Follow your INSTINCT…

Good Friday Morning to ALL!

In last week’s blog post, I was talking about how much nature models LIFE for us. Following our INSTINCTS is probably as close to nature’s model as we can get! We talk about our intuition that seems to simply arise from within…sometimes we follow it and sometimes we don’t. Picture  yourself in a group of people, invited by friends, but you don’t know many of the individuals there . We meet someone new and our intuition guides us through a conversation that might be incredibly wonderful or we back away and politely excuse ourselves. That is our intuition speaking to us! You have filtered impressions through your thinking mind full of experiences and make a decision. What about instinct? Is this a different concept or is it related to our intuition?

Last week I understand that the video I included into our post did not show up for all of you! It simply had a > symbol in its place.  In this short video titled, Change Your Life...I shared some thoughts of my own about intuition through the analogy of the swans near me! I shared how I needed to step out and FIND what was important to me as I had intuitive feelings that guided me to Reconnective Healing! This is now a huge part of my life and I will be helping instruct at our next live training in Orlando, Florida on August 6 -7. I’m going to include this video once more. If you do not see a video display here with a YouTube play button, please click here and you will be able to watch it. Here is  link for you.

Your intuition might be sending you to an important place in YOUR life! But as you will hear in the video, I needed to reach out and ACT on my thoughts or an opportunity would have simply passed by me in my choices about life. I believe that our instinct sends us directly to something very important. My choices may be very different from yours, and that is the BEAUTY of life.

Where are your instincts sending YOU? Take away the mind’s agenda that is filtered through life’s experiences as your instinct nudges you. OPEN your heart to hear beautiful messages. This is where going within during meditation can help you! Moving beyond the noisy world we live in has totally amazing benefits to our human body AND the decisions we make as we move forward in life. If we embrace where we are and integrate WHO we are, we have the energy to take on this human life! We are infinite BEINGS… our well being is not dependent on the world around us!

“Consciousness is CREATING our life experiences.” ~ Dr. Bruce Lipton

I believe if we take the intuitive thoughts we have often and turn them into action in our lives, it isn’t long before our instinct lets us know if we are in the right direction OR the wrong direction. There is a bigger clarity that OPENS wide and brings in the joy and LOVE of life that we were meant to experience in THIS lifetime…now! Allow those instinctive thoughts to make a difference in YOUR life!

The LOVE of God is with you always! 

We wish you a beautiful, restful, joyful, reflective, and exciting July 4th weekend! This beautiful season of summer is such a great time to be out  enjoying our neighbors, friends, and family celebrating our freedoms we enjoy. We count all of you among those friends that are a blessing in our lives! We will likely follow our instinct to enjoy some quality time relaxing on the beach!







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