, our relationship to the quantum essence that connects us to everything else reminds us that we are creators ourselves. As creators, we may express our deepest desires of healing, abundance, joy, and peace in everything from our bodies and our lives to our relationships. And we may do so consciously in the time and manner we chose…we must create a new disturbance in the FIELD, one that mirrors our desire.”

I choose to create a ripple, cultivating LOVE with wisdom! 









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